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Deeply Discussing Dexter

What the fuck? Did I miss something? For the first time in the entirety of the Dexter series am I baffled and unhappy with what I watched. The last thing I saw last week was Dex giving a eulogy and this week starts with him swimming and the FBI doesn't care that he completely kayfabed their meeting? So they set up a new meeting and don't even grill him? Wow.

I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but pretty much everything good I wrote about the show last week was thrown out the window this week. The music was weird and not Dexter-esque. They absolutely just shoved the whole Deb and Quinn romance down our throats. We get it. The episode just didn't flow properly and just completely fell flat.

With all that being said there were still some interesting happenings. Like Angel and Maria arguing about Maria's savings. Actually, I couldn't care less. Even when Batista punched that guy out I couldn't even O. But as far as actual interesting events Dexter does his first stalking since Trinity's demise. I'm going out on a limb here to say that this creep's book of hair is going to remind Dex of his blood slides and help him realize that he`s not much different than any other serial killer.

I did feel like the episode had flashes of the "Dexter" we all know and love. Like when Dexter takes Harrison out to the moving truck to investigate the blood inside. It was good to see Dex not only get back to his old ways but to bring Harrison along like what he's doing is absolutely normal. I especially popped for the story about the prince and princess he told while blacklighting the back of the truck. Classic "Dexter".

One thing that has me really interested is the whole Kyle Butler investigation. Quinn is all over implicating Dexter and Dex has absolutely no clue. I don't usually watch previews for the next week, but watching such a slow episode this week made me watch the preview and seeing that Quinn plans to take a picture of Dexter to the Mitchell family has me intensely intrigued.

I have a feeling that now we've past the awkward starting stages of the season and we're going to see things really pick up. Astor and Cody are out of Deb and Dex's hair. Dexter is getting his own apartment. Dexter finally has a little breathing room and I wouldn't be surprised to see Harrison in daycare while Dexter goes stalking and definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Harrison make and appearance in a kill room with his dad and an unlucky victim.

This week was slow but I have faith in the show to come back really strong to get this season started in the right direction. Hopefully next week will give me more to write about but this week is about summed up for me. As always the comment section is open. I love to hear other O-sters' opinions and theories so fire away.

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Big Daddy Donnie said...

I couldn't disagree more. I think the show has taken a very dark, emotional turn that absolutely plays a psychological mindfuck on you.

Hopeless Dexter, the would-be-superdad fails to get through a week on his own, and his step daughter wants nothing to do with him, and the intense moment between he and Cody.

The whole thing is operating on a different plane right now.

Adam said...

After listening to you guys talk Dexter week after week, finally gave in and borrowed my girlfriends seasons 1 and 2 DVDs, almost finished season 1 and cant believe I never watched this show till now.

Dan-e-o said...

I think this week's episode also did a good job of cleverly getting the viewer to underestimate how much the Trinity case has not been wrapped up.

The Mitchell family all knows Dexter as Kyle Butler and Trinity is still "at large" as far as the police are concerned.

This season, Dexter will be forced to avoid the law, be a single dad to an infant and satisfy his blood lust and need for vigilante justice. This is a trifecta that he has never had to contend with before.

As well, his father's looming ghostly presence in his life is now advocating for Dex to be a family man...something he never used to Dexter is going to manage these contrasting life requirements will be his biggest challenge yet.

Trust me, we're being set up for a crazy dope season.

By the way, Deb is such a slutaz.

Victor Wildcat said...

Donnie: I can't believe I didn't go more into detail about the whole Cody and Astor situation. This season is really good at tugging at the heartstrings. Dexter's face while dealing with the departure of the kids and his back and forth with Astor and Cody is soooo real. You would swear these are Michael C. Hall's actually children that are actually leaving.

Adam: You have no idea how many people I've "converted" that say the same thing. Legit, I started watching like 2 weeks before season 4 because of all the Dexter talk on the show.

Dan: Deb IS a slutaz. I liked Deb until she banged loser-ass Quinn.

Evitman said...

Victor: If she banged Quinn, there is hope for you yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Deb is a slutaz. I think that Deb's sex appetite is a symptom of something else.

My own tin foil hat theory is that Harry adopted Deb for the same reason that he adopted Dexter and was going to train Deb until Dexter came along and Harry changed his mind.

They've dropped a lot of hints that Deb might also have a dark passenger: the time she terrified a little kid into talking by threatening to kill him, the time she punched out a guy in the bar, and the fact that she rarely sleeps.

I think that Deb wants to be a good person, but at some point will come up against a situation where she will no longer be able to be a good person.