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WWE Bragging Rights Recap

* Dolph Ziggler {C} vs. Daniel Bryan {C} (Non-Title Champion vs. Champion)

Test of strength to start the match. Dolph Ziggler gets a takedown and works on Bryan's head but he sweeps into a leg lock and Ziggler has to get a rope break. Vickie is yelling instructions to her man from ringside. Ziggler and Bryan go outside and Vickie gets in the way of a charging Bryan, so he gets on the apron instead and does a running dive to wipe Ziggler out! Bryan hits a dropkick to the jaw when we get back in and Ziggler escapes and counters Bryan, then begins working him over on the mat. He tries to squeeze the oxygen out of Bryan as the crowd chants LET'S GO BRYAN and Vickie tries in vain to silence them. A backslide counter for a near fall, a roll up by Bryan for 2. Inverted bodyslam by Ziggler for 2. Ziggler puts on a chinlock to wear him down and he pops the crowd for Bryan again as a result. Another near fall for Ziggles. Dolph keeps working him over, flicks the sweat off his brow with confidence, then drops the jumping elbow for two before applying another rest hold. Bryan fights his way back to his feet, hits a boot laying on the ropes, but Ziggler moves as he charges the corner for a dropkick and wipes himself out. Another near fall for Ziggler. Body scissor for Ziggler. He's got one strategy and he's sticking to it. The crowd at least knows to pop for Bryan when he does it.

Bryan makes a comeback with kicks and kicks Ziggler in the face, then flips over him on the top rope, then does a clothesline as Vickie looks on with concern. Flying forearm to the face for 2. Vickie is screaming her head off. Bryan hits another head kick and Cole says Ziggler is LITERALLY getting his head kicked off his shoulders. Bryan nails him with a springboard kick for 2. Ziggler tries a small package for 2 then nails Bryan with a hard blow of his own for a near fall. Bryan blocks the Zig Zag Zig and gets another near fall on Ziggles. Ziggler tries to go top rope and gets crotched. Ziggles goes up with him, Daniel slips out underneath and crotches him! Bryan climbs up behind him and gets all the way to the top but Ziggler counters the flip off the ropes into a facecrusher for a crossbody for a near fall, and Bryan immediately rolls him up for a near fall. Ziggler goes for a sleeper, Bryan gets out, and both collide after running the ropes. Vickie is screaming GET UP!! The ref gets to 7 on a double count. Both men start throwing BOO and YAYpunches on their knees. Ziggler gets another roll up, and they trade cradles and near falls back and forth - at least 4 in a row. Ziggler finally gets a 3 count but Bryan's boot was on the ropes so it doesn't count! Ziggler and Vickie both argue with the ref as Bryan slowly gets to his feet. Ziggler goes for another sleeper and Bryan starts fading. Hard to believe they've let this go 20 minutes already. Bryan gets a hand on the ropes for a break. Ziggler screams at him to stay down. BRYAN PULLS HIM INTO A LEBELL LOCK AND ZIGGLER TAPS OUT. Vickie screams at the ref furiously as the crowd chants YOU TAPPED OUT.

We go backstage to Miz and Sheamus. "Your leadership. Right fella. Who in their right mind would take orders from you? In case you forgot, I'm a former WWE Champion. I'm not taking orders from you." Miz: "I'm the Raw Team Captain, not you." CM Punk: "You are barely Captain Crunch, while I'm Captain Straight Edge." They start arguing about who got embarrassed on Raw and Santino interrupts and wants to know about snacks and beverages. Punk says he knows Smackdown like the back of his hand so if anybody gives orders it will be him. Santino says if he's going to do orders he'd like some Sun Chips. Sheamus: "If anyone gets in my face, I'll kick their head off." Disharmony on Team Raw, natch. Miz says we'll be united because TEAM, RAW, IS, AWESOME. Punk slaps him on the chest. "Well, some of us are awesome." And back to live action! The National Guard are there in the front row courtesy of WWE giving them comps.

* 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes & 'Dull-Ass' Drew McIntyre Promo

Rhodes: "Who has more to brag about than the WWE Tag Team Champions than Drew McIntyre and myself, DASHING Cody Rhodes?" McIntyre: "Over a month ago we became your WWE Tag Team Champions, and we have absolutely dominated everybody from Raw and Smackdown. Now we've got a little bit of a dilemma. Nobody wants to face us. All the boys in the back are scared of us, and I don't blame them." THE GM DINGS IN. Cole says there is a team worthy of facing them for the titles. NEXUS MUSIC PLAYS. Wade Barrett says he'll soon be crowned the WWE Champion, but please welcome one half of the next tag champions, DAVID OTUNGA. "And his partner, a man who I have told, ORDERED not to fail in bringing home the titles this evening, fellow Nexus member JOHN CENA."

* Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre {C} vs. John Cena & David Otunga (Tag Title Match)

Cena charges right down to the ring. Otunga and Cody Rhodes start the match after the bell. Rhodes quickly tags out to McIntyre and they start double teaming Otunga. The quick tags back and forth between the champs are how this match goes for the next couple of minutes. I almost said "the heels" but is either team technically face in this match? Maybe Cena's is because they'll cheer for him, but I don't think anybody really wants Nexus to hold gold. Otunga finally escapes and tags Cena, who somewhat reluctantly gets into the ring to deal with Cody Rhodes. Cena throws Rhodes and covers him for 2, then tells Otunga "Don't worry, I got this." Cena picks him up for a LONG delayed vertical suplex for another near fall. Otunga reaches for a tag and Cena ignores him. Otunga gets in the ring to argue with Cena and the champs pearl harbor Cena while the ref is trying to get Otunga out. McIntyre is the legal man now... for about a second. The champs are making quick tags to work Cena over. They take turns stomping a mudhole in him and punching him. A loud CENA SUCKS chant breaks out. McIntyre slams him down face first for a near fall.

Now we've got dueling LET'S GO CENA and CENA SUCKS chants and the latter are winning. Cody Rhodes is legal now and puts Cena in a facelock. Cena fights out and Rhodes lands hard on his hip. Cena ducks, hits the ropes, shoulder block, knock down, back throw but Rhodes lands on his feet to tag McIntyre. He hits McIntyre with a clothesline, says YOU CAN'T SEE ME to Otunga and hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle. McIntyre goes for a finisher but gets flipped over the ropes. He tags Rhodes in the process. Rhodes goes for Cross Rhodes but gets countered into the STF. CODY RHODES TAPS OUT - CENA AND OTUNGA ARE THE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Otunga acts like he actually did something so Cena gives Otunga the FU and holds up BOTH belts. He heads to the back with both gold straps over his arms as Otunga looks on in the ring. Knucklehead promo follows. The announce team plug the movie and claim Striker had a cameo in it when we return.

* Ted DiBiase (w/ Maryse) vs. Goldust (w/ Aksana)

Goldie has the Million Dollar Belt under his robe. Striker informs us that Goldie proposed to Aksana on NXT and they will have a wedding on the show. DiBiase immediately pearl harbors Goldie after the bell and goes to work. DiBiase comes back with a butt bump and a clothesline out to the floor, where Maryse is standing next to the Bragging Rights trophy. DiBiase gets thrown into the barricade then back into the ring. DiBiase sweeps him when he goes to the top rope and Goldie lands hard. DiBiase with a dropkick to the face for two. Cole refers to Goldie as "the champ." I guess (1.) possession is 9/10ths of the law and (2.) we are actually recognizing the Million Dollar Title as a belt now. Lawler talks about how many diamonds are in it. DiBiase hits a clothesline for 2. A LET'S GO GOLDUST chant breaks out.

Goldie is rolling around on the mat in pain. Another near fall. DiBiase tries to choke him out on the mat. Goldie counters out and both men are down as Aksana cheers for him to get up. The ref starts a double count and gets to 5.5 before DiBiase gets up. Goldie hits him with rights and a clothesline. DiBiase counters a whip and drops down, so Goldie hits a drop down punch, an atomic drop and a bulldog for 2. Goldie ducks a punch but misses on a dive and dives all the way out through the ropes to the floor. Goldie gets back to the apron, knocks DiBiase down, waits for him to stand but gets caught with a dropkick coming off the ropes for 2. DiBiase with punches, Goldie with a scoop slam for 2.

He starts pounding the mat to psych himself up and get the crowd clapping. DiBiase countered but he recovers and hits a spinebuster for 2. Another LET'S GO GOLDIE chant. Maryse tries to interfere and she and Aksana GET INTO A CATFIGHT. Maryse throws her into the ring and walks away. Aksana is down and selling like she broke her nose. Goldie goes over to help her and DiBiase pearl harbors him and smashes his face into the canvas for three. WINNER: TED DIBIASE. That's not the end of the action though as Aksana TACKLES Maryse and pounds her face into the mat when she tries to get in the ring to celebrate. She takes the Million Dollar Belt. She teases DiBiase like he's going to get a kiss, and Goldie sneaks up behind him to hit SHATTERED DREAMS and get his revenge. SD vs. Raw 2011 promo afterward.

Michelle McCool and Layla come out to do a really awful segment where they make fun of Minnesotan accents, then get in ONE good joke about how fast they have to delete all the text messages they keep getting from Brett Favre that makes the whole bar go OOOOOH.

* Layla {C} vs. Natalya (WWE Butterfly Belt Championship)

Cole sucks up to Michelle McCool as the match gets underway. "Hi Michelle, I love you, that was great!" Would have been funnier if he said "Hi Michelle, loved you at UFC 121 last night!" Natalya hits a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Layla hits a dropkick that sends Natalya outside the ring but she ends up in a catfight with McCool out there and throws her HARD into the barricade with one hand. Natalya gets slammed on her head on the mat in return and then eats a dropkick to the back inside the ring for a near fall. We get a replay of McCool yanking her off the apron to bounce her head off the mat. Layla tries to surfboard her into a submission as Lil' Naitch looks on. Natalya gets back to full guard, they get into a bitch slap fight, and finally Natalya powers up to give her a slam. Layla comes back with punches but Natalya hits a clothesline for 2. Natalya clubs her in the back, hits a suplex and a couple of clotheslines, slaps her in the face, whips her to the corner, but gets blocked with a boot to the jaw. She hits a dropkick to knock Layla down and covers for 2. Spinning discus sets up a sharpshooter attempt, she gets out of the ring and tries to run away with the belt, but Nayalya chases her down and throws her back into the ring. McCool blasts her in the face on the outside while she's trying to pull Layla away from the ropes and Layla covers her for 3. WINNER AND STILL BUTTERFLY BELT CHAMPIONS: LAYLA AND MCTAKER.

* Kane {C} vs. The Undertaker (Buried Alive Match)

Josh Mathews previews the match and throws to a video package. Taker gets his usual long dramatic entrance with the fog and the purple lights. Paul Bearer and Kane finally make their entrance at 9:16 ET and Taker charges to cut Kane off, so the timekeeper rings the bell while they're brawling. Taker whips Kane hard into the steel steps. Taker tears the steps apart and slams Kane's head into the lower half. He pulls Kane back up and throws him into the ring. Kane gets to his feet momentarily. The fans start chanting WE WANT BLOOD. Yeah, that's really going to happen in WWE in 2010. Kane tries to get out and get away over the barricade and Taker gives chase, slamming his head off a Bragging Rights sign. They go all the way around the ring and up the steps of the Target Center into the crowd. Taker gives him a headbutt on the steps and pulls him back down for a knee lift and an uppercut. Kane falls on the cement in front of the production crew and starts to recover, bouncing his head off the table. Taker responds with a punch that sends him reeling as a large woman in a white shirt films them both. Kane is thrown back over the barricade toward the ring. Undertaker starts LAUNCHING CHAIRS THROUGH THE AIR into the ring. Good thing none of those missed - if one bounced off the ropes and hit someone in the crowd we'd have a big lawsuit.

Leg drop on the apron right onto Kane's neck. Taker dissembles the announce table and throws the top cover of it into the ring, hitting Kane. Taker picks up a chair and Kane immediately dives out of the ring and goes for the barricade. Taker catches up to him and punches him straight over it. They fight their way into the crowd right in front of a fan with a dry erase board on which he's written BURY LARRY - whatever that means. Taker throws Kane back over a broken part of the ring barricade and starts punching him on the apron. Kane crawls back into the ring to get away and grabs a steel chair, jabbing Taker in the gut and cracking him over the back with it. Kane puts the bottom rung of the chair to his throat to choke him, then starts jabbing him and hitting him with it again as Paul Bearer smiles, urn in hand. Kane signals that it's chokeslam time. CHOKESLAM DELIVERED. Cole: "The problem here guys is they are a long ways away from the burial site." No shit. Kane signals for Taker to get up and hits a SECOND chokeslam. Now maybe he'll drag him to the grave? Bearer is screaming to Kane that he's got him.

Sure enough Kane grabs Taker by a leg and pulls him out of the ring, clubbing him in the face and then hoisting him over his shoulder to carry him up the ramp. Taker recovers when they get near the grave and escapes with a punch to the jaw. The two start to have a slobberknocker as a referee near the gravesite looks on, which turns into BOO and YAY punches which the bar chants along with. Taker gets about four YAY in a row at the end and looks ready to bury his brother. Kane staggers away towards part of the staging or production equipment (hard to tell which) then Taker punches him and sends him toward the dirt. Kane crawls up the pile of dirt to get away and he's right in front of the grave. TAKER WITH THE THROAT SLASH. Kane blocks. BIG BOOT BY KANE. Kane goes to throw him in and TAKER SITS UP AND LOCKS IN THE HELL'S GATE. Kane taps out to no avail since Taker doesn't have to let go. KANE GOES OUT.

Bearer stands there looking on at the passed out form of his "son." TAKER ROLLS KANE INTO THE GRAVE. He's still got to "bury" Kane to win the match though. Cole: "He has to shovel dirt completely on the body of Kane, bury him alive to win the match. TAKER STALKS PAUL. Taker shoves Paul's face into the pile of dirt. Before he can chokeslam Kane OUT COME NEXUS TO ATTACK TAKER. Nexus sans Otunga, Cena and Barrett give him a 4-on-1 beatdown. Kane recovers during the attack and crawls out of the grave. KANE CRACKS TAKER WITH THE URN AND TAKER FALLS INTO THE GRAVE. NEXUS BURY THE UNDERTAKER. KANE IS GOING TO WIN. KANE SENDS THEM AWAY. KANE SIGNALS FOR HIS LIGHTS, MUSIC AND PYRO AND A DUMP TRUCK LIFTS UP AND FILLS THE GRAVE - KANE WINS THE BURIED ALIVE MATCH AND RETAINS HIS TITLE.

BONG. BONG. BONG. Purple lights and spooky howling noses. The Taker symbol shines on the gravestone that says BURIED ALIVE: UNDERTAKER VS. KANE: OCTOBER 24, 2010. The eerie wind continues to howl as Lawler, Cole and Striker look on. They describe this as one of the spookiest things they've ever seen. This ends the feud for a little while... at least until one of the first or second PPV events of 2011, when Taker will come back and gets his revenge from the grave in a zombielicious way. We throw to a Randy Orton promo backstage. "Cena is torn between being a part of Nexus and a part of WWE. If he tries to interfere I'm going to make his decision real easy for him by dropping him in the middle of the ring."

* 7-on-7 Raw vs. Smackdown Bragging Rights Match

Miz comes out first, followed by CM Punk, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino (a happy fan holds up a VINTAGE SANTINO sign), R-Truth, and Sheamus (FELLA). That means it's time for Team Smackdown to come out, which means Captain Show is up first. Hornswoggle runs out in front of him waving the Smackdown flag. Next (in this order) are Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks (the guy behind me at DJ's yells WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY), Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio and THE RATED R SUPERSTAR EDGE. The stars of both teams line up and get face to face in the ring while the Alter Bridge music plays. The camera pans over to the trophy as each team decides who will start.

John Morrison and Tyler Reks open the match as the bell rings. Reks backs Morrison into the corner, hits a reverse thrust kick, and continues to wail on him until Morrison slides out underneath and hits him with punches, Morrison with a single leg takedown and a bridged pin for 2. Reks starts clobbering him. Cole: "Take it from me, The Voice of the WWE, both shows are great." You're not even The Voice Michael Schiavello (vote for him in the World MMA Awards) let alone the Voice of the WWE, douchebag. Santino tags in but Reks clobbers him before he can hit the Cobra, then does fireman's carry into a FU-esque move for 3. SANTINO ELIMINATED FIRST.

Ezekiel Jackson comes in and starts throwing Reks around. Big Show tags in and overpowers him. Show overpowers him,match. Scoop slam. Rey tags in for a flying leg drop and a near fall. He tags in Kofi Kingston but Zeke hits a double tackle onto both then drags Kofi over to the Raw corner, where Sheamus tags in and bounces Kofi's head off a turnbuckle. Kofi responds with a top rope crossbody and his BO! BO! BO! legdrop. Kofi sweeps Sheamus into a near fall but Sheamus grabs the ropes to break the count. Kofi jumps over him for punches in the corner and Sheamus pushes him up and off then goes over to pick him up and HIT THE RAZOR'S EDGE FOR 3 - KOFI IS ELIMINATED.

Rey Mysterio comes in and a variety of Raw stars take their turns having their way with him. While I'm signing my tab something happens to Mysterio and the next thing I know he's staggering to the back. We go to replay and see Alberto Del Rio throwing him head first into the barricade. I guess Team Smackdown can't get along either. Now it's Swagger and CM Punk in the ring and Swagger has him in a submission hold as the crowd chants CM PUNK. I guess he's a face in Chicago AND Minneapolis. Morrison tags in and hits a dropkick. Morrison overwhelms him with punches in the corner then covers for 2 and Swagger kicks out. Morrison misses with a running knee and Swagger rolls him up for two. Morrison counters being picked up by Swagger into another near fall. Swagger goes for the ankle lock, Morrison kicks him off, kicks him in the ear, then hits the STARSHIP PAIN FOR 3 AND SWAGGER IS ELIMINATED. Reks comes in, and a moment later Sheamus comes in. BROGUE KICK FOR 3 AND REKS IS ELIMINATED.

Big Show is in! Show throws Sheamus over the top rope. Sheamus PUNTS Swagger in the head. An enraged Big Show starts brawling with Sheamus all the way up the ramp. The ref is making a ten count. BIG SHOW AND SHEAMUS ARE BOTH ELIMINATED BY COUNTOUT. Lil Naitch comes over to explain to Show that even though he tried to dive back in before 10 he didn't make it. Edge and R-Truth are doing battle now. Edge is getting the better of him. Truth misses with the axe kick and eats the SPEAR FOR THREE - TRUTH ELIMINATED. MORRISON GETS SPEARED FOR THREE TOO. Edge gives Punk a DDT! Punk leapfrogs a spear and Del Rio tags himself in to work him over. PUNK GETS A BACKSLIDE PIN FOR THREE AND DEL RIO IS ELIMINATED. REY RUNS OUT AND PEARL HARBORS DEL RIO ON THE RAMP.

Mysterio leans out to tag Edge but Miz runs over and attacks him before Mysterio can get the hot tag. Miz chokes him with the ropes. Ezekiel tags in and stands on his throat. Edge is getting a whupping now. Slam. Elbow. Near fall. Miz tags back in to pick up the scraps but Edge kicks out. Rey is begging Edge to fight back and/or make the tag. Miz hits a backbreaker combo for 2.5. Punk tags in and stomps on his face and chest. Electric chair on Punk when he misses in the corner. Edge crawls to Rey and REY GETS THE HOT TAG. Punk immediately cuts him off with a boot to the gut but Rey counters for a near fall. Rey pulls him up and hits a forearm, but they sell that it was his arm that was injured in the barricade and he can't use his left arm. Punk tries to give Mysterio a G2S but he rolls through and they trade near falls back and forth with cradles about 5 times. SIX-ONE-NINE AND A SPLASH FOR 3 AS PUNK IS ELIMINATED.

Big Zeke comes in and scoops Rey up for a slam. Rey tries to overwhelm him with kicks but he's fighting size and power, and Zeke looks like he could eat Rey as a snack. He throws Rey into the corner and clubs him in the back. He throws Rey off the ropes but he hits a kick, and then a dropkick to the knees. Before he can even think of a 6-1-9 Zeke overpowers him, but Rey counters when he picks him up into a DDT. Dropkick to the face, SIX ONE NINE AND HE BOTCHES COMING OFF THE ROPES ON THE SPRINGBOARD AND THE REF STILL COUNTS THE PIN ANYWAY - ZEKE IS OUT.

Cole: "Mysterio may have hurt himself." The announcers weren't sure whether he got the pin for about 20 seconds. Rey gets clubbed in the back by Alex Riley when he goes for a 6-1-9 on Miz, Riley takes it the second time he tries, Miz nearly gets the pin after Riley eats it for him but Mysterio kicks out! MYSTERIO DUCKS THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE LEAPS OUT TAGS EDGE AND EDGE SPEARS MIZ AND PINS HIM TO WIN THE MATCH. TEAM SMACKDOWN WINS THE TROPHY! Edge and Mysterio celebrate together and Edge feigns like he's drinking beer or champagne from the bowl of the cup - now THAT is AWESOME. Hornswoggle tries to pick up the Grey Cup and falls down with it on top of him. Mysterio and Edge help him up. STRIKER HEELS ON MINNESOTA AND SAYS THIS IS THE ONLY TROPHY ANY TEAM IN THIS STATE WILL EVER SEE. The whole bar goes OOOOH. Another Knucklehead promo follows.

* Randy Orton {C} vs. Wade Barrett (w/ John Cena)

On the whole for a nothing PPV that was NO BUYS following UFC 121, I've actually been enjoying this show quite a bit. Of course it always helps when it only costs you $5 + food and you have a large crowd watching it - in fact I'd say there are more people at DJ's Dugout tonight than there were for Hell in a Cell. Whether that's a good or a bad thing for the buyrate remains to be seen. Barrett and Cena make their way to the ring at 10:21 ET. Orton makes his way to the ring a couple of minutes later. I suspect 22 minutes tops for this match. Orton poses in the corner with the belt to the approval of the bar and the crowd at the Target Center. He eyes the opposing corner warily as Tony Chimel begins the big match introductions, stretching the start of this match out to 10:26 ET. Barrett: "Just so we're clear (Cena) if I don't win this match, you're fired tonight."

The bell rings and we're underway! The two stare at each other as a stunned and dismayed Cena stares at the ring. Test of strength. Orton gets the better of it but Barrett reverses. Orton gets out and starts punching down Barrett in the corner but doesn't break when the ref pulls him off - HOWEVER he doesn't get disqualified for it. He yells at Cena, then whips Barrett HARD into the corner and stomps on him when he rebounds off. Orton stares at his opponent with disgust as the crowd chants FI-RE CE-NA. Barrett tosses Orton out of the ring and the two eye each other warily. Barrett comes out of the ring when Orton gets back in and goes to give Cena an evil look. Barrett finally gets back in and then starts to wear Orton down with kicks. Orton responds with a kick to the gut and a clothesline out of a whip to the corner. Diving knee to the skull not once but twice before a near fall.

Camera pans over Cena's shoulder to the ring, then zooms in on his face. Barrett hits a boot to the face and starts stomping on Orton's skull, then takes the mount to throw punches. Barrett gets up with a satisfied look on his face, facelocks Orton to drag him across the ring, then puts a knee to the back of his skull while he chokes on the ropes. The ref admonishes him for his actions. Barrett goes out to complain to Cena that he's not doing his job and paying attention, and Orton jumps Barrett from behind. Orton gives Cena a dirty look then continues his attack on Barrett and throws him in the ring for a near fall. Orton wraps a bicep around his throat but Barrett fights back to his feet. Orton picks him up for a fall away slam and Barrett rolls out to the floor holding the back of his neck. Orton comes over to punch and elbow him in front of the barricade as Barrett stumbles away. Barrett counters a whip and Orton goes flying into the steel steps.

Orton sells his right shoulder as Striker notes he's had a history of shoulder injury. Barrett throws him back in and covers for 2. Barrett pulls Orton back up and uses his "bare knuckle prowess" to knock Orton down for a near fall. Striker claims that Barrett "twists his fists" when he throws a punch to open someone's face up. I don't think the rated PG version of WWE would appreciate Cena getting lacerations like the ones Cain Velasquez gave Brock Lesnar last night - I also don't think he could even if he wanted to (no offense Wade). Another near fall as Cena looks on. Barrett locks on a choke and Orton slumps. Barrett slams him down again for another near fall at 10:35 ET. Cena has a look of concern. The action spills out to the floor. Barrett hits him with a boot to the skull. Barrett pulls up his prone body and throws him back into the ring for another 2 count.

Cole: "Orton has not been able to muster any offense at all against Barrett from the middle point of this match." COLE EXPLAINS WWE BOOKING TO THE MARKS. We know that's how it works you dipshit. The face shines early, the heel gets the heat in the middle, the face makes a comeback. Speaking of which Orton lands a series of punches and a dropkick as Cena shifts his eyes between Orton and Barrett. Barrett is slumped in the ropes so Orton pulls him out for the draping DDT. Barrett struggles to get free and WE GET A REF BUMP IN THE PROCESS. Barrett ORDERS Cena to get on the apron, but he gets knocked off it when they both hit the ropes. ALL OF NEXUS RUN DOWN TO ATTACK ORTON. Patron at the bar behind me: "Otunga's got a lot of energy considering he didn't do anything in that match earlier!" CENA ATTACKS NEXUS. THE BAR GOES NUTS. BARRETT YELLS AT CENA. CENA CLAIMS HE THREW OUT NEXUS SO BARRETT WOULDN'T LOSE WHEN THE REF RECOVERED BY DQ.

Wade goes for the Wasteland but Orton recovers and SLAMS Barrett. Orton pulls him across the ropes and the DRAPING DDT CONNECTS. ORTON SIGNALS FOR THE RKO. CENA GIVES BARRETT A FU AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL. BARRETT WINS BY DQ BUT RANDY ORTON RETAINS THE TITLE. Orton is not happy about retaining in that manner so CENA GETS A RKO FOR HIS TROUBLE. Orton picks up the belt and Chimel announces STILL YOUR CHAMPION: RANDY ORTON. Just as Barrett starts to recover ORTON NAILS HIM TOO. Orton poses with the belt. I guess we'll find out whether or not Cena gets fired on Raw tomorrow night since Barrett's in no shape to make the announcement right now. We see a replay of Cena throwing Nexus out, then giving Barrett the FU. That's all for tonight!

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