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Tha O Show: Episode 257

Here we go again, O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with a MONUMENTAL 257th edition of "Tha O Show"!

This week, tha crew celebrates the birthdays of Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club and Crystal Beth! David "Gordo" Strickland and "Fatty" Frank Fronte are also in the house for the party!

But what will the fallout be from last week's altercation between Beth and Frank? Listen in for the announcement that will change the make up of "Tha O Show" forever!!

On this week's show you'll hear...

"Tha Os & NOs"!

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

An outstanding rant / roast from "Tha Black Prophet"

"Tha Round Table" where tha crew discusses WrestleMania with former WWE Superstar, "The Hurricane" Shane Helms!

- Who will he pick to win at 'Mania - Cena or Rock?

- How has he been recovering following his near-fatal accident?

- PLUS ... hear other 'Mania predictions!

Voodoo Drew's "This Week In History"

Crystal Beth's "What I Learned This Week"

AND brand new music from Dan-e-o - the Japanese release, "Dear Hip Hop (Return To Sender)" from the DJ S-KY mixtape, ReMakin'. Download the track HERE!

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31 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 257"

cnumb47 said...

Loved the episode, loved the ending, pulling back the curtain etc... Best wishes Frank.

Anonymous said...

Jake Shields also got fucked up by Jake Ellenberger. Very easily. Not just GSP.

A correction for you.

P.A. said...

Great show... Hard to believe the show before Wrestlemania, you guys would go nearly the 1st hour without the topic of wrestling, but you pulled it off.

The entire show, I was thinking Frank's firing was part of an elaborate April Fools Day gag, as each and every year that passes, you go to greater lengths to play the joke. By the end of the show, i am now convinced that he is indeed gone. Now will he become Famous Frank Fronte, or Forgettable Frank Fronte... I'm going with the latter.

Sheena said...

Miss you ... NOPE. Won't!

Anonymous said...


Shatty Shank Shonte said...


Anonymous said...

I loved this whole episode! It was outstanding. Bye Frank. It was real. It was fun. But it wasn't real fun.

Juan said...

Anyone who thinks Frank is ACTUALLY off the show is a fucking idiot.

What day is Sunday marks? Every year Tha O Show pulls off some huge April Fool's prank. This is no different.

Frank will be back next week and they'll be yellin "GOTCHA"

Zac said...

Juan, thank god I'm not alone, they would never just fire him off the air and Frank is obviously in on it, because he can't even hold the gimmick of being shocked.

Also, out of all the times Frank and Beth missed the show, why last week did they call them where they "had this fight" Next week is April Fools and Frank will still be here


DRB said...

So the owner and proprietor of the Cockisphere is done the party for good. So many moments, so many memories, so many insults. He almost reminds me of the Frank Burns character from M*A*S*H. We rarely agree with him, but we love him nonetheless.

Incidentally, if Frank's leaving is a work then it's a pretty convincing one. I guess we'll find out for sure next week. I almost hope it is an Apirl Fool's joke because I for one will miss Fatty. You were actually very entertaining. God speed, lardass.

Also, TID's line "If a woman wants rights, she's gotta expect a few lefts!" AMAZING! I'm so stealing that. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

Wrestlemania predictions -

Rock, Taker, Punk, Sheamus, Team Johnny, Kane & Big Show. (Sorry Crystal, but I'll be taking a cigarette break during the divas).

david said...

Loved the show glad to hear the hurricane is doing better amazed he's working after what happened also the kayfabe firing of frank got me good the hits just keep rolling

Big Daddy Donnie said...

Well guys. April 1st may be around the corner, but the end of Frank's run is completly unrelated.

Its a shoot. He's done.

The door is open if Frank would like to return one day, but based on the path he's taking in life (away from on-air and far far away from The Greater Toronto Area) ... I wouldn't bet a dollar of Dan's money on Frank EVER coming back.

When the show ended, i actually decided to give Frank his mic, instead of just tossin it in the trash, and his stupid triple chin jiggled with glee.

For anyone who thinks this is a work, I'll bet you $1000 you're wrong. Send your 1K to on PayPal and we will process it on Thursday when next week's show airs!

Frank is dead. Long Live Frank.

Peace n love

TheeJC said...

Everybody is talking about how Frank is gone again, but here's my real problem with o-pisode 257: Donnie is an idiot when talking about hockey.

He says that Price is the best young goalie in the league and that Toronto needs goaltenders. But what he's ignoring is Gustavsson and Riemer constantly make 40 saves a game while their shots for are a third of their opponents. Price will be no different. Toronto Maple Leafs need offence and need to learn to control the puck more.

Secondly, Price is a shit goaltender. It will be the biggest mistake the Leafs have done since signing Komisakrek to a giant contract. Price hasn't proven himself to be shit in the NHL. He is inconstistent from season to season. Halak is the best young goalie because he CARRIED the Blues from a solid 13th place team in the conference to #1 in the league. There is no debating that.


TheeJC said...

Oh yeah, and good by Hornswollow

Rocky Richards said...

Odd enough that last year, when Rock & Cena announced their Mania match, Dan-e-o said that Frank would be fired in exactly one year. Just a week of from coming true. Good job guys and I will (somewhat) miss Frank.

Big Daddy Donnie said...


Clearly you're a blinded homer who has such hate for the Montreal Canadians that you can't see facts.

Price has a .917 save % playing behind a defence core that is anchored by Hal Gill. Hal fuckin Gill. The Habs D is worse than the Leafs by a mile.

Gustavsson and Reimer rank 39th and 42nd in the NHL in that category - just slightly ahead of the worst overall tenders in the league.

Price has an impressive 2.41 GAA playing for a HORRIBLE team. Gustavsson comes in at .292 and Reimer at a deplorable 3.10. The only goalie with a worse GAA is Blue Jackets Mason who won't even be in the NHL next year.

Aside from stats, peep this: Gustavsson is a UFA and will NOT be back with the team. Period. Reimer has the slowest glove hand of any Leaf goalie in the modern era. His failure to recover after going down on his first save attempt is laughable.

Reimer had a decent 40 games as a rookie and nothing since. We learned early this season he had an undisclosed history of concussions and stories have risen within the team that he is not very coachable.

There is NOT a first string goalie available in the draft, as a UFA and very unlikely there will be one available in a trade - the best available option would be for Brian Burke to break his stupid "I won't sign RFAs to offer sheets" rule and pull Price away from the Habs.

It strengthens your club considerably AND hurts a divisional rival.

But ya,


Try this one


Anonymous said...

Great episode , Goodbye Frank, i think i might have been his only fan. Best wishes Fatty

Dave said...

Regardless of if Fatty is gone or not another great show.

also, what was played at the end of the first segment on this show?

Wouldn't mind buying the MP3 of that if it's out there somewhere.

TheeJC said...

Still saying that Price is the BEST young goalie is a very ignorant statement. Price has got some decent stats. That's fine, I'm not argueing that he is a good goalie.

Brian Elliott is the best young goalie with a GAA of 1.48 (which puts Prices 2.41 to shame). Elliot is #1 for GAA and save percentage, and only opposed by his team mate, Jaroslav Halak.

Together those two have carried a team who were 20th in the league to #1 with over 100 points.

As for Gustavsson and Reimer, they do their best on a team with no defence or offence. When Kessel is on a cold streak the whole team goes to hell. Then they give up 40 shots a game while only getting 15 on the opposition.

And while both Reimer and Gustavsson give up around 3 goals a game they have a save percentage of .900 and .902. So yeah, they suck balls right? Or is it the Toronto Offence that can't pull their own weight?

Besides, you're arguement still doesn't disprove that Price isn't constitent from season to season. Halak CARRIED the Habs through the play-offs until he was out-matched. He CARRIED them. Now he's doing the same with the Blues. Where's your arguement to disprove that Halak is not the best young goalie? Or Brian Elliot for that matter?

Overall, what you are saying about the goaltending in Toronto is the same reason why someone like Raycroft sucked so badly in his second and third seasons. It's that whole Bret Hart theory you have. If someone keeps telling you that they're the best there is, you'll believe it. But if fans keep saying that YOU are shitiest their is, you start to believe that too. Then you don't perform as well.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

Since we were talking about improving the Leafs, i thought it was understood that when i said "best young goalie" i was referring to those who would be AVAILABLE....

aninimouse said...

Shoot legit shoot i got a little of the onion eyes during the end. Frank was always a part of some of the funniest shit the show has produced (franks life, hitting on cherrybomb, being drunk, blowing Dan)

I listened to you guys when i was at the end of highschool and now that i finished college it's kind of weird having one of the originals leave the show for real.

Good luck Frank i hope he didn't leave because of some broad.

In essence Drew is the new fatty.

jim j said...

Drew SHOULD become the new Fatty. I have a feeling Drew would resent that comment but face facts.

Frank stood out because he was diff than everyone else

Drew is diff than everyone else

Frank couldnt get girls

Drew cant get normal girls. Just ones that piss and shit on his chest.

Frank often made you throw up in your mouth

Drew often makes you throw up in your mouth

Frank yells at Donnie when he gets heated and makes arguments that are hilarious cuz they are nonsensical

Drew - ditto

Drew, the toughest thing is to be the cult hero. Redefine your character and BE the new Frank!!!

Dave said...

And you say that like a chick with a hairy pussy who is into golden showers is a bad thing

Never knew that, I always thought it was fantastic

ortega said...

I think I are an idiot jc if I think big daddy doesn't know hockey. He obvious knows hockey football basketball and baseball and ufc and wrestling. Not soccer though

Anonymous said...

I hope no frank means more crystal beth and not more everyone else

Anonymous said...

... a year ago.. what should have happened

john cena: rock! listen to the people!.. they're standing, not because they want us to talk, but because they.. want.. a.. match!

the rock: john cena.. oh yeah, the rock.. the rocks listening to the people alright.. and the people are saying john cena sucks..

the people: cena sucks! cena sucks!

... bottom line the rock has been holding back

Andre said...

Well adios you fat fuck. Nah seriously i was a dan since episode 199 and went back to listen to the others good luck where ever you go and crystal beth is a thug

DRB said...

Nice! Do I get O-ster points for predicting the entire Mania card?

Tha O Show Staff said...

Hey Dave,

At the end of segment one, we played a clip of "Dreams" from the Perfeck Strangers album, "Series Premiere".

Download it at

Dante said...

This was one of my top 3 favorite episodes. Fro top to bottom awesome. Fuck Prophet. I hope Frank enjoys whatever the hell he is doing with his life.

Kanonballs said...

Drew can't be the new fatty, he's already tha gOOf...