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"Tha O Show Theme 2011" Is Out Now!

"Tha O Show Theme 2011" is FINALLY available for sale!

The recently remastered track written and produced by Dan-e-o and featuring Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club on guitar is now ready to be downloaded for just 89 cents in Tha O Show's online store!

Buy "Tha O Show Theme 2011" NOW!!

And while you're at it, pick up some other O-some classics like "Guzzlah", "Buss Juice", "Buss Juice (Part 2)" and "Thick and Nice (Ode To Lufisto)"!

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can you guys post the Buss juice link again- I lost mine when my computer took a dive :(

Will there be a part 3 of that???

The Big Bad BDD Bday show is coming up again & I'm so excited to hear it!