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Tha O Show: Episode 189

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are back with a very BEEFY 189th episode of "Tha O Show"!

And we do mean BEEF! Along with "Fatty" Frank Fronte, tha boys bring you a crazy-ass edition of Rated "O" Radio that includes an all-out black-on-black war of words as well as the return of a haircutting WWE icon!

On this week's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs"!

The Notorious T.I.D.'s "Pit Stop" including talk of Strikeforce, UFC, Sunday's jaw-dropping episode of "Dexter" and this week's picks in Tha NFL Survivor Pool.

Also, it's 'bruvah' VS. 'bruvah' as New York wrestler, Rob Fury challenges Tha Black Prophet in a battle of the bad-asses!

Speaking of brothers, you'll hear an awesome exclusive interview with WWE legend, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, which features the BIGGEST audio run-in in the history of "Tha O Show"...BROTHER!!

AND "Tha Round Table" featuring a long, lost brother of O, the one and only Marty Garner a.k.a. Cham Pain!!

Taking you out is a gem from Dan-e-o's latest release, The Book of Daniel (10 Year Anniversary Mixtape). It's "Peanut Butter Danish" featuring Monolith rhyme-slingers Rishaard & (birthday boy) Nish Raawks.

Buy the new mixtape for just $5.99 in our ONLINE STORE!

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43 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 189"

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the american male population, we accept your apology for Justin Bieber...However, to argue Cole's *sigh*...statement on being a rap singer, I direct you to this - - PLEASE take this kid back before he pulls a Drake & claims Dual residency!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Beiber but HOLY SHIT




You had HULK HOGAN!!!!!!!

kathy said...

FUCK...i'm only 5 mins in and i have tears rolling down my face from laughing sooo hard

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You can't spell HOGAN without an O!!!!!

mkf said...

Another fuckin wicked episode. MAYBE the best one EVER!!!

The whole open segment was off the charts.

The BRAWL between Fury and Prophet turned out to be a SQUASH. Get well soon Fury. Never diss Canada or the Prophet again.

Brutus the BBQ Beefcake was cool as hell and i POPPED HUGE for Hogan!

P.A. said...

HOLY O!!! The Hulkster popped in. I think the entire O Nation has some jealousity on that one. Another all around great show and i didn't even get to Cham-pain yet.

Terry Boy said...

I am SO marking out

kathy said...

WOW what an episode !!....except for that annoying douche Rob Fury to bad a 3rd car didn't get him. (YA I said it !!)

Brutus has been a favourite of mine since I was like 10. It'd be cool if he was on TNA, speaking of which i didn't realize Jeff won etc....gonna hafta watch more often--get tired of seeing Flair and Foley hitting themselves in the head and bleeding all over the place, someone should tell them to lay off the Asprin before they do that shit.
Anywhoo, great to hear Cham Pain back and Prophet sticking up for you guys.

Dante Ross said...

Where do I even start? I was laughing my ass off from the start. That Katt Williams clip you guys kept playing had me dying. The conversations during the entire show were good and everything flowed just perfectly. Fury got owned by Black Prophet. I don’t even like Black Prophet that much and I prefer him over Fury. Don’t go talking shit about California, dude. The Brutus interview was cool as well as the run in from Hogan. Two run in’s in a week for him. And damn I missed hearing Cham Pain! I have to check out his show for sure. Big O’s all around you crazy bastards! This was automatically one of the top 3 best shows.

Persephone Vice said...

Oshow is about to get medical!
Mr. Fury,
I am not here to call you out. Really, I'm not. I just wanted to inform you that I work in the medical field, not just any field but I work in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in a Hospital. I deal with blood EVERYDAY. How, you may ask? Easy, I perform phlebotomy on patients. That’s right. I poke people’s veins and collect a sample. So I have a lot of knowledge on the topic of blood.
I have a few issues with some of the statements that I heard and I am going to correct you.
1. There are 5-6 Liters of blood in the ADULT human body! NOT 4! There are 3-4 liters of blood in a CHILDS or INFANT body.
2. Since there are 5-6 liters of blood in the human body and you lost only 1.5 (albeit that is a lot to lose) you would be down to 4.5 liters of blood. You didn’t lose more than half, you lost a quarter. Each unit of blood when given a transfusion is 500mls. So in giving you 3 transfusions it would bring you back up to 6 liters. However, since the body holds 5-6 liters. 500mls (1 unit) should have brought you up within normal volume range. So 3 transfusions in 2 days would not have been necessary. Blood transfusions take about 4 hours to administer and soon following the transfusion simple CBC tests would determine hemoglobin (iron) levels. For males, normal hemoglobin range is 140g/L-180g/L. They administer transfusions for severe anemia (lack of iron in the blood), or blood loss. Oh…how did you end up losing so much blood, when all I heard was the fact that you broke a few bones??? Just wondering.
3. It’s irrelevant what blood type you have! If they didn’t have an AB positive bag of blood, it is easy to cross match your blood type. AB positive it the universal recipient. Congratulations.

In closing,
I would just like to warn you to do some research before going on air for the O-show. You never know who might be listening.

Anonymous said...

Fury got OWNED by Prophet AND P-Vice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.A. said...

Huge O for P-Vice calling it how she sees it.

Also, this episode was better than Raw and TNA this week.

Speaking of TNA. I'm assuming that since "J-Woww" was on the show tonight, they were trying to get media exposure. If that was the case and they were trying to get media exposure, then why were there only 3 matches on the show. You had the RVD/Anderson match, the Pope/Fortune match and the Joe/Abyss match which wasn't even one. Oh and don't try to tell me that the women's title counted as a match.... I like the direction TNA is going, but it needed more ring work.

Anonymous said...

P-Vice you haven't been on Tha O Show in FOREVER and then you COME CORRECT and SCHOOL a bitch!

deshawn said...


Fuck Frank Fronte

Rio Raul said...

On the dexter tip did you guys notice the bitch at the end is julia stiles?? that bitch is also in need of an ass kicking for doign interviews this week and not giving spoiler alerts. she said

"im not a replacement for rita but dexter and my character will have a relationshiop unlike other romantic ones"


Here i was wondering what would happen. Will she die before he has to worry? Will he kill her? Will he try to befriend her? train her? bang her?

white girls dont no kayfabe

YouTube Detective said...

Rob Fury said he needs to get signed cuz WWE needs talent not big guys that suck??



Was this show on halloween because a lot of the fans seemed to be dressed up as empty seats

Dante Ross said...

Didn't you just kinda spoil it for everyone who didn't see the interview you saw?

Rio Raul said...

Fuck that shit Dante that bitch talked to everyone. Fucking cunt. She's so fucking ugly too

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the % of blood lost or how many transfusions, how did Rob Fury lose so much blood? All he mentioned was a broken leg.

Anonymous said...


WTF was that guy smoking anyways? Guy, have you actually ever been to Montreal in the summer? It's insanely hot and, it STINKS on the fuckin river- GROSSS!!!!

Fuck Canada?

Honestly though, I say let him get crotch rot in Montreal from some pantiless frog stripper, and then he'll be crying to put some Sweet TORONTO Pu-tang on that thang!

As a fellow Torontonian who's also been to Montreal, I gotta say Toronto is definitely the shit!
Montreal's Euro trash hipster image is nothing more than wanna be Toronto, and they can't even fuckin speak english! There's nothing over there that you can't get her & BETTER!

Vive Le Toronto!
Montreal... ah Tabernac!

my 2c

Anonymous said...

Frank! FRANK! I Found you a date!

No seriously- check it out:

You said were into tentacles right?

Or was that testicles?

Either way, with arms like that you're sure to get sucked off real good!

Have fun there Fatty!

Anonymous said...

As a true NYC girl. Don't listen to that ghetto project bum. Those unintelligent shit talkers are all bark until they deal with someone who is legit (Prophet) or smarter than them (everyone in the studio lol). Go to school kids

We also need to know what Dan looks like without dreads

Anonymous said...

I think 'cock' definitely sounds better and it could possibly be the 'O' in the middle that does it...

Visualize it (or even better do this with a chick)

You're talking to some hot broad with nice full lips, and your watching her mouth move as she speaks. Now imagine her saying just the word "dick"

Put the same chick in your mind. watch the way her mouth moves again, but this time have her say "cock"

If you've done this right, you'll have seen her lips pull tight while pronouncing the word "dick" and when she says "cock" you'd have seen her jaw drop slightly and her mouth open.

Now, which words makes for the better visual inspiration?

Dan-e-o said...

NYC girl,

What you don't like dreads? Here's what I look like without 'em:

Last Anonymous,

Wow, what a description. It's interesting to see how deep O-sters get into our crazy convos on the air!

Thanks for listenin' y''s only gonna get crazier!

Anonymous said...

Thnx Dan, you've actually liked a few of my comments. (ie: Topless driving on the high way)

I totally love listening to you guys banter. Infact I only tune for the laughs and dirty shit you all do on air. Honestly don't give a fuck about wrestelling/sports- but you guys just crack me up! I'm so addicted

I think it's cool to see another female listener on here. The only other girl I've seen, posting as such is 'Kathy' I wonder how many female listeners you guys have and what they like most about the show? Is it the sports? The laughs? The fact that these guys are so candidly, clasically 'locker room' males?

I saw your youtube vid and I was wondering how tall you are? Because every picture I've seen on ThaOShow's FaceBook n shit, has you standing next to Donnie & @ 6'4" everyone looks short next to him. But you still look so small in the video!!!

Like a little Polly Pocket doll or should I say 'Nigga Pocket'


You guys are the SHIT & now that you've had Hogan on, you've officially made it- BIG 'O' on that one!

Dan-e-o said...

Good ass point girl...

Female O-sters (Ho-sters? haha) make yourselves known!

It's no secret, I'm no giant...5'6"...But "nigga pocket"???

I felt that same way about having Hogan on the show...even if for a minute...thanks a lot for your support.

The best is yet to come...

Now e-mail a nigga some pics "Miss Topless"!

Anonymous said...

That would be cool if you guys had an official nick name for the female 'O'sters like myself.

Hosters, OShowHoes, or somethin fun like that- lol

Maybe you could make an upcuming poll or something to see how many chicks you guys 'really have' on here- huh?

Just kidding on the 'Nigga Pocket' thing. I like to sling cracks too from time to time ;) no worries. I'm only 5'2" myself.

As for pics... I don't think I'm gonna be sending you snap shots of my snapper like those brown beans 'buddy' U might get your little teelee all tied up in knots or somethin

But maybe one day you'll catch a glimps of me driving ToplessinToronto.

lil hint: I'm the blond gal in the Jeep listening to Dan-e-o's Greatest track & Big Daddy Donnie's Ball Busting Bday Balled "Bus Juice!"

Somebody must have Bus Juice...

Off 2 Bed chat @ ya later

Anonymous said...

This Topless Slut needs to shut it. There are plenty of female o-sters that don't feel the need to portray ourselves like skank ass whores.

Anonymous said...


Dan-e-o said...'d prefer this was an all-male website?

Anonymous said...

There are NO women in the locker room Dan-e-o

Dan-e-o said...


I don't get it. We've had numerous women on our show, both in-studio (P Vice, Jen Blake, Tay Stevens) and on the phone (Brandi Richardson, KC Spinelli, Jazz).

We discuss women all the time...

We welcome our female audience...

Whatever in the flaming world of faggotry are you talking about?

NYC girl said...

Sorry, all the guys with dreads here are cooky and weirdos.

I listen because you guys are funny, and guys over here are unintelligent when it comes to the English language. The fact that you guys don't talk like the way frontknee jokes (flossing, gay shit like that) and actually discuss stuff while acting goofy is great.

Yea female or not im just a listener/Oster who enjoys the show immensely, im not keen on kitchen and hoe jokes, so don't let TID read this.

Yea im not sending pics you weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Santino vs. Miz in the kitchen

Dante Ross said...

Talk about titties and Dan-e-o will post the most he ever has on the site. You nasty bastard.

melissa said...

Dan you are wrong big bang theory is a really cut and funny show

melissa said...

"she's not a warrior she's a woman"

fuck you tid. i will kick your face until you call me warrior

Hipnosis said...

Monty Sapp should tell Vince McMahon sue the A.S.S.

MATHEW Hardy said...


Notorious T.I.D said...

listen sweet tits, I don't make this shit's a fact of life. Sorry you can't face it.
How many women are fighting in combat for the armed forces? Not just part of the forces but actually slinging guns and shooting dudes? Your most famous one may have been Joan of Arc and look at what happened to her.
You weren't put here to fight you were put here to create fighters.
If you think otherwise then you may need to get your adams apple shaved down.
In closing, the kicks to the face might be cool but afterwards, you will still be making me a sandwich and rubbing my back.

Anonymous said...


This is, was and always be my favorite show!