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Tha O Show: Episode 260

O-sters! Tha O Show has something special for you! While your bro Dan-e-o is off in LA doin' his thing, the rest of the crew was in attendance at Wrestle Reunion VIII and recorded a ton of gold! Big Daddy Donnie and his original co-host, Notorious T.I.D. are in with Voodoo Drew & Crystal Beth with a killer booth at Wrestle Reunion. Almost 10 hours of audio was recorded, so we are going to give it to you in chunks. Here, we have an entire episode for you from Wrestle Reunion! Some of the people you will hear from this week include............. Charles Rock from MMACanada.Net Ontario wrestler, Rip Impact Pro Wrestling journalist, Bill Apter The People's Uncle, Ricky Johnson Former WWE Referee, Jimmy Korderis Former WWE / talent Shawn Spears AND ......... Former WWE Diva and currently the first lady of ROH ... MARIA KANELLIS!! O! O! O! O! O! O! O! More interviews from Wrestle Reunion will heard on Tha O Show over the next few weeks! Follow us on Twitter:

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15 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 260"

Anonymous said...


Leo said...

Just a little nit-picking; J├Ągermeister translates word by word to hunting master. So he doesnt necessarily only hunt deer.

greetings from Germany

DRB said...

Good show with some great guests. Bill Apter was hysterical! Who would have guessed he could rap? Crystal Beth seems to be an expert when it comes to coaxing female guests onto the airwaves. Good job! I was too busy to comment last week, but the Bruno interview was fantastic too. What an amazing man.

I wish Tid could be live in studio a little more often. I don't often LOL for real - but that fat, belligerent animal cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

I would really like the show to be Donnie, Dan and Tid in studio hosting with Drew and Crystal doin special segmenTs like they have now.

michelle said...

Maria makes me want to go gay

kelly kelly kelly said...

Sounds like you had a great time which is why it sucks that they announced this week that there wont be anymore WrestleReunions

Sad Panda

jim j in philly said...

I tried to post last week and couldnt but Bruno was amazing and i loved the return of the classroom.

I got to say hi to Donnie and other members of the crew at WrestleReunion and it was an amazing experience.

Anonymous said...

I wish i could have met everyone at this event but living in the UK it just wasnt possible.

I might be afraid of Tid, and if I saw Donnie driving in, I'd intentionally cut him off just so I'd be the subject of a Road Rage Segment

Anonymous said...

Who else did you guys interview at the con and will we hear more interviews next week?

Anonymous said...

The face off between Spears and Tid was gold. Thats how you build an indy program!!

And then Rico Montana returns to Tha O Show and with one line shits on their whole program!!!!!!

Rico is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Rappin' Bill Apter VS Horsetooth Killa!!
Special guest referee - Dan-e-o
Book it! Put it on iPPV

mkf said...

Hilarious episode! The tone was diff. No gay jokes or foul language. Tha O Show goes mainstream and political correct but its still a ka-jillion times better than every other show.

Mike Hunt Hertz said...

So many run-ins by O Show icons!
And then... Maaaaaaaaaaaarrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh

Fuck shes hot.

fat bobby said...

You guys should take the show live to events more often.

And please come to Philadelphia!

Anonymous said...

Worst...Episode...EVER! Boring inside joke filled episode that is only entertaining to the few people who may have been at that event.