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Deeply Discussing Dexter

A great worker once told me that the only highspots that mattered were those that make sense. Apparently he's hung up his boots and began writing for "Dexter". This week's episode made me feel like the writers were almost making fun of other shows on the air. This week there was a false finish with Harrison, a decapitation, a double down, an old school finisher and a last minute swerve. See: well booked X Division match.

The way they were all done is so key to "Dexter"'s success. More happened this week than the past two weeks combined. The way they kept the episode from being a complete clusterfuck though is what shows the brilliance in the writing and acting. Dexter's face when he realizes he has no idea where his son is is absolutely amazing. I know Donnie is all about facials. Make your own jokes there, but it was an intense moment that captivates the audience while at the same time -and more importantly- really shows us exactly how much Dexter earnestly cares about his children. The way the scene blended entertainment with character development was absolutely amazing.

Subtlety is something "Dexter" does so well. From the Harrison scare to the hunt of Boyd Fowler; the subtleties are what allow the show to move forward so smoothly. It's no secret Dexter has emotions. Even though he has himself convinced he's an emotionless monster, there's no doubt he's susceptible to becoming rattled. He completely botches Boyd's drugging after he sets up the perfect scenario. And what I find more interesting is that he sets up the kill room early, which allows someone else a sneak peak at 'the Dark Passenger'. Which really lets the writers take the show in any direction they want at any time.

Speaking of which, it seems like they're writing the Batista/La Guerta story week by week. I've never really been able to get into them as a couple. They really creep me out. They remind me of this fat weirdo couple that was always awkwardly making out in the cafeteria in high school. I find it really hard to care that Batista could do jail time. The only thing that regains my interest in either character is if they start a love square with Deb and Quinn.

As far as the ending goes, I legit O'ed when I saw eyes peeking in on Dexter's makeshift kill room. This really adds a whole new dynamic that the show has never seen. Miguel knew Dexter's secret but this time it's not another psycho that's in the loop, it's a would be victim of another killer. Does she take the first chance she gets to turn Dex in? Does she owe him her life? Is she even a victim? I'm definitely excited for next week after an ending like that. It leaves so many doors wide open.

Lastly, I'm intrigued by the Santa de Muerte gimmick. I would actually like to see this story really slowburn in the back. It really has the potential to carry through to another season if it's done right. And let's face it, this isn't wrestling so it's entirely possible. It's really early to be making crazy predictions but the idea of a cult killing people and the force trying to seek out the leaders is so hype. Tie in Dexter and his relationship with Julia Stiles. Perhaps she's even a member of said cult. You can definitely have the Miami police force take out the cult a few weeks before the end of the season while you wrap up Dexter's main story and then at the end of the finale someone like Batista or the nanny is found dead, missing eyes and a tongue and season 6 is all set up. Just sayin'.

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Dan-e-o said...

As we all mentioned last week, the new season of "Dexter" is only just warming up.

Just when you think our anti-hero is faced with all that he can deal with, he now faces the dilemma of having someone blow his cover. This is the first time he's had an "innocent" character find him out since Doakes.

What is Dex gonna do to get out of this? And yes, the sweet yet somehow strange nanny definitely adds an interesting twist to his trouble.

Wildcat, I love how you use wrestling analogies when discussing the best show on TV. That being said, don't forget that you need an undercard. The Batista situation is interesting in that it sets up a parallel story about cop in trouble with the law. How the two stories may intersect is anyone's guess.

But don't count the writers out by not thinking that ALL of this matters. As always, can't wait for next week. Definitely an "O" episode this week.

Victor Wildcat said...

Oh, I never said they don't need the Batista story. I just said at this point it doesn't really interest me. He's like the Kofi Kingston match on the show, it serves a purpose and it's not a bad match but I just can't get into it. But I agree, it serves very well as cooldown time. A rollercoaster can't all be drops and flipty loops.

And the writers will no doubt find a way to weave that story into at least one of the other storylines. Maybe internal affairs investigates Batista and find something fishy about Dexter and reopen the Bay Harbor Butcher case. There's so many ways they can go; that's what I love about the show, they set up so many possibilities and have you thinking so many different directions and then they pull something completely out of left field. Can't wait for next week.

Duncan said...

Calling it now, the Venezuelan cop is with the cult committing the murders.

Adam said...

Still in the process of catching up. Just about to finish season 3, only 3 episodes left. Seriously, this is like the best show in years if not forever.

Anonymous said...

Duncan: if Deb has lesbian sex with the Venezuelan cop then your comment is a lock.

Adam said...

I am now caught up on all 4 season of Dexter and the first 4 episodes of season 5 and this is without a doubt the best show on TV.