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Tha O Show: Episode 261

O-sters! Tha O Show is back and in full effect! This week, Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o (back from his trip to LA) are kickin the way you know and love! Crystal Beth is away this week, but Voodoo Drew is in the house, and so is our boy, pro wrestler - Rico Montana!! Rico has long been referred to as a fav guest of you, Tha Osters ... and once again he lives up to the high praise! AND... our special guest this week, is our friend, former World Champion, and former WWE, WCW & TNA star ... This one goes out to all out freaks out there! Big Poppa Pump is yo hook up!! HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!! It's Scott Steiner!! Follow us on Twitter:

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12 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 261"

Mr. Cox said...

We want more vid-e-OOOO's!

Anonymous said...

For all the listeners interested in donating or learning more about the cause im supporting in memory of Phrank Morin the site is



Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Crystal Beth get herself a John Cena Tatoo? Jesus Christ! Oh poor John Cena!

Anonymous said...

To answer your question about Holo-Tupac, The Images of him were all CGI & done using an old technique called "Peppers Ghost"

The crazy part about the audio tho, is that it was ALL TUPAC - There's an interview w/ the voice engineer who explains how he pulled off everything, even the "What the Fuck Is Up Coachella!" line. Sick.

joeyjoejoejuniorshabadoo said...

Scott Steiner's Twitter=AMAZING

Anonymous said...

Don, please don't pretend you're not a Cena fan. The least you could do is own up to it!

Dante said...

Five minutes in and I'm laughing my ass off at Rico and Dan-e-o.

Carlito said...

After watching Extreme Rules, I must say I was pleased...except for one major point.

Time to put my booker hat on, and hopefully I beat BDD in posting this ;)

Let's just go with the fact that this is a work and not a shoot...suspend disbelief for a moment shall we?

So you have Rock and Cena built for almost a year. Rock has not been in an official WWE match since what, Wrestlemania 20 in the 3 on 2 match against Evolution?

OK Rock brought a ring to each set, and yeah he has been "training" to beat Cena for a year (Hawkings and....whoever else was his training partner)

But from a work perspective, Rock hasn't had a match in 8 years.

Fast forward to Survivor Series in November and Rock and Cena that's Rock's first match back.

Then he does no matches from Survivor Series to Mania...again "training" away fromt he ring, but no tune up matches, no nothing (which I get since you don't want to give anything away for free)

Rock comes in, and beats Cena clean.

Now here's Brock Lesnar.

Brock has been in the UFC LEGITAMATELY beating the fuck out of everyone in sight.

He's been punching dudes in the face, making them tap, etc.

Then he goes on a losing streak and leaves UFC to "come home".

He takes on Cena, who lost to a guy who has been filming movies for 8 years, and gets BEAT...a guy who has been LEGITAMATELY punching dudes in the face for what 3 years?

From a shoot and work perspective, Brock has been doing the closer thing to pro wrestling right?

So, how can any of the fans take this at face value....Brock has been fighting for real and loses, but Rock who films movies beats Cena......

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Yes, Rock is the bigger star between the three men mainstream wise.

No it doesn't make any sense for Rock to go over.

If anything, the results should have been reversed.

Here's how I would have booked it, and the future....BDD this one's for you...hoep to make you proud;)

Rock does the job because he's been out of the game for 8 years (built in excuse...Rock can come back more focused for SS and win having realized he didn't push himself to his limit) Brock returns and beats Cena (maybe a squash? BDD thoughts?)

Rock sees this and figures ok, Cena's weak...rematch.

Carlito said...

Too long a post, so here's the continuation

Cena, still beat up from Lesnar jobs to Rock at SummerSlam...and Cena, hurt leaves to "heal up".

Sets up the rubber match for whenever....Survivor Series.

Rock vs Brock gets built to Wrestlemania......Brock says he beat Cena first, beat Rock to become the youngest WWE Champion, and there you go, main event next year.

Rock and Brock gets the mainstream pub Vince has such a hard-on for, Cena goes back to the title picture as a changed more Marine style whatever, no more SuperCena....maybe even heel because he's mad that the fans cheer for the guys who leave and come back for the pay day.


Cena turns on the fans because despite the fact that he gives his all, and stays on the road and films his movies, make albums and such, while Rock and Brock have to leave to do it.....

He can be the anti-Austin.

He works face, but is a heel (Austin worked heel, but got cheered for it)

Then he can even be SuperCena....You Can't See Me becomes You Can't Beat Me.....

I know Cena wants to be loved by the fans. I respect Cena wants to be the guy who makes these ill kids from Make-A-Wish keep fighting to meet him.

But even Hulk Hogan turned heel....besides being a heel today isn't the same as it used to be. He can still do his thing, and say these kids are the ones who still cheer for me, and sell it that way.

Almost like how Bret was a heel in the U.S. and a face everywhere else. Cena is a face for the kids and plays to that, and also plays much more to the fact that the smarks hate his guts....hell he can even go so far as the smarks girlfriends only watch for him, and think about him all the time, and that's why those women allow their boyfriends to watch wrestling.

So that's my diatribe...I invite anyone from Tha O-Show and the nation of O to read and criticise at will.

Because, hell, it's the internet and everyone is right on the internet :P

Crystal Beth said...

Dear "Annonmous"
I wouldnt tatoo any mans name on my body ever. Besides that my point isnt "poor John Cena" so much as "fuck Brock Lesner & his oversized non deserving ego"

But hey thanks for commenting even though you didn't get it :)

Anonymous said...

At first i thought Steiner on Twitter was all a work. Then i thought it was 2 personal. Whatever its entertaining.

Good job guys. Wish i had seen u at Wresrlereunion

jamz said...

After listening to episode 160, i miss Tid :(