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Mizfortunate Situation

They say they are “Mizerable.” It was a “Miztake.” Some are saying the championship is being “Mizhandled.” Ever since The Miz won the heavyweight belt people have been saying that they are going to stop watching Raw or WWE altogether until he loses it. Hell, some people are acting like they’re gonna give up on wrestling because of this. Episode 195 of Tha O Show has the most comments I have ever seen posted since Episode 100 and most of it is in protest of The Miz. I have one question for all of you.

What took you so long?

As I write this I couldn’t tell you who has the belt on Smackdown. Who are the tag champs? Does Dolph Ziggler still have the Intercontinental title? If it took The Miz getting the belt off of Orton for you to finally tap out on WWE or Raw you have a stronger stomach than me because I haven’t been able to enjoy the show for a long ass time now.

Smackdown moved to SyFy. I don’t have cable and I won’t even bother to find it online. It’s sad but true. I have watched Raw live online maybe four times in two years. I don’t watch NXT. I’ve caught TNA maybe twice in a year or so. I use the same way a groundhog uses his shadow. “Oh, it’s still shitty? Alright. I’ll wait it out.” I’m not watching based on reviews, but coverage.

The thing that confuses me is how surprised everyone is about The Miz winning the title. I mean, to me the only shocking part was him getting it from Orton. Orton is one of the few guys left that I even enjoy watching currently. I have never been a fan of The Miz. I didn’t like him on Real World. I didn’t like him with John Morrison. I didn’t like him with Jericho or Big Show. I don’t like his “style” of wrestling. I hate his moveset particularly his finisher. Fuck, I really hate that move. Hated when Julio Dinero and Jeff Jarrett used it and I hate it now. Know what though? None of the reasons I stated are why I don’t really like The Miz being champ.

It’s not because of the amount of time he has spent wrestling. I know a lot of people say you need to wreck yourself on the indie scene first. You have to spend years close to poor to earn a spot. Come on now. Those days are damn near over. The Miz got in the way a lucky few do now. And being upset because he got the title “too fast”? Lots of guys got to rise and/or get a belt fast. Carlito, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre. Once they got into WWE or WCW they rose quickly.

The reason I don’t like The Miz is because he represents everything I hate about wrestling currently. Too much emphasis is spent on talking than entertaining me with wrestling skills. I know more about the guys that have beaten him than the ones he has beaten. He is carried through matches. He has never done anything that made me even for a moment think “This dude is gonna be a champ one day!”

I’m not gonna bash Frank for liking The Miz. Millions love Cena. But when you like someone or something and others don’t and challenge you on it have ammunition. I liked Orton back when no one else but girls did when he had the AJ Styles type hair and the cross body finisher because I saw something special in him and defended him when friends or people online shit on me for liking him. The Miz? I don’t see it and I never have.

You all can keep watching and be mad like you have for years now. Me? I got "the F out" a long time ago.

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Anonymous said...

I 0h-gree.

And, with alternatives like Chikara, Dragons Gate USA, Evolve, Ring of Honor, and JAPW out there the boring bloated un-entertaining "major" leagues of wrestling have never been less relevant.

Dante Ross said...

Exactly. If there's nothing in TNA and WWE there's so many other companies to watch. NWA Hollywood is at least entertaining to watch with an old school feel to it. If people dictate how much they love wrestling based on TNA and WWE, no wonder there are so many pissed off fans.

AdamFromWelland said...

Agreed with last poster. ROH's product alone in the last several years is much more entertaining than the mainstream product. Heck, they're currently in the process of a one year feud that has consistently been hot.

Dante Ross said...

ROH is good at feuds and keeping them fresh without losing focus. One thing I have learned over the years about them is that when someone leaves for TNA or WWE someone is right there to replace them. In WWE and TNA everyone always asks "Whose gonna step up?" In ROH they never have to ask that question.

AdamFromWelland said...

The thing I love most about ROH is that they know their audience and they give them what they want.

ROH fans can be the pickiest (I'm one but self admittedly I'm a huge mark for 98% of wrestling.) but ROH knows that as important as stories are, wrestling is going to be what will drive these angles.

Anyone who's been keeping up with ROH knows that El Generico and Kevin Steen is the hottest feud in wrestling today. Let's get some things straight here, Generico hardly ever talks, two words at the most and Steen has progressively evolved his character to a psychotic man bent on getting rid of his former partner.

For alot of the feud, it was Cabana backing up Generico vs. Steen & Corino. They didn't need 5000 promos. The story developed in the ring when they simply beat the piss out of each other. That's what works.

ROH has been accused in the past for being a bunch of no-selling people but that's changed since an former booker of theirs left. Sometimes it's still like that but they've improved greatly.

Roderick Strong is their champ and he's HORRIBLE on the mic. So ROH doesn't force him to cut promos. They give him a manager and let hm get over in the ring where his strength is.

I'm not saying WWE needs 98% of their shows to be wrestling. But if a guy isn't good on the mic, then don't let him touch the mic and find out how he gets over.