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Tha Classics Part 4

It started years ago when I was a little Stinger. I was a huge fan of Sting in WCW. I was aware of his old tag team with The Ultimate Warrior but never caught their matches. To me Sting was the man. His matches with Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Cactus Jack, and Vader were just awesome. From his wild face paint to his crazy ass jackets he wore to the ring, Sting was what I imagined wrestlers were supposed to look like.

One day when my brother brought his TV home after having it repaired we plugged it in just as Nitro was ending. What we saw shocked the hell out of us. Sting was attacking WCW members! I was way too surprised and my brother said “That wasn’t Sting.” It wasn’t as if he had some insider information. The internet was still useless at this point and the sheets came out every other damn month. He was just in denial just as I was.

Sting was disowned by all the WCW wrestlers and vanished for a while. Eventually he returned looking very different. Gone was the flamboyant face paint I was used to and flashy jackets. He now had black hair and The Crow-like face paint and hung in the rafters. No longer screaming and pounding his chest this new Sting just watched as the New World Order picked apart the company from the luchadores all the way to the top guys.

Then one faithful night Sting fought back. I freaked right the fuck out when he dropped from the ceiling and started wailing on Hall & Nash and Macho Man with his bat. Oh, the bat! Sometimes Sting would land with his hands free and pull that damn thing out of nowhere. At this time he also debuted his new finisher, The Scorpion Death Drop (reverse DDT). What followed over the next few weeks was more of the same. Each Monday Nitro would end with the New World Order cheating and jumping someone only for Sting to drop from the ceiling (or cutting his way through the ring) and beating the hell out of everyone.

There was nothing like waiting the entire show for the closing minutes where Sting would take on a dozen guys and drop them all. Sometimes he didn’t even use the damn bat. He would just lay them out with chops, kicks, and Death Drops. I miss that level of excitement I used to get watching one guy.

Click here to watch Sting’s return and here to watch him beating some ass before Nitro ends.

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