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Worked To Death

After many years of wanting to know every single aspect of a wrestlers life and getting bits and pieces over the years I realized that we have gotten to the point where the difference between what is real and what’s not has gotten so blurred that not only do I not care when it is real, I still doubt it. In the past few years the biggest stories to garner attention were when The Nexus tore the ring apart and when CM Punk went on his little tirade. Both of these incidences made me ask “Wow, is this really happening? Is this real?” Of course in each case there was no decent follow up and sooner rather than later is was evident that is was a “work.”

Wikipedia describes a work as “…an event booked to happen, from the carnival tradition of ‘working the crowd.’” This applied at least in my case. I thought The Nexus were actually pissed and decided to wreck shit on live television. It made sense that they would so when they did I sat shocked at the amount of damage they could do. When CM Punk said the things he did everyone was talking about it. He had said so much that many had thought and ended up leaving the company as champ.

As we know things went back to normal way too fast in both cases. I’m sick of being tricked into “worked shoots.” Its old now. Yeah, when the New World Order started it was cool. When wrestlers start feuds over Twitter its not. I thought the point of wrestling was for guys to get in the ring and play a story out. Not have it going over social media. When Daniel Bryan got fired for choking someone with his tie I thought it was real until ROH’s locker room started getting tryouts and heading to FCW before he was brought back. Yeah, conspiracy theories by Dante. I still think he was sent there to get new talent.

Having wrestlers call each their by their real names isn’t as shocking as it was when Vince McMahon called The Rock by his real name. I’m tired of real life drug issues being used to make storylines like TNA is doing with Jeff Hardy. I used to watch wrestling to get away from real life. I’m not gonna go to a movie about Angelina Jolie adopting babies. That’s not interesting to me. Stop bringing real life into the ring. Kurt Angle’s divorce? Nope. Know why? The payoff will never live up to the hype. If you get in the ring with someone who is now married to the wife of your kids the last thing you’re gonna do is throw them into the ropes for a clothesline.

Wrestling has “worked” itself into a corner. You cant have things appear to be real but stop matches when there is blood. If someone is known for drug use you shouldn’t get into the ring with them. There needs to be a point now where the show starts with a match and ends with a match. Not someone saying shit that is obviously fake or with Paul and Phil arguing.

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