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Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 177

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with their sick-ass 177th episode of "Tha O Show". Taking the place of the missing "Fatty" Frank Fronte in Tha O Zone Lair this week is the returning International Superstar, Hornet!

It's a week where big announcements are made and a special guest makes his debut. It's One-Seventy-Sev suckas! Time to "O" y'all!

Check it out now by pressing play, launching in a new window or downloading the mp3 now!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs" featuring some big news about a member of "Tha O Show".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D. which includes Tid's thoughts on implementing a rule change in MMA.

Another classic rant from "Tha Black Prophet" featuring a response to the rumours about his "true" identity.

"Tha Round Table" featuring former WWE Superstar, Savio Vega who speaks candidly on a number of topics including his opinions on fellow Puerto Rican wrestler and former WWE Superstar, Carlito!

AND Taking you out this week is the brand new R&B banger from sexy Toronto songstress, Naya Marie entitled "My Heart (Remix)"!

24 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 177"

John said...

Awesome show guys "if you like The Miz you do not like wrestling" I Definitely Agree with you Big Daddy Donnie Miz is shit I was mad when he won the Raw Money in The Bank Ladder Match.I'm a Huge Morrison fan but he needs to go back to using Moonlight Drive

Corkscrew Headbutt to the mat said...

Great show guys! To me, the Miz doesn't mean nothing, his promos are boring, and his moves are safe as can be, maybe he stands out to management because, in their eyes, they don't have no one better. I still don't see Kane as a main event, even in 2004 when he wrestled Chris Benoit for World Heavyweight Championship i didn't find him a credible contender. I think if Carlito just likes wrestling when he's used the way he likes, then he doesn't have no real passion for pro wrestling. Maybe being the son of a wrestling legend when to his head. How many wrestling icons weren't utilized the way they wanted for the most part of their carrers?? Congratulations to Austin Creed/Consequences Creed for signing for WWE. Portuguese brother Big Daddy, you should respect the vagina, but was that song at the end of the show?? Are you PG too?? Play some Heavy Metal for once! See you next week Big Daddy and Danny-E-O.

Anonymous said...

"Corkscrew headbutt to the mat" that line made me spit my coffee right out of my collector's john cena mug (it's not gay if it's for charity!)

Hornet was awesome this week!

I thought Savio sounded very grounded and humble. O for whoever booked him as a guest. Was it Jennifer Blake?

da'quan said...

"That Nigga's Alive?" and "skimmed Nigga" should be on a t-shirt!

Santino Marella said...

I'm the Black Prophet

Anonymous said...

There was a time when the guest on your show didn't really matter because the show was so strong The last 5 or 6 months you guys have had such amazing interviews with big names and it showcases how good you are at keeping that same vibe. Making it like a conversation and not an interview. When Donnie goofed with Savio as Fake Bret, and Savio played a long I popped.

Anonymous said...

I dont often come to this site because i just get the show off itunes, but i love the way you guys are now doing a custom graphic for every episode and the big splash glider at the top is sick. I love it. Im going to start coming to the site just for the artwork

P.A. said...

After several drinks, I lost my sneaks (and socks) in the pit @ Lollapallozza 96.... Metallica, Soundgarden, Wu Tang.... Also got a busted lip, but it was worth every second.

Very good point TID brought up about the slams. I just don't see the rules being changed anytime soon..... Or atleast not til it's too late.

Prophet = gold

Tha O Shows weekly guests blow away Raw's weekly guests.

Dante Ross said...

Dan-e-o, I for real planned on using a Pearl Jam beat for the remix of one of your soon as you send it.

Soundgarden is one of my favorite bands ever and the are reuniting and I will finally get to see them live! I'm way past excited about this.

Donnie, I dont know why but I love Barrett's fucking finisher. I dont know why. Its just a damn slam and I shit on the FU but for some reason Wade pulls it off. And your version of Pearl jam made me spit my damn coffee. Well played.

As for this Prophet bullshit I cant wait till next week. If I said even half the shit he does my grandparents would spin in their graves. The whole n-word stuff alone is fucking ridiculous. And West Hollywood has some chicks in it. A few but they're here. And I think Frank took a "Gay Off" to visit Black Prophet.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam fucking rocks and I TOO was at that Lollapalooza BDD! Best show ever! I was 18 years old, and made the trip to Molson Park in Barrie with 3 buddies from windsor. It was amazing.

kathy said...

I know Tid wanted to hear thoughts about this episode of the pitstop....but i just wanted to thank Tid, i've never really watched any MMA fights, mostly because i didn't know the holds etc. but i was at a friends house on the weekend and watched a couple of fights (with her hubby) that you and horse tooth have discussed and i understood what was going on, and it made sense.

Dante Ross said...

I’m still listening to the show and I wanted to comment about the no slamming. There are a lot of cool ass clips with guys getting slammed and knocked out cold and getting wailed on before the ref jumps on. For the record, I would rather be knocked out than tap out and look goofy as shit while shouting “When the match starting?!” and looking all goofy.

I was used to guys not going over the top rope in WCW back in the day. I got used to no piledrivers. I am used to no chair shots. Yes, I know this is wrestling related but whatever. Back in the day UFC used to have nut shots and all kinda terrible shit but over time people got used to that stuff being illegal. I’m sure that if they took away slams it wouldn’t be no big thing within a year. Is there anyone known for just slamming dudes?

Anonymous said...

Great topic by Tid. Very interesting. I think "slams" are viewed by fans and even the commissions as "sexy" for the sport.

Punches to the back of the head are seen as barbaric.

Donnie's point that someone will have to be hurt badly or killed by a slam is probably right. At least until they have enough long term research to prove the effects.

Anonymous said...

I was also at Lollapalooza 92!! I still have all my merch from that show!

Main Stage:
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ice Cube
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Pearl Jam

Side Stage:
Jim Rose Circus
Archie Bell
Porno for Pyros
Cypress Hill
House of Pain
Sweaty Nipples
Arson Garden
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.
The Look People
Stone Temple Pilots
The Vulgar Boatmen
The Authority
Samba Hell
Café Tacuba
Rage Against the Machine
Ice T & Body Count

That's the GREATEST lineup EVER!!

Dan-e-o said...

Geez...sounds like hell on earth.

Downtown said...

Time for another round of "Big Daddy Donnie poorly disguises a personal vendetta as smark cred." First you hate on Jericho simply because you didn't like his stand up routine, so let me guess, you've had a hate-on for Miz because he did something mean to your favorite Real World star? Jesus. Yes, he was terrible when he first came in; he even botched lines when reading them off of his arm. But he's gotten considerably better. As you once said of another wrestler, "Anybody who thinks this guy hasn't gotten better, isn't paying attention."

If you like The Miz, you don't like wrestling. What a bullshit argument. More accurate would be "If you try to bastardize smark arguments to hide the fact that a heel brings out the mark in you, you don't like wrestling."

Anonymous said...

Hell on earth?
Sickest show ever.

Anonymous said...

Savio sounds like one hell of a nice guy! And Prophet was especially hilarious here.

Corkscrew Headbutt to the mat said...

Has anyone seen the trailer for Season 5 of Dexter?

BigDaddy said...


Poll a bunch of workers and ask them what they think of The Miz. He gets CHEAP heat, his work his sloppy, he sells like a kid in wrestling school not a guy who's been on TV for years, and his promos are disjointed.

I have no "personal vendetta" against The Miz.

With respect to Jericho, the stuff about his stand up comedy was me just fucking around. My issue with him really came during his push last season. I felt like he half assed a lot of his matches (which he has since admitted was true)and I felt like his newly evolved heel gimmick (suit wearing elitist) had been done a million times in that company and had really become stale. I expected more.

I have also bigged up Jericho in recent months for his in ring work.

Savio is a total class act who speaks his mind. I loved having him on, and he really enjoyed doing it. He doesn't do many interviews but he said he'd like to come on again soon with us.

Ya I saw it, and I'm a little bit nervous that they showed too much. I also suspect that they've written this season in a way that would potentially allow for it to be the end of the series.

Anonymous said...

Hey can i get an answer on the Hornet question i posted last week?

Please : (

BigDaddy said...

@anonymous (why do so many ppl not like leavin their names - fuck - make one up even!!)

Unlike in mainstream sports, wrestlers pays are still very much protected and kayfabed - not just in the indies but in TNA and WWE too.

Because info like this is not really of public record, I'd prefer to leave it as such.

I'm not comfortable asking shoot friends how much they make at their job ... to me, this is not much different.

Until a day comes where wrestler salaries are reported publicly and accurately like in pro sports, I'd rather not focus on it.

Corkscrew Headbutt to the mat said...

@ BigDaddy

Didn't you notice the in the past months Jericho looks like he's exausted, look into his eyes when he comes to the ring, his basic matches, being more rude in interviews and in his Twitter, when is the past he would be colourful to the fans. And about Dexter, are you afraid that he'll be exposed in the end of this season? Congrats for the great show.

Beth said...

Oh ok, i was just interested in knowing if someone can be ok without working in WWE. I guess i went too far

sorry Donnie :(