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Deeply Discussing Dexter

The slow methodical build that everyone was shitting on at the beginning of the season (admittedly I didn't like the second episode but I never had a problem with the slow burn) has done exactly what every 'Dexterian' on Tha O Show has said it would, build into a giant fire. If you felt like you were short on 'Dexter' O's this season this week's episode should have satisfied your season's worth of O's. A crazy episode with a crazy ending.

Though unlike a lot of O heavy episodes this episode didn't just bring tha O's, but there was a lot of depth in between. From the Batista feuding marriage to Astor and Dexter burying the hatchet to Harry telling Dexter that he's proud of him. This all scares me. Before Rita got her tub treatment she also patched things up with everyone and stopped being the annoyingly overly-sweet pest we all shit on. Things are starting to get ominous for the series.

Though if there's one thing 'Dexter' is good at it's throwing curveballs and making you think one thing and then coming back something completely different. For example, when Lumen is home alone and intruders show up. In my head I'm saying "Oh shit, it's Jordan Chase and his crew coming to finish her off", while somewhere else in my head I'm thinking "Fuck, it's Robocop and this bitch is gonna stab him". And of course 'Dexter' being 'Dexter' makes me wrong twice. I never would have guessed Astor. I legit would have expected Jonah Mitchell before Astor. In a swerve for swerve's sake saturated TV landscape, I'm glad a show can still surprise me while not disappointing me. Cough cough, The Miz.

Another thing 'Dexter' has always done well is create a smooth rollercoaster ride of ups, downs and loopity loops. What really helps the show smoothly go from high suspense scenes to low suspense is the black comedy. It's always on point. I almost forgot how well the show did comedy since there was really no place for it last season. This season though, Masuka keeps it coming every week. I also liked Jordan Chase echoing Dexter's narration, it really helps the flow of the show.

With three episodes left I still feel like there are a lot of puzzle pieces missing. There's more behind Jordan Chase and his vial victim and his murderous crew. There's still more to Lumen and her situation. If I know 'Dexter' and I think I do, there's something big to come pertaining to Batista and LaGuerta. There's no way they can fight back and forth the entire season and at the end of the season just get divorced or make up, something big is coming. I'll bet my second born on it. As a side bet, I'll predict Batista gets taken out by Santa Muerte because of one of LaGuerta's dumbass decisions.

Possibly the most important puzzle piece and one that I feel like no one is really talking about is regarding the Santa Muerte case. Really you think that these 2 yout's are behind all the murders? These two punks who party every weekend just go around chopping people's heads off just so they can pay for bottle service? They chop heads off and leave heads with voodoo shit around them just because? Not a chance. There's a mastermind behind these guys. Something is missing.

Speaking of missing, who the fuck notices a drop of blood missing from a necklace vial? Guy has superpowers. Now that he knows Dexter is on to him and most likely suspects Dexter of picking of his friends, the mental chess game begins. Neither guy can call the cops because each guy knows the other is also a murderer. It's like the end of last season all over again, but with a guy who always has cameras and security around him. And a guy who somehow knows Dex is running around with Lumen. Shit's getting crazy.

Lastly, looking the season up on Wikipedia I see that the next episode is called "In The Beginning". Whether "The Beginning" refers to Jordan Chase's vial blood girl or to Dexter's beginning --remember that Deb is still in the file room-- I don't know but all I can say is that it's gonna be more of what we saw this week, fast paced, high spots, false finishes, badass crazy shit from here on out. Robocop, Lumen, Vial Girl, Jordan Chase, Santa Muerte, Quinn and Deb, Batista and LaGuerta, there's still a ton of ground to cover. Like Kevin Nash said this week, if you've got this much ground to cover you're not thinking about conserving energy, you're turning the jets on. As always the comment section is open and I love reading all the crazy theories and hope-ictions out there.

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Lubcho Georgiev Trayanov said...

I bet my girl's pussy that Jordan Chase is Trinity's son.

Dan-e-o said...


I hope your girl's got a sweet-ass pussy cuz I'm in dat!

Naw man, if Chase was Trinity Jr., I'm sure he'd concoct a more savvy way to get revenge on Dexter than to throw his raping cronies in the line of fire.

Wildcat's right, there are A LOT of loose ends to tie up and "Dexter" is an excellent show for providing so many twists, turns and loops that you forget how some of those subplots can be related.

This season has presented Dexter with his biggest hurdles to overcome it should. For a show this good, it's hard to think of ways that it can improve...and yet it does.

Talk about three CAN'T-MISS episodes! My theories about what's gonna happen are all over the place at this point. Unlike with WWE nonsense, this show literally has me guessing all the time and O'ing at the end of each episode.

I'm pretty certain that no matter what happens, I won't be disappointed in how the wrap up of this season's story is executed. I agree, that it's bound to be BIG!

Victor Wildcat said...

I'll take that bet too. Arthur Mitchell already had 2 kids at home and 1 all grown up, I seriously doubt there was another one out there running around barreling bodies. And I have to agree he'd have a sick plan in place.

After all if Dex hadn't rented a moving truck and done forensics on that shit, there would be no barrel case, Lumen would be dead and Dexter probably would have never even heard of Jordan Chase. There's still something big hidden there but I don't think it's gonna be a family from the past type thing.

Lubcho Georgiev Trayanov said...

Jordan Chase killed Rita.

Lubcho Georgiev Trayanov said...

Also, the bitch broke up with me, so all bets are off. :\