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Gettin' Punk'd

Yesterday on Monday Night Raw CM Punk set the internet on fire. His tirade against WWE, Vince McMahon, The Rock, and the state of wrestling was something to behold. I don’t watch wrestling regularly anymore so when I read about this and watched the video I was super interested. CM Punk said aloud, on national television, during WWE’s flagship show what many had thought but were too afraid to say for years.

And then it was ruined by the fact that Raw taped two shows and it became obvious that this was part of a larger storyline. But that wasn’t the only thing that ruined it. The fans ruined it as well. On message boards, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else wrestling fans gather.

Terms that were once inside verbiage were thrown around like Bella Donna on a bang bus. “Was that a shoot?” “Is it a work?” “What kinda mark would believe this work was a shoot?” Oh, shut up. Everyday fans who use these terms as weapons against people who are actual fans kills things.

Do you sit and watch films with your younger siblings and say things like, “Oh, that part isn’t real. Don’t be such a mark! Dinosaurs cant talk.” Its fucking entertainment! You don’t win special prizes for saying something is real or not. Just sit back and try and enjoy it. But there’s the problem. People no longer watch wrestling to enjoy it. They watch it to complain.

If wrestling was the way fans really wanted it wrestlers would be dead or crippled. Praise when they come back too soon from a concussion. Get mad when they want to spend time with their families. The right guys don’t get pushed and there’s no new guys so when their guy does get pushed they can complain how he changed and that they need to bring back the older guys because the new ones suck. There’s no happy medium so I suggest WWE change nothing.

There are very few things I actively do just to complain about them. Seeing Ryan Reynold films is one for example. But not something I have watched for damn near three decades. If something upsets me I try my best to not be around it. If you can watch something as good as that tirade by CM Punk and instead of clapping, hating him more for being such a bad guy, or because he said what people have always wanted to then ask yourself this:

Why in the fuck are you still watching?

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BIGROG said...

Great Article! I agree with you 100%. I also feel that the Punk Promo was one of the best promos that I have seen in years!!!

Zyrone said...

I've been watching Punk for a while and knew the E just didn't understand how to use him. I think this could be something.

d stusiak said...

you finish with the most relevant question. well said.

Anonymous said...

The main argument now is that vince gave its fans the middle finger tapping the show 10min after what a lot of people consider pure gold. Vince ignored the fans in the staduim who were going to tweet this momentous occasion. As a WWE fan, im safe to say, that when we listened to Punk at the end of the show, flashbacks of Stone Cold and ETC. where running through our minds. But typical Vince and his ignorance of the internet, decided to NOT delay what they were going to do next week, and completely spoil any fan that was massively curious of that promo. They could of completely avoided the subject during that tapping, and keep him suspend up till next week with Superman Cena still begging for Punk to be reinstated. Vince ignores the internet, called all of us retarded, and went with the original plan of the show. Vince, Fuck you, grow up, and realize it is not the 1980s anymore. Fans are smarter about the business, and you need to reshape your business to keep the suspense that i had after that promo before my curiosity ran me into dirt sheets. Take this as a lesson, and never repeat it again, you missed a huge opportunity to build younger stars into main event roles from that promo punk did on monday.

Michael LaPenna said...

"[Vince]is millionaire who should be a billionaire." Amen, Pastor Punk, amen!

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