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Tha O Show: Episode 262

O-sters! This week, Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back at Tha Sick-O Zone with Voodoo Drew and the returning Crystal Beth for Episode 262 of "Tha O Show"!

This week's episode features "Tha Os & NOs", "Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D. and "Tha Round Table" with former WWE/ECW Superstar, Rhino! The show also includes a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT that will forever change the way you hear "Tha O Show"!

It's the monumental 262nd episode of this show will definitely make you say "O"!

You'll also hear a classic joint in "Real Lyricists" by Dan-e-o featuring Charisma, from his debut album The Book of Daniel. Click the links to buy the mp3 single for 89 cents and the album on CD for $9.99.

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32 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 262"

CapsLock Is Broken said...


Anonymous said...

Gore! Gore! Gore! Gore! Gore!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this announcement? If I hear Voodoo Drew is leaving the show I will lose my shit.

Feel Me said...

If the announcement is that Frank is coming back, I will protest.

red sonya said...

I'm like 10 min in and Drew already made me puke. For real.

Anonymous said...

Edward Scissors Cunt~!

Carlito said...

181 and 55

Anonymous said...

Episode 55 is the same forwards and back and adds up to 10.

Episode 181 is the same forwards and back and adds up to 10.

Spoke to soon Light Skin Passenger

Anonymous said...

TELL ME this announcement is a rib.

kingsly said...

A new host???

bdd mcmahon said...

Dan-e-o screwed Dan-e-o

Anonymous said...


daniel bryan AND anthony robbins said...

RE: the announcement


Anonymous said...

Reel talk if this show was owned by a big channel then Dan-e-o would have been fire years ago for doing no homwork and never giving a fuck about Raw or Smackdown or any shit.

Respect on yo move son and lets hope Tid fills them shoes

Anonymous said...


Dan's girlfriend said...

Tid > Dan

Dante said...

Sucks that Dan is leaving. I'm not gonna lie. Its gonna take some getting used to. Yeah, I know he's left on vacations and such but not hearing him throughout the show is gonna be weird. TID is awesome and always funny and I know he's gonna do a great job. Crystal Beth and Voodoo Drew with Don & Dan have made me die laughing these past few months. You guys go through DJ's like drummers for Spinal Tap.

For everyone cheering Dan-e-o leaving, shame on your asses. He's given way too much to fans (for free!) to have folks cheering his absence.

DRB said...

I can't believe anybody would bicthtalk Dan-e-o after he co-founded this amazing product that we all love and contributed so much to it.

Besides making me crack up for the past few years, Dan actually did something that Kanye & Jay-Z could never do and that's give me (a British, white-ass, rock music fan) a new found respect for hip-hop and an appreciation for the skill, talent and dedication that goes into it. I'm glad you went out on 'Real Lyricists' this week 'cos its one of my faves...

Best of luck dude!

Now -

O-Sters reminisce! What are your all time faveourite Dan-e-o moments?

kaysar said...

I'm glad Dan-e-o won't end up like other former members of Tha O Show who have vanished to never be heard from again

TJ Sinister
Frank Fronte
The DJs
Black Dolphin
Tha O Ho (remember her??)
Jules Malone (see above)
Brandi Richardson
Cham Pain

Stay with us Dan-e-o. Long live Tha Hip Hop Stop!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all, love the show and everyone in it. i was surprised that you guys didn't tackle the issue about brock losing his first match at extreme rules. there's been a big discussion pretty much everywhere if this loss hinders brock's momentum and marketability going forward because now they cannot do the "who can beat this monster?" angle. i just wanted to ask your opinion about this and if you feel that this loss damages brock's credibility at all?

P.A. said...

Gonna miss the little man.. Yea, he will get his own segment but still... The show's gonna have a different feel to it. Good luck to Dan-e-o.

Rhino was awesome... Dude just fit right it, and sounded like he was life long friends with u guys... You've got to get him on more often just to shoot the shit.

Crystal Beth should have told raven - "Quoth the Raven, Never Gonnahappen".. Shit's still funny though

Anonymous said...

Is Hogan deliberately burying TNA? An understandable conclusion to come to, but sadly no -- His ego is WAY too big to intentionally submit to projecting this kind of public failure on his own shoulders. Hogan lives and dies by the Q-score of his own brand.

He'll leave the company and blame them for not giving him the authority he really needed to make the change.

But what do I know? It's 1:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and I'm already CM-Drunk...

-Just Some Jobber

t-bruise said...

Aside from the big announcement this was a great episode. Lots of amazing discussion and a sick interview.

We'll miss you Dan-e-o. Hope you like your new role

Anonymous said...

I think that's the most humble we have ever heard Dan-e-o.

I have a feeling he heard Tid hosting Wrestle Reunion shows and just realized this was best for show cuz Tid is amazing

Jim J in Philly said...

Its bitter sweet. Dan-e-o is a founding member but I believe the show is better with Chris Tidwell as a cohost

Anonymous said...

We wish Dan-e-o well in his future endeavors

Anonymous said...

And then there was one.

One O-riginal remaining member of Tha O Show.



jennifer T said...

Thanks for your time Dan-e-o. I am excited about the future of Tha O Show, especially since Crystal Beth has started to become a bigger piece of the puzzle and is doing really well.

I like Drew but he makes me vomit (but not on his wee wee)

Anonymous said...

Gutted Dan-E-O is leaving but it's for the best, besides being a president of something is a bloodt sweet deal. Good luck Dan

The Killings and Kofi Konnection (KKK) said...

Who the fuck would have guessed Dan's co-host duties would end before Obamas presidential duties???

Mark iN NY said...

BDD has said for years that people are scared of change. I know on facebook he mentions it everytime they do a re design.

Change IS good and on a product like this, its vital.

Dan-e-o has said for years that BDD is Tha O Show. So as long as BDD is there and he surrounds himself would a good supporting crew the show can only get better.

Anonymous said...

What happened to O TV?