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One Day Delay

This week, tha bros of O have run into some scheduling conflicts that will postpone Episode 190 of "Tha O Show" until Friday morning, instead of the usual Thursday. We apologize for any inconven...oh get over it muhfuggaz, it's one day!

Talk to y'all O-sters on Friday. Sneak peek: Episode 190 will welcome former TNA and WWE Superstar, B.G. James a.k.a. "Road Dogg" Jesse James to the show!

2 comments: on "One Day Delay"

Dante Ross said...

cant be too mad. The show has been coming on a day early for a while now.

Hipnosis said...

Oh you didn't knooww!?!?....YO ASS BETTA CALL SOMEBODAAYY!!