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Hell In A Cell PPV Recap

* Submissions Count Anywhere: Daniel Bryan {C} vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz (US Title Match)

Interesting order of entry for this match - Morrison came out first, Bryan second and Miz last. That's probably because Morrison had to do the slow motion hair effect but most of the time you'd think the champ would come out first or last. Miz: "This, is, RIDICULOUS. I was the mentor to both of you! None of these people would know who either of you are if it wasn't for me. But without either of you, I'd still be a huge star in the WWE. Because I have IT. I have the star quality, and after tonight I will be the United States Champion. And I never tapped out, because I'M THE MIZ, AND I'M.... AWESOME!!" It's worth noting he held the Money in the Bank briefcase this whole time, starting his promo coming down the ramp and finishing it in the ring.

Bryan and Morrison are double teaming Miz to start and kick him all the way out to the floor. Afterward the two do some chain wrestling until Bryan sinks in a scissor lock and Morrison tries to get a rope break. Since submissions count anywhere, the ref won't break it up. Morrison rolls out to the floor dragging Bryan with him which enables Miz to get back on offense by cracking Morrison into the apron and throwing Bryan into the barricade.

Miz throws Morrison into the ring to start working him over, Morrison is put into a submission in the ropes, but Bryan dropkicks Miz in the chest to force him to let go. BTW our commentary team is Cole, Lawler and Striker. Bryan goes for an ankle lock on Miz and Miz tries to kick his way out with a boot to the face. Eventually the two start trading heel kicks to the head on the ground. Morrison jumps back up on the apron and hits a corkscrew moonsault onto both men! Morrison does a Haas of Pain variant (I'm surprised Striker called it that) but Miz breaks it up before Bryan can submit. Morrison does a corkscrew plancha to the outside to wipe Miz out.

Miz responds by sending Morrison through the barricade and the two start to brawl in the crowd. Bryan is nowhere to be seen as the brawl up the stairs in front of a fan in a Nexus t-shirt. Bryan finally catches up and Miz kicks him back down the stairs, then follows with more boots to send him rolling to the bottom. Miz bounces him off a trashcan and repeatedly kicks it toward him. Bryan responds by catching Miz in a Fujiwara armbar. Morrison re-inserts himself into the picture and all three men brawl through a stage wall.

Morrison does a jump kick off the wall into Bryan's head but Miz runs out from the back with a production truck crate and rams it into Morrison! Bryan is throw on top of it and the crate is sent flying into the stage ramp, and he goes flying off with a splat. They continue to use the production crate for spots until Morrison jumps over the top of it to kick Miz. Finally things slow down a bit when Miz hits Morrison with a Skull Crushing Finale right on the hard floor. Miz throws Bryan up to the top of the stage, charges, gets countered, and a double clothesline leaves both men down. MORRISON JUMPS HIS WAY UP THE LIGHTING RIG. I guess this is where his parkour training starts to payoff! CROSSBODY OFF THE RIGGING ONTO BOTH MEN.

All three superstars are down for 30-60 seconds selling their injuries from this highspot. Morrison gets up first and puts Miz in a modified Texas colverleaf. ALEX RILEY JUMPS HIM FROM BEHIND. DANIEL BRYAN SHOVES RILEY INTO A CAMERAMAN AND WIPES BOTH MEN OUT. BRYAN PUTS MIZ IN THE LEBELL LOCK AND TAPS HIM OUT! YOUR WINNER AND STILL UNITED STATES CHAMPION: DANIEL BRYAN. Replays follow as Michael Cole is beside himself with disbelief and frustration that Bryan somehow retained. Cole says he needs to go check on Miz. Lawler says Cole might need to give him mouth to mouth. A promo for Legendary and a video package for our next match follows.

* WWE Hell in a Cell: Randy Orton {C} vs. Sheamus (WWE Title Match)

Michael Cole informs us this will be the 20th Hell in a Cell match in WWE history. Lawler puts over the cage as "demonic and sadistic." Sheamus makes his way to the cell first. This will of course be the first time Sheamus has ever competed in this type of match. Sheamus looks up at the cage as his music winds down and he has a smug grin on his face as though he likes where he is and what's coming next. And HERE COMES THE VIPER. Orton is put over by Matt Striker as the only person involved in a title change in a Hell in a Cell match.

Cole reminds us that took place last year, and we also hear from the announce team that this is Orton's third HIAC overall. Lawler plugs the sponsors. We get the big match introductions for both the challenger and the champion before the bell is finally rung. Lil' Naitch is our referee.

Orton and Sheamus tie up and push each other back and forth around the ring to a stalemate. Sheamus then gets control and starts clubbing Orton in the back. Orton responds by clubbing him in the face. The two exchange blows. Orton with a boot to the gut, Sheamus reverses a whip, Orton rebounds to knock Sheamus down. Sheamus tries to work Orton on the ropes but gets knocked down a second time and is out on the floor moments later.

Sheamus bails as Orton charges to hit him or beat him using the cell and he's back in the ring, with Orton snarling that he missed his chance. Sheamus slingshots himself off the ropes into a flying tackle. Elbow to the nose of Orton as he spills out to the floor and Sheamus follows. Sheamus tries to grind his face into the fence but Orton pushes him off. Sheamus reverses a whip and Orton bounces off the fence into a clothesline.

This viciousness doesn't satisfy Sheamus. He decides to take apart the steel steps, only to have Orton block when he charges forward and to end up countering Sheamus into the fence, then cracking him in the head with said same steps. Orton throws him back into the ring for a suplex but Sheamus counters, hangs him off the top ropes, then shoulder tackles Orton to send him flying into the fence. Sheamus gets him back in the ring and covers for 2.

Sheamus is fully in control now and working Orton over with repeated knees to the midsection (Cole says MIDSUCTION). Sheamus rips the padding off a top corner turnbuckle and pulls Orton back to his feet. Sheamus goes to ram his head into the exposed turnbuckle, Orton blocks it, Sheamus still knocks him down again before rolling to the outside to give chase. Sheamus catches up and grinds Orton's head into the fence like cheese.

Sheamus grabs a section of the steel steps again, pulls Orton up, and throws him across the top of the steps to injure the ribs and midsection. Striker sells this like it will prevent Orton from being able to properly execute the RKO. Orton sells it for all it's worth and even lets some sounds of pain escape his body. Sheamus covers for 2. Back in the ring Sheamus goes for his version of a rear naked choke but Orton recovers and gets to his feet before another knee to the gut. Orton fights to his feet again and hits a fall away slam.

Sheamus charges and hits his own shoulder into the exposed turnbuckle. Sheamus holds his left arm as both men get up slow then exchange a slugfest. Orton knocks him down twice with short arm lariats and follows with a snap slam. Sheamus is whipped to the corner, misses with a clothesline, and Orton hits a belly to belly suplex for 2. Fans chant R-K-O.

It's too early for that - Sheamus blocks the attempt with another knee to the body and Orton goes down in a heap selling. Sheamus limps his way around the outside of the ring, dragging some steel steps over to throw them into the ring. Orton gets punched in the cut which sends him backward selling, Sheamus scoops him up, but Orton counters before Sheamus can throw him into it and hits a SCOOP SLAM ONTO THE STEEL STEPS popping both the live crowd and the one watching at DJ's.

Fans chant for Orton's finisher again. Sheamus tries in vain to crawl outside. Sheamus blocks a draping DDT but still gets snapped off the ropes to fly back into the ring. Orton pulls him across the apron out toward the fence - DRAPING DDT TO THE FLOOR. This spot gets the expected (and enjoyable) replay.

Sheamus isn't done yet though - he manages to counter Orton into the fence and throw him back into the ring. Sheamus climbs up the steps he left in the ring with Orton and gives him a backbreaker right on top of them. Sheamus lets Orton fall down, moves the steps out of the way into the corner, then stes up for a brogue kick. Orton gets up slowly and EATS THE BROGUE KICK TO THE JAW - 1, 2, NO! Orton kicks out and the bar pops for the near fall. A frustrated Sheamus goes out to get a steel chair from under the ring and WHACKS Orton with it 4 straight times for another near fall.

Sheamus starts pounding it on the canvas waiting for Orton to get back to his feet. Orton ducks the chair, the chair bounces off the ropes into Sheamus' face, and ORTON HITS THE RKO! Sheamus falls out to the floor so Orton isn't immediately able to go for the pin. Orton rolls out after him and sees Sheamus sprawled on the floor. Cole: "I believe he's hearing voices in his head." IT'S PUNTING TIME... BUT ORTON MISSES! Sheamus counters with a SECOND brogue kick.

Sheamus throws Orton back into the ring and makes the cover for 2.999, and is blowing his fuse that Naitch didn't count to 3. He pounds on his chest, he screams loudly, he drags the steel steps back to the center of the ring and drapes Orton across them. HIGH CROSS ATTEMPT COUNTERED with a leg sweep. Sheamus rolls off the steps in pain. RKO ONTO THE STEEL STEPS FOR THREE! WINNER AND STILL WWE CHAMPION: RANDY ORTON. Replay of all the big spots during the HIAC match follows. Orton wraps his own title around his waist (backward) and CLIMBS TO THE TOP OF THE CELL TO CELEBRATE.

Orton standing on top of the Cell holding the title high in the air with his right hand is an impressive visual - no question about it!! A promo for the biggest no buys PPV of the year for WWE (Bragging Rights) follows. Cole reminds us Kane vs. Taker will be later tonight.

And SPEAKING OF NO BUYS we go backstage to Josh Mathews, who is here to interview the rookie divas of NXT season three. THANK GOD FOR NEXUS. They interrupt what was sure to be a shitty segment and surround Mathews. He tries to not be nervous as he interviews Wade Barrett. "Tomorrow night, we will have a very special gift for John Cena." Nexus pull out one of their trademark N black and yellow armbands. Barrett says tonight Cena may be against us, but tomorrow he'll be Nexus.

ALBERTO DEL RIO TIME! He drives down the ramp in his Bentley, honking the horn, while his personal ring announcer puts him over like a million bucks. Cole sucks up to Del Rio like nobody's business while Lawler begs for a translator. Cole puts over Del Rio taking out both Rey Mysterio and Christian, and says he needs some of Del Rio's fabulous hair gel. Lawler says he's wearing so much mousse he's about to grow antlers. "My name is Alberto Del Rio! But you, you already know that. Tonight is my WWE PPV debut. I want to make it special. I'm here trying to help you, but please, don't cheer me for that. You should say THANK YOU.

First I took that little chihuahua Rey Mysterio, ha ha ha..." (we throw to a picture of the dog wearing his mask this Friday) "... and then I erased him from the WWE. My question is this - who is gonna be the next to face Alberto Del Rio? C'mon. C'mon! I thought this was Texas, where everything is bigger, including your bravado. I can buy each and every one of you. I've got more money than Mark Cuban. I'm better than Nolan Ryan, and I'm more handsome than Tony Romo. You Americans think you're so special, you're so much better than everyone. I'm better than all of you! I challenge all of you..."

YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME. Edge and his Alter Bridge music interrupt. Cole mocks Edge for beating up a computer on Raw. "You know Alberto I'm not out here to defend Texas, Rey Mysterio or even Christian. I'm here to fight one thing - stupidity. There's parts of you that are extremely stupid. You came out on Friday with a chihuahua dressed like Rey Mysterio. That's stupid. And the scarf you wear that looks like a blanket - that's stupid." Del Rio: "Choose your next words very very carefully." Edge: "Berry berry carefully? Let me put a way you'll understand - Alberto Del Rio ES MUY ESTUPIDO."

Del Rio: "I'm not estupido. Alberto Del Rio is the man!" Edge: "That wink right there is disturbing, AND STUPID. The whole existance of this guy is STUPID!" JACK SWAGGER INTERRUPTS. He thinks it's stupid that a Mexican and a Canadian are arguing when an All-American American American doesn't even have a match on PPV. Furthermore he wants Edge to pay the medical bills for his mascot. Edge says as long as I'm paying a few, I'll pay yours and his too. A brawl starts but the heels get the better of it. THE RAW GM INTERRUPTS WITH A MAC BEEP. Cole says the message comes from his NEW UPGRADED COMPUTER. "AND I QUOTE. Edge, Edge, Edge, tomorrow night on Raw, you will issue a live in-ring apology to me. Now get a referee down here, because you are going to face Jack Swagger RIGHT NOW."

* Edge vs. Jack Swagger

Edge is selling the beatdown he received before the match began as the bell is rung. Swagger counters a whip into the middle turnbuckle to injure Edge further. Edge kicks him away on an ankle lock attempt. Swagger picks him up and drops him gut first across his knee for a near fall. Swagger sets him on the top rope but Edge fights his way out, although Swagger responds with a pearl harbor for a near fall. Swagger puts on a scissor lock and tries to squeeze all the air out of Edge's body. Edge fights him off with reverse elbows but misses a dive into a prone Swagger on the ropes and only injures himself further. Swagger goes for another near fall.

Swagger and Edge fight on the apron, with a very non-PG looking attempt to pull him off the apron, before Swagger changes tactics and goes for a rope assisted ab stretch. Swagger celebrates like he's already won after breaking at the 5 count. Edge responds with a boot to the face and both men are down. Both men are slow to get up. Edge knocks him down and hits a follow-up bulldog for a near fall. Edge kicks him away on an ankle lock attempt, Swagger misses on a clothesline, and Edge hits a neckbreaker for 2.9.

Swagger goes for a simultaneous ankle lock as he kicks out but Edge gets a rope break. Ref gets to 4 on a ten count before both men get up. Edge elevates a charging Swagger over the ropes to the floor. Edge throws him back in with a smirk on his face and goes to the top rope. Swagger tries to jump up and counter but gets thrown off. MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE JAW. Edge covers for 2.9. The impromptu match continues.

A cameraman gets knocked down as Swagger sends Edge out to the floor. Edge tries to climb the ropes back in and eats a belly to belly throw from Swagger for a near near fall. Replay follows. Swagger appears to have a bloody lip or be bleeding from the mouth. He runs across the ring for his elevated splash, Edge counters with a kick to the gut and follows up with a DDT. EDGE GETS THE CRAZY EYES. I think it's time for a SPEAR.. Swagger COUNTERS WITH THE OKLAHOMA BOMB. 1, 2, NO.

The bar is popped again by a near fall. Swagger counters an enzuguiri and Edge sells like he tore his achilles tendo. Swagger cinches up the ankle lock and Edge is in tremendous pain, but he still manages to get his fingers on the ropes. Swagger drags him back to the center, Edge kicks him away, hits the SPEAR as Swagger rebounds off the ropes and gets the pin! WINNER: EDGE. We immediately cut to a "don't try this at home" promo.

* John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (Cena Joins Nexus or Nexus Disbands Forever)

The Cena fans hold up signs like NO NEXUS IN TEXAS and WADE IS GONNA GET SLAYED as Barrett makes his entrance at 9:32 ET. DJ's Dugout was mostly indifferent to his entrance, but a large amount of people at the bar start booing when Cena comes out a minute later. I wonder if the Dallas Mavericks fans appreciate Cena's Laker style merch. He takes off the shirt and the women at ringside all go nuts before he throws it into the crowd. The bell rings at 9:34 and the match is underway!

Cena gets the first takedown and first near fall of the match. Cena gets a second near fall and Barrett looks a little frustrated. Cole reminds us on commentary that if Nexus interferes, Barrett will be automatically DQ'd and Cena will pick up the win (and thus force Nexus to disband). Barrett takes an arm but Cena rolls through, drops down, leapfrogs and hits an armdrag followed by a dropkick for 2. Striker: "Say what you will but Cena is outgrappling Wade Barrett!"

Barrett hits a boot to the gut and a series of closed fists on the ground to momentarily gain control. Cena reverses by brawling himself. Cena goes for the FU, Nexus run down the ramp when they sense Barrett is in trouble, Cena begs them to hit the ring and give him the cheap win, they pull up short and Barrett comes over after knocking Cena down on the outside to berate them. Basically his message to them is BACK THE HELL UP AND DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID - I'VE GOT THIS.

Barrett throws Cena back into the ring after a beating on the outside for a near fall. Backbreaker for another near fall. Barrett pulls him to the corner, climbs the ropes, and hits a nice flying elbow for another two count. The referee admonishes Barrett for too many kicks to the body but that doesn't stop him from giving Cena another series. Cena fights back with punces, whips Barrett to the corner, misses on a charge, and Barrett hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. LET'S GO CE-NA and LET'S GO BARR-ETT dueling chants in Dallas. Barrett slingshots him neck first into the ropes and Cena falls backward right onto his knees. Barrett puts a knee into the small of his back to stretch him out, but Cena fights to his feet and hits a series of shoulder tackles and a slam. TIME FOR THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE.

Nexus surround the ring as Cena says YOU CAN'T SEE ME and delivers the blow. Cena looks at them warily before going for his FU and suddenly THE ENTIRE WWE LOCKER ROOM LED BY BIG SHOW RUNS OUT TO RINGSIDE. Gang WWE enjoy dumping Nexus on their butts, with Kofi Kingston, Goldust, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry front and center. The ref sends them all to the back and Evan Bourne trails behind the pack smiling. Cena goes for his submission but Wade counters and hits a boot to the gut. Barrett covers for 2. Cena counters Wasteland into a near fall of his own.

The run-in by Big Show & Friends seems to have woken up the entire bar, as everyone is buzzing now waiting to see who gets the pinfall. Barrett counters the Attitude Adjusting FU into a belly to belly slam for 2.9. Cena gets up slow as Barrett waits on his hands and knees. Cena blocks a charging Barrett with a kick but Barrett hits a side slam for ANOTHER near fall. Striker notes the children are cheering for Cena and the adults are cheering for Barrett.

Michael Cole sneers "Do you have a point?" Yes he did Cole and as usual you missed it. Both men are getting up slowly. Cena starts climbing up the outside to the top rope but Barrett recovers and punches him in the head to knock Cena down. Barrett climbs up to the second rope and starts to stretch Cena out. Cena fights him off with headbutts and Barrett falls down. FLYING LEG DROP BY CENA CONNECTS. 1, 2, NO.

People at the bar are predicting Cena will need the STFU to win - they may be right. Cena gets up with his dukes up, Barrett charges, Barrett counters Attitude Adjustment into WASTELAND FOR 2.9. Barrett seems genuinely dismayed he didn't get the win right then and there. What will he try next? ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT FOR 2.999! So close. The ref starts a ten count for both men. CENA LOCKS IN THE STFU when they both get up. WHO JUST GOT INTO THE RING?! It looks like a fan. SOMEONE IN A RED SHIRT JUST RAN OVER AND CLOCKED CENA IN THE HEAD AND BARRETT COVERS FOR THREE AND THE WIN!!

The crowd is stunned, the Cena fans in the bar are beside themselves screaming it was BULLSHIT, the Nexus gang are overjoyed and come in the ring to lift their leader up high, then hit four corners of the ring to celebrate on the ropes. At 9:54 ET we finally go over for the replay. The ref has the fan in the blue shirt in a headlock, while the one in red that clocked Cena in the head runs and jumps over the barricade before security can catch him. Obviously both men "interfered" by design and not by random chance, but we'll have to wait until Raw tomorrow to find out who they were and what their connection to Nexus is - that is unless the details leak out on Wrestling Observer later tonight.

Cena looks up in dismay in the corner after Nexus left, and the children + other Cena fans in the crowd are shown in close-up on camera with stunned looks on their faces. Cole says he's sick to his stomach. Cena finally gets to his feet, leans on the ropes with both elbows, and ponders his plight. Cena looks up in dismay in the corner after Nexus left, and the children + other Cena fans in the crowd are shown in close-up on camera with stunned looks on their faces. Thankfully they run a video package for Make A Wish after so I have the chance for a bathroom break.

* Michelle McCool {C} vs. Natalya (WWE Divas Championship)

Michelle McCool and Layla come out with their matching butterfly belts. Natalya gets a pop from the bar and high-fives the fans at ringside as she runs down to center stage. Cole reminds us that Hell in a Cell is airing on the Armed Forces Network in 177 countries and on all U.S. ships at sea. That's pretty damn cool - free PPV even if you're on an aircraft carrier that's currently deployed. Who can hate on that? No big match introductions for either diva even though this is a women's match so we know where they rate in the hierarchy. As you would expect Layla interferes on the outside to give McCool the advantage.

McTaker throws her back into the ring to hit a series of knees to the back. For what it's worth she's wearing a gold outfit that actually makes her look good for a change, but Natalya is still hotter in the purple and black with maple leaf logos. McCool applies a scissor hold and locks both fists around Natalya's throat. Natalya stomps on the mat with a boot and at least some part of the audience rallies to her cause. Natalya fights back and hooks a leg for a near before Layla gets on the apron to distract the ref. Natalya grabs a handful of hair, Michelle accidentally kicks her own partner when she aims for Natalya to get her off, Natalya goes for the pin but the ref starts his count late as he throws Layla out and Natalya only gets two. McCool hits a belly to belly for 2 as well. Natalya counters McCool into a sharpshooter RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE but McCool counters into a HEEL HOOK. Natalya ROLLS THROUGH BACK INTO THE SHARPSHOOTER. Layla HITS THE REF FOR THE DQ. Natalya puts Layla in a sharpshooter, both divas escape, and LAYLA THROWS BOTH SHOES AT HER. NATALYA WINS BY DQ BUT MCCOOL KEEPS THE TITLE.

* WWE Hell in a Cell: Kane {C} vs. The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Title Match)

Kane comes out first. Undertaker's gong hits at 10:17 ET. He's still making his entrance at 10:20 ET. Kane jumps him while he's talking to Paul Bearer, who wants to know whether Taker wants him inside the cage or outside. Cole notes we never heard the bell ring and the door was never locked. Finally Kane and Taker are both inside the ring and Kane goes after him with a steel chair, although Taker blocks and throws him into the fence.

I took a moment to ask the bartender about resetting the cable modem at DJ's and when I came back in Undertaker had Kane in the middle of the ring in a chokehold, although Kane broke it easily. Kane starts hitting Taker in the corner with a series of short spears to the gut. Kane continues to have the upper hand for the next 5 to 6 minutes, beating Taker from pillar to post as Paul Bearer looks on from outside with concern holding the urn.

Striker is selling that Kane injured one of Undertaker's legs during this brawl. Taker ducks as Kane charges him on the fence and Kane splashes into it hard. Taker starts punching him as he falls backward into the fence with each blow.

TWITTER UPDATE from Akileese about the Cena match: @angrymarks It was definitely Husky who hit him and the "first fan" looked like mcgillicutty. Makes sense. #wwe.

Alright back to the match - Bearer has one hand gripping the chain link fence from the outside looking on with approval as Taker has Kane's back and he's attempting to squeeze the life out of him. Kane punches his way out though and rolls Taker to his back momentarily for a near fall. Kane attempts to twist up Undertaker's injured leg but Taker strikes his way to freedom, and both men throw blows from their knees. The back of Kane's head seems to be busted open - that or Taker is bleeding from somewhere and got it on his bald dome.

Both men get to their feet for BOO and YAY punches at 10:31. Taker finally takes Kane down and Bearer is grinning from ear to ear. Undertaker grabs the left arm and climbs the ropes for OLD SCHOOL but KANE CHOPS THE LEG to block it. Kane climbs the ropes, Taker knocks him down, but Kane ROCKS him with an uppercut.

Some of the drunker fans (or possibly the NFL fans) are mocking this match now, making their own UHH sounds like they got punched in the gut with each blow. Kane goes to the top rope after Taker falls down but Kane counters him coming off the ropes and then applies HELL'S GATE. Kane manages to slip through the ropes and land on his feet to loosen Taker's grip and finally break free. Both men wind up down in the center of the ring when Kane gets back in, but Taker sits up first and we get BOO and YAY punches from their knees. DDT BY UNDERTAKER FOR 2.5. CHOKESLAM FOR 2.9. Bearer slaps the cage door in frustration yelling DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. Kane blocks a Tombstone Piledriver with a chop to the leg and hits a chokeslam of his OWN for a near near fall.

Taker gets up slowly, bobbing and weaving like he's punch drunk. Kane hits him with a series of splashes in the corner and then unloads with punches. Kane climbs to the second rope to hit punches to the head - big mistake! LAST RIDE. 2.9999. Both men get up slowly again as the crowd applauds the match and Bearer looks around with a smile. Taker picks Kane up for a Tombstone but KANE COUNTERS INTO HIS OWN TOMBSTONE FOR 2.9 + 9'S TO INFINITY. REF BUMP - THE REF IS DOWN. Kane socked the ref dead in the jaw out of frustration. Multiple officials run down to help him to the back and a new ref comes in WHICH ALSO GIVES PAUL BEARER A CHANCE TO COME IN. Kane realizes Bearer is at the ring trying to cheer Taker on and goes outside the ring to start stalking him.

Bearer flees from him into the ring but can't run fast enough to get away from him. Kane: "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE COME BACK. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED BURIED. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I'LL DO TO YOU?" Taker sits up behind him while he's yelling at Paul in the corner! Taker spins him around for a BIG chokeslam. HIS EYES ROLL BACK. THE ARENA THUNDERS WITH LIGHTNING. BEARER HOLDS UP THE URN AND A BRIGHT LIGHT COMES OUT. Taker gets up but Taker seems to be blinded. BEARER GOES TO HAND THE URN TO KANE. Kane clocks Taker with the urn! KANE CLOCKS TAKER WITH THE URN! CHOKESLAM FOR THREE AND KANE WINS.

Michael Cole is (as always) perplexed. "Why would Paul Bearer bring Taker back from the brink of destruction only to destroy him again?" Why indeed. It's a mystery that won't be solved tonight. A gloating Paul Bearer and his NEW favorite son leave the building, with Kane's World Heavyweight Championship in tact. The PPV goes off the air at 10:45 ET.

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Anonymous said...

Mcguility and husky harris were the ones that attacked cena i bet, edge-swagger was ok,

Sheamus- Orton - could of been better

Miz/Morrison/bryan- Most entertaining match even though ppl know bryan would win.

Divas match - W/e

Kane- Taker - wont care until kane brins the mask back

Michael Cole just had to be commentary on Raw,Smackdown and hell in a cell! And on raw i bet the gm will go like Barret didnt win cleanly so Cena doesnt join Nexus then HHH is revelead as the leader!