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Deeply Discussing Dexter

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of article last week, it was a crazy week for me. Not only was it a crazy week for me, it was a crazy week for Dexter. He locked a bitch up, chased a bitch down, tackled her then handed her a knife. Courting a woman at its finest.

This week however, the show shifted down a gear. Ask Randy Orton, rest spots don't only let you get your wind back they also help build the high spots. Even with this slower paced episode a lot of new seeds were planted which has me hype for next week because there's so much left unaddressed it's insane.

So this week we find out Dex has let Lumen just go free. Sometimes the decisions he makes baffle me. If someone EVER saw me murder someone even if it happened to save their life you best believe they never see the light of day. Dexter though, trusts her enough to let her go and it's working out for him so far. They meet for coffee, talk about killing people and just have a grand old time. I'm still siding with Dexter's visions of Harry here, if Lumen ever gets into a tight spot Dex is in serious trouble because I have a feeling this chick is still in survivor mode and would do whatever it took to get herself out.

Actually, I think that's part of her reasoning for meeting him for coffee. She's trying to extract as much information as she can so that she can blackmail him just like Miguel Prado did. She's already tried to get Dex to kill people for her, all she needs is a creepy moustache and a hispanic accent and she's Miguel 2.0. All kidding aside, I really don't trust her and I'm anxious to see how this angle pans out because I think this 'innocent' may just be what finally does Dexter in. He's taught his whole life that 'innocents' aren't to be harmed, it only makes sense that one be his downfall.

Speaking of Dexter's downfalls, he just can't seem to get a kill right this season. First Boyd tranquilizes him and gets away, then he kills Boyd in a makeshift killroom and gets busted by Lumen and now he almost kills a random 'innocent' rapist. It's pretty obvious he's still not over losing Rita, he's still not over losing Astor and Cody, he's still not over Astor's seeming hatred for him, he's not used to being a single dad living in a crammed apartment with his sister and it's equally obvious that all this is impacting his ability to properly go through his kill routine.

One kill that I do think Dexter will finally get right though is that of the creepshit cop friend of Quinn's. I have such a hate on for Quinn and this cop(I don't think they mentioned his name, correct me if I'm wrong) is so shoot creepy that I cannot wait for this asshole to start stalking Dexter so Dex can fuck him up. And when he does, the only person that will have any insight on the disappearance of this guy will be Quinn, who won't be able to say shit about it. This storyline may have me the most hyped of everything that's going on right now.

Another story that has me really hooked on a completely different level is Dexter's relationship with Harrison. Dexter Morgan, a sociopathic serial killer, loves his son so much while at the same time detests his own 'dark passenger' so much that with every move Harrison makes Dexter sees himself in Harrison and he hates the thought that Harrison may in some way be similar to Dexter when he grows up. This is a perfect example of the higher plane that "Dexter" works on. I could write entire articles on just the inner workings of Dexter's mind throughout each week, it's so amazing how airtight the psychology is.

Osters I urge you to watch episodes a second time -if you don't already- and just watch it to see exactly what each character is thinking and feeling beyond what's captured on screen. I find it utterly amazing even this late in the series how much substance there actually is in each episode.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. Rest up this week because I'm predicting that next week's episode is gonna be a fast paced edge-of-your-seat kind of episode. There's so much left to unfold that next week something big has to happen. We have Lumen still in Miami with Dexter's full name, the armed and dangerous Fuentes brothers at Club Mayan, Batista's I.A. case, Quinn's Jonah Mitchell quest and creepy cop's stalking mission. And that's not even going into any crazy stuff like the fact that Deb still is yet to do more digging into Laura Moser. You probably forgot about that shit, huh? As always comments are always welcome and appreciated. Later Osters.

2 comments: on "Deeply Discussing Dexter"

Dan-e-o said...

RoboCop VS.'s a whole new feud.

Anyone else notice that the "creepy cop" Victor writes of is played by Peter Weller...a.k.a. RoboCop!??

As always, very insightful piece. I bump into more and more people everyday who are tuning in to "Dexter" regularly now.

Someone send me the box set of this joint for Christmas!

Adam said...

I knew that guy looked familiar. I cant wait for Dexter to kill Quinn, it has to happen this season. Also they need to speed this up, Dexter isnt killing like he used too, move on with the crazy chick story and onto the people who are stuffing chicks into barrels.