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Tha Boyz Who Cried Wolf

Over the last few years we have experienced the many ups and downs of The Hardy Boys. From public relationship issues, to drug issues, to seemingly mental issues. When I used to look at The Hardy’s I would say to myself “These guys broke the ‘Marty Janetty Curse.’" You know, how if there’s a tag team that splits only one of them will be really successful.

This changed when Matt debuted his Version 1 character and blew up. All of a sudden people began to realize that he wasn’t the boring brother that didn’t take the risks that his wilder and more popular brother Jeff did. Matt Hardy was pretty damned entertaining. He came so close to winning the top title only for something to happen be it personal issues or injuries. There were some cracks in his armor but he was a Hardy and we’ve seen the Hardy’s get knocked down and get right back up.

Jeff stayed Jeff which was the problem. I don’t know how many message boards responses I have seen in regards to his career that said things like “What a waste!” and “He’s been given too many chances!” And I agree. When TNA brought him back (again…) after his drug problems I considered them enablers. And then there was the match with Sting. Yeah. That one. Jeff stumbling to the ring looking lost and disgusting anyone that ever enjoyed his career and wanted him to get better.

As of the posting of this article Matt Hardy is defending his recent actions and Jeff is awaiting trial for possession of 262 damned Vicodin prescription pills, 180 soma pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, and an amount of powder cocaine. If you had told me this is how their careers turned out 10 years ago I wouldn’t have believed you. These guys were just too damned good to end up like this. Recently Matt posted a video on you tube in which he wrote:

"Goodbye world. My time here is almost complete. I only have a few hours and minutes. I loved you all. Regardless of how you felt about me. I'll miss you all. September 23, 1974 - August 31, 2011."

As someone who has watched wrestling for damn near 30 years my response to this was two words. No, not “Suck it.” They were “Fuck you.” Fuck you for doing this to fans. No, not me. But all of the kids who still see you as the superstar you used to be. And fuck Jeff for taking the ball and shitting on it. These guys busted their asses to get where they are and they disrespect wrestling in general with their nonsense. With all the deaths we hear about every year in wrestling the last thing fans need is someone writing a suicide note online only to say it wasn’t just that. So you were just being a dick then? Awesome.

Almost everyone knows someone who has attempted to kill themselves or someone who has succeeded. Maybe even some of you that are reading this has tried yourselves. There is usually a cry for help that people don’t see or ignore. Matt Hardy has become “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” At some point a real incident, not something to rebuild his character, will happen and people will think its part of a game that only he is playing. He’s almost 40 years old. Time to grow up. Jeff is a little younger than him. Look at whose setting an example for him. Its just sad.

So I don’t leave this on a bitter note, I watched a special from National Geographic called Slammed that follows three wrestlers in the indies. It was pretty cool. It featured Danny Inferno, a guy trying to get back in the game. Shiima Xion, a young up and comer trying to get into Ring Of Honor. And a local NWA performer JD Smooth. You can find it on Youtube to see how ROH’s farming process is done. Its very cool.

4 comments: on "Tha Boyz Who Cried Wolf"

kathy said...

great article, i used to be a huge fan of jeff and i'm pretty embarrassed to admit that

Luke F.o.r.c.e. said...

Could not possibly agree more, Brother Dante.

These guys in ROH, for instance, these hungry up-and-coming talents that are making a name for themselves not by being fucked up on live PPV or by teenage-level attention seeking antics, but by training hard, tearing it up, and busting their asses in that ring night in and night out.

Take a guy like Davey Richards. You think he would be "in no condition to perform" on an "internet only" PPV even? Of course not.

Matt Hardy will never be respected until he does things the hard way/ old fashioned way. Get back on your fucking game and start earning your reputation back by training hard, staying clean, eating right, and busting your ass in that ring and learning how to be a "good worker" in the ring again rather than on the internet.

As for Jeff? I just don't see it ever working out for him but Lord knows, I would like to see it. He had a natural charisma that was not like the usual "promo kind of charisma", but rather a Kerry Von Erich physical charisma that propelled him to the top of the WWE in those last 2 years of his career there.

Dante Ross said...

Thanks, Kathy. I used to be a big fan of these two as well. Its strange explaining where they are now in wrestling to people who knew of them for their crazy ladder matches.

Luke, F.o.r.c.e, I used to cover ROH's weekly shows until someone stopped posting them online (I didn't get the channel it came on). ROH is a great product and Davey Richards is amazing. His style reminds me of nothing but wrestlers I admired. He's agile, technical, and hard nosed all at the same time.

As for Matt getting back in the game, I think its time for him to hang them up permanently. I wouldn't even want kids training under him unless they just watched his videos and learned what not to do as a wrestler.

Dave said...

Very good read,

I will say this Matt's career is over after that fake suicide video, even if he hadn't posted the following video basically saying he has retired and trying to cover up the sucide note as the 1st part of his retirement announcement.

Matt's biggest problem, in terms of getting back to a major promotion other then the fact he is nearly 40, is that he hasn't made the same $$$ that Jeff has as a singles act, yes he had a decent run with the V1 gimmick but that was a long time ago and way too much shit has happened since then with the Edge/Lita deal and his youtube problems and the fact he is one of a very few people to get fired from TNA.

Jeff despite all his issues and I'm not defending them, still can make another run it will take him finally getting all the court issues behind him and doing the rehab/jail time that he gets sentenced to, but once that is done and if he can stay clean, which admittingly is doubtful, he could get back to the top even WWE could get interested again if all the cards fall into place.

Who would've thought that of Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and The Hardy's that it would've been Shannon who would've been the least trouble.

Shane, Matt and Jeff all have court dates in their future.