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Last night, I decided to watch the WWE Bragging Rights pay per view. Not a good idea. Now this isn’t a recap. My name isn’t Stevie J. (check him at and I’m not all that angry. Yes, I’m a mark, but not angry. I didn’t have all that much I wanted to see from the show except The Undertaker/Kane Buried Alive match. And the reason I wanted to see it was because I wanted t see if Taker looked like he gave a fuck anymore.

For a while now I have been watching Taker’s match quality drop. I kinda noticed it during his feud with Rey Mysterio. He just didn’t seem all that into it and managed to get his nose busted both times. There was just something missing. His current feud with Kane hasn’t exactly gotten my draws wet either. Its not the fact that we all saw it coming from a mile away. Hell, Helen Keller saw it coming. Something about The Deadman has just been missing close to a year now.

WWE brought Paul Bearer back and that was cool until he turned on Taker a few weeks later. I wont get into the fact that the beam of light coming out the urn was goofy or any of that. Okay, I get it. Wrestling isn’t made for my old ass anymore. But after watching Taker since before he was Taker I like to believe I am a fan of the guy. I just can stand watching him go at half speed the way he does now. Tonight he seemed so out of it against Kane. The back and forth “Yay! Boo!”’s that fans have now killed for me had five second beats in between punches. He doesn’t move as fast as he used to. His punches look like they’re a foot away from his opponents faces. And it sucks. I hate seeing Taker go out like this.

I understand that he isn’t a young man anymore. He has had multiple surgeries, his arm has been wrecked, his face has metal in it. I’ll never forgive King Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V for crushing his face. I like the Undertaker character…from a few years ago. I don’t want to see him at another Wrestlemania. I no longer care about the streak since if he finally loses it wont mean a thing since the match wont have the same quality as it should unless he took a ton of time off and actually healed. I don’t want him to blow a muscle out and have to retire due to injury as opposed to doing it because its time to hang up the boots. And that’s what I want.

I want The Undertaker to retire.

I know there are far older wrestlers that still go. I know that he may still have a few more years left in him. But like many other wrestlers that have been hurt too many times or are getting up there in age I feel that Taker doesn’t have anything left to prove. I don’t even think he has anything left to give. People have talked about him passing the torch to Kane. Mission accomplished. Kane has beat him multiple times now and at back to back pay per views. The Undertaker needs to do what the characters in the westerns he was based off of did at the end of their films…walk into the sunset.

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Big Daddy Donnie said...

What was missing in his matches with Rey is that Rey isn't the type of guy Undertaker wants to be working right now.

A tiny man...

A man he has to sell for - when he used to be the no-sell king.

The feud with Kane has essentially been booked as a squash cuz nobody believes in Kane.

Taker has TONS left in the tank.

Anonymous said...

Taker is SHIT he has horrible moveset and sos boring

santana said...

I agree with BDD

Steve said...

Good stuff Dante and the plug is always appreciated!

Dante Ross said...

But Donnie, who would be a good match up for Taker (who is now injured once again)? If a small guy isn't good enough and Kane, someone who is his size is not compelling, what is there left for Taker to do?

I think "Anonymous" is Dan-e-o's brother.

No problem Steve and thanks for reading. I check every damn morning.