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The Undertaker Talks Brock At UFC 121

Check out this cool ass interview with The Undertaker following Brock Lesnar's defeat at the hands of Cain Velasquez last night at UFC 121!

This has fueled a lot of online speculation of legit heat between Lesnar and Taker and some are even predicting a WrestleMania match.

Anyone else notice MC Hammer and Kevin James in the background? MMA clearly rules.

8 comments: on "The Undertaker Talks Brock At UFC 121"

Tiago said...

why are people starting to talk about taker vs lesnar at wm??? makes no sense.

P.A. said...

Even out of character Undertaker is one chill motherfucker.

F'N Frank Fatty said...

This was such a complete work, I would NOT be suprised if Ariel Helwani (who is a wrestling fan) was in on it.

First, since when does 'taker do "out of character" interviews?? He doesn't even go to the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony to protect his gimmick and he does this?

Second, Ariel just so happens to be talking to 'talker just as Brock was walking by?

Third, if WWE can get Lesnar at 'Mania, he should face someone who isn't physically falling to pieces and the top babyface in the company, Randy Orton.

Anything less would be a waste of Lesnar.

Dante Ross said...

I'm pretty sure Taker has done after UFC PPV interviews out of character. He's been seen at Lesnar fights as well.

Victor Wildcat said...

I'm gonna hafta side with Fatty here. I wouldn't be surprised to see Lesnar end the streak.

kathy said...

With all the shit "wrestlers" go through if they start doing MMA, why would someone like lesnar do the wrestling gig again.

Cool shit seeing taker out and "normal" ? like that.

The Breaks said...

Ain't gonna happen according to Dana White.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a brilliant Paul Heyman scheme to promote Lesnar's book to both the MMA and pro wrestling community, setting up both sides at the same time for maximum exposure.

Take for instance, instead of a wrestling match, he makes a Mickey Rourke-esque appearance that is promoted through third party media in the buildup. So he doesn't actually wrestle in a match, thus bypassing Dana's contract while also retaining his inroads with the MMA community. Afterall, he's just promoted making an appearance on an entertainment show. Obviously you tease physical interaction in the buildup of a match (doesn't have to be Undertaker), and I guess the payoff could be Brock F-5ing someone at Mania, similar to Rourke punching out Jericho.

At the same time, he would be getting the UFC push for the book with their business model of his comeback tour to the heavyweight title.

In the end, he gets Vince's television exposure for the book as well as the UFC's exposure as a main event attraction.