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Big Daddy Donnie Returns To SLAM!

Tha O Show's own Big Daddy Donnie has returned to SLAM! Sports, Canada's home page for sports, as a columnist for their wrestling site.

His column "Big Daddy's Beefs" ran for many years before Donnie moved on to other endeavors. His work with SLAM! will not in anyway change his roles or responsibilities right here at Tha O Show.

This week, Donnie writes about the concept of drawing power and who really has it. Feel free to check out the article and post your feedback here.

5 comments: on "Big Daddy Donnie Returns To SLAM!"

Dante Ross said...

“The new blueprint for long term success in this industry is to build your brand and develop a long term fanbase, and forget about finding the ‘next one.’”

When I read something like this I think of TNA when it aired on Fox Sports Net. That’s how I was first introduced to it I think by accident. I saw Petey Williams and that made me come back to the show the following week. Yes, he had an awesome finisher but I liked what they were doing with the show. No, I was never a fan of Jarrett but I wanted to see someone beat him for the belt.

TNA has seemed to forget what made people like them in the first place. It wasn’t WWE. I have watched AAA and every lucha libre show under the sun whenever I got sick of WWE. I missed most of the Attitude Era because I was watching Nitro. Sometimes I get sick of WWE’s style and want something different and TNA does not offer that anymore (NWA Hollywood is more entertaining). I don’t like their brand. ROH while entertaining I cant watch it regularly since it doesn’t air here (in fucking Los Angeles the “entertainment capital of the world”!). Enough of that tirade.

No one wants to spend the time creating their brand. They want to be WWE-Lite. I don’t even think they’re trying to find the next big thing. As much as you hear about younger guys being more focused on and all that bullshit its not true. I don’t even say that legends and older wrestlers are keeping anyone down. If you’re entertaining you’re entertaining. You cant stop that even if you give them three minutes on the air. As to what you said, what is long term success in wrestling? Is it breaking even? Is it staying out of the news because your stars aren’t dropping dead or OD-ing? Are there any companies in the process of successfully developing a long term fanbase?

Anonymous said...

Well written article. I like how you really pointed things out.

Anonymous said...

I think it is nuts that the WWE machine cant make another H0gan

Dan-e-o said...

I love how you're the "Tony Fernandez" of SLAM!

Being the "Tony Fernandez" of anything is a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Great Write Up