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Tha Raw Report: Vintage Drones

Did anyone watch "Raw?" I'm assuming you did, but if you didn't John Cena opened the show. Go figure. His promo was of course about the Nexus match, and then he broke into his stand up comedy routine. Comparing the "Raw" team to the Super Friends. Saying he isn't Superman, he considers himself more like Aquaman. That makes sense since we've called him Superman for five years.

The Miz gimmick with almost cashing in his money in the bank briefcase is great. Last week it was R-Truth, this week it was Randy Orton keeping him from being champion. I wonder though will Truth get the US strap back and will Orton and Miz feud over the WWE Championship for a while?

Is Randy Orton borderline schizophrenic? Seriously? He's taking his character to a whole new level of tweener. In a constant rage, then smiling, then punching the air instead of the mat, which will do wonders for his shoulders. Seriously, though it's actually like he has a personality of his own. Finally.

I know there is going to be a ton of disagreement here, but I didn't like the Nexus getting a clean sweep over the "Raw" roster. Sure they're supposed to be this group that you just can't touch, but when it's an actual match you're telling me five veterans, Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu can't even touch seven rookies?

Somebody please stop giving the walking 'roid Skip Sheffield the microphone. He needs to spend time watching clips of classic mic workers. He has no flow, he has no idea which words to emphasize and his mind moves way too fast for his mouth to keep up.

I'm not down on Michael Tarver at all but his gimmick and his delivery were clashing like hell. Legit bad ass gimmick, old school outlaw bandanna over the mouth and then he sounds like your homeboy Mikey on the mic. Wade Barrett is head and shoulders over the rest of the group, but there are members in there with potential to be big stars later.

The thing with the Nexus vs. The WWE Seven is this ego shit. Management must actually be down on Jericho for the "Downfall" thing because they've had him in some bullshit lately. Walls of Jericho straight into an STF. Jericho's an incredible talent and he's been booked to shit more than half of his second stint in the E.

I understand that you have to book things a certain way to make them interesting, but there hasn't been a single moment of solidarity for the WWE that lasted longer than six minutes. Sheamus and Cena three or four weeks ago was the only one that even really mattered because it was the top guy and one of the top heels.

Jericho was right though. 90% of the WWE arena crowd will do what they are told from show open to show close. People are drones to anyone with a mic. They are mesmerized by people who can mass communicate. They cheer or boo for who they think they're supposed to or who they're told to. Or they'll listen to someones blatantly inane opinion of if you do or don't like one guy you don't like wrestling period.

What amazed me is the fact that there was an actual cliffhanger ending to the show. Just the third or fourth time they've done that right since the Nexus angle began. Anyone ever notice that's the difference between now and the boom twelve years ago? Nearly every week was a cliff hanger years ago, but for the last six years it's been Cena or Triple H standing tall.

That has to stop, they have to make things different, and make you care what happens the next week through cliff hangers and build, not one and not the other. The WWE has carried a pattern of trying one thing at a time for quite a while, and as we all know it's gotten stale. They continue to show flashes of brilliance here or there but they never sustain it.

This is nothing new, it's been discussed here, amongst ourselves, but sometimes it just needs to be brought back up. It's not the worst thing on television by far, but with the talent on the rosters it isn't as good as it could and should be.

One last thing, I was texted earlier and checked out the dirt sheets to see that there is a "ban on HBK." Well, they threw around his slogan, they mentioned it being his home town, but when it came to his name Michael Cole quickly changed the subject.

For this reason along with many others, I think it's time to leave the dirt sheets alone, because really, who dives a damn what the speculation is and who is speculating? Why don't we just wait til Monday's to find out things? Is that so bad? If you have to find out before then tune into Tha O Show and get news there. Yeah, do that.

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Dante Ross said...

Sometimes hearing the O's and No's or articles (like yours) will make me check something out. I like hearing an opinion on the show rather than a full on recap which you can get anywhere. Cool, dude.

D.J.B. said...

Thanks Dr. Your articles tend to have the same effect. Your last article, Power Mark was the most recent article I've read since your last one. It's easy to separate the articles that people put thought into, and what you just decide, "well that's what I think and that's how it'll be."

Anonymous said...

I thought Raw wasnt that bad this week. Was it the best show they ever put on? Not at all...but from start to finish everything in the 2hours made sense. I did chuckle when Cena said "I'm not Superman". Y2J played his part far as the angles go you wouldnt think these guys would go exist, even with a common enemy. So for Jericho to come out and say what he said and do what he did...made sense. Edge rippin on Kahli...makes sense. The JoMo and Truth situation is kind of iffy, but if Morrison ends up turning heel, it'll make sense. And even if not, there was legit beef there due to Truths interfeance in the match.....LOVE DiBiase and Myrese together. According to the afore mentioned dirt sheets, she was supose to be teamed with The Miz a year or so ago, imagine how different that wouldve been. Love the angle with him adn JoMo though....No issue with Nexus getting the sweep. I understadn that its Raw and not PPV so your not gonna have the time to have a drawn out match with the vets like Goldust adn Henry hangin around. Best part of the night was when Lawyer was in the ring and Cole says "vintage King"...isnt all his stuff "vintage" at this point?? But Nexus look stronger than ever while Team Raw is imploding. Like where this angle is going(is Bret gonna save the day?)...A.Fox continues to impress me. I wasnt too high on her before, but Im coming around....Im definitly on board with the Miz not getting a chance to cash in his money in the bank. "Hows he gonna get screwd this week" is why I'll be watching....So aprently the gm is now either HHH, HBK, Chyna, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac or Rick Rude from beyond the grave?????


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else hoping that when they tease the GM next week it'll say something about the GM's physical address? If Rude from beyond the grave can be the GM why can't Benoit?