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Ian Clark's Raw Recap

Match One: Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match for WWE Title Shot at SummerSlam: Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Wow, a match opened last week's Smackdown and now Raw? Orton enters first, followed by Jericho, finally Edge. The three men jockey for position before Orton squares off against both men, uppercut to Edge, Jericho attacks Orton from behind and the two heels now pummeling him in the corner. Edge drags him up, Orton blasts him, then Jericho, then Edge who falls off the apron, then one more for Jericho, Edge drops him across the apron.

Jericho goes in for some ground punches, Edge back in and stomps Orton. Jericho holds his arms back as Edge punches, then Jericho, then Edge again. Jericho with a thrust to the forehead, double whip, double suplex... reversed into DDTs! Jericho rolls out as Orton covers Edge for two before dropping a knee to his skull, then another. Stomps him methodically before dragging him up and attacking him in the corner. Whip, Edge sells and falls, RKO attempt, blocked, Jericho with a codebreaker on Orton! Two count broken up by Edge, who brawls with Jericho on the outside as the show goes to commercial.

The show comes back on with Jericho tossing Edge around outside, drops him across the barricade, goes to climb back in, Orton tackles him off the apron and into Edge. Both men attempt to climb back in, Orton sets them both up for the rope DDT, Edge slithers out, Jericho takes it, two-count broken by Edge, who tosses Orton into the barricade and gets a two-count of his own, now back on the outside nails Orton, tosses him back in, two-count. Drops a knee to the back of Orton's head and poses. Edge clubs him, one more time, Jericho pulls Edge out and tosses him into the announce table, knees Orton, two-count with his feet on the ropes.

Jericho now with a chinlock. Orton powers out until Jericho clobbers him, off the ropes, Orton clothesline, another, scoopslam for two. Jericho on the apron, Orton goes for the rope assist DDT, focusses on Edge instead, two clotheslines and a backbreaker for two. Tosses Edge out of the ring and goes to finish his rope assist DDT, Jericho reverses into the Walls of Jericho! Orton for some reason can't figure out which side of the ring he's going to, doesn't matter as Jericho drags him back into the centre of the ring, and takes an Edgecution for two. Edge sets up for a spear on Jericho, countered into the Walls again. Edge makes it to the ropes (damn...). Edge rolls him up for two before tossing him out. Orton slinks back in and goes for an RKO, reversed into an Edge-o-Matic for two.

Edge sets up for a spear again with Jericho nowhere to be seen. Until he charges, when Jericho clotheslines him. Orton rolls up Jericho for two, Edge rolls up Orton for two, all three men clothesline each other. Jericho drops Edge out of the ring, RKO countered, Lionsault countered, RKO! Edge runs in INTO ANOTHER! Cover on Edge! Orton wins!

Winner and new #1 Contender: Randy Orton

So Sheamus wins the WWE Title in controversial fashion against John Cena, manages to retain against Cena due to interference, and is now facing Randy Orton at a major non-Wrestlemania PPV? That's original.

Back from commercial, Edge is calling out Jericho. "Come on Jericho, this has gone on between us for too long!" Jericho makes his way to the ring. "This has been going on for eleven years! How many titles have we cost each other? How many injuries, how many ladder matches? It has to end here tonight!"

"You want this to end tonight? Finally, after eleven years, this ends for you. See I don't know if you knew this, but last week I had a conversation with Wade Barrett, and he basically admitted that I was the reason that Nexus had achieved the success it achieved. As his former pro, he admitted that I taught him and told him all these actions, and I think if I snap my fingers right now, they'd all come out here and we wouldn't just take years off your career, we'd end it. Do you understand what I'm saying right now?"

"No! I don't understand what you're saying right now, because I really don't think Nexus agrees with that. I think that if I offered what I can bring to the table they would accept the offer, and I'm pretty sure they'd have no problem taking out a guy who's taking all the credit for their success."

The Nexus come out, all seven of them, and Wade Barrett takes a mic. "Edge, Jericho, please don't argue amongst yourselves because you're both veterans, and quite frankly, Nexus would be very lucky to call either of you an ally. Let's face it: You've had successful, innovative, Hall of Fame careers. But Edge, Jericho was right. Nexus wouldn't just take years off your career. We'd end it."

Nexus attack Edge as Jericho eggs them on. Sheffield hits a spear as Jericho taunts him and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. He releases the hold as all of Nexus stare at him. Barrett continues. "You know, Chris, Edge was also right, because we would also like to shut up the guy who is claiming to be behind Nexus' success." Jericho lands on Wade Barrett as the group attacks him in kind. Skip Sheffield drags him up and Barrett slugs him in the face, screaming that he taught him nothing. Otunga drags him up for a spinebuster and Barrett continues asserting that Jericho didn't teach him anything. The group leave as the show goes to commercial.

The first thing greeting us upon return to the show is a replay of Nexus' most recent attacks. Nexus are backstage and Josh Matthews prompts Barrett for an interview, saying that he has assembled the most powerful group in WWE history, but that there's doubt if any of them can compete individually against Mark Henry. Barrett asks if he's scared, he responds that he is, Barrett says that so is Mark Henry and any of them could take him out. Sheamus addresses Barrett, asking for a meeting, but refuses to step into the Nexus locker room.

Cole then interviews Cena, who says that he brought this all on himself by not shaking Barrett's hand. He says he thought he could take them out, but he can't because no one can. Lawler asks what he's saying. Cena replies that he would like to meet Wade Barrett and the Nexus because he has something to say to them. Cena says he's saying if you can't beat 'em... and then he stops talking.

Did you know derpa derpa derp?

Match Two: Eve Torres vs. Maryse

Dibiase is on commentary, Eve piefaces Maryse, who responds by kicking her all over the place and choking her in the ropes, before charging her, doing a hairflip and blasting Eve in the face twice, whip to the ropes, Eve elbows her, knees her in the head and covers for three even though Maryse's foot was on the rope. Dibiase heads in the ring to argue until John Morrison attacks him. Guess the decision stands.

Winner: Eve Torres

Morrison hits Starship Pain. Sheamus is walking backstage and heading to the ring.

The Irish FELLA himself is in the ring following commercial. "Let the record show that I have beat John Cena in a Tables Match, a Fatal Four Way and a steel cage. When I beat him once, you said it was a fluke. When I beat him again, luck. Now there's only one word for it: dominance. John Cena goes to the back of the line. He won't be getting another shot at my WWE Title any time soon, and he's only got himself to blame. Because he should've done what I did earlier tonight. I found Wade Barrett, I looked him in the eye and I said I demand a truce. I told him that one year ago, no one had heard of Sheamus or the Nexus, but right now we're about the two most powerful entities in the WWE.

We don't have to like each other. I stay out of their business, they stay out of mine. And he agreed. So as of right now the truce is effective. Which is bad news for Randy Orton. You see Nexus interference is the ony way he could beat me. And now that that's gone, Orton doesn't stand a chance. He'll suffer the same fate as John Cena, and he can sit back and watch as I become the longest-reigning WWE Champion of all time!"


The Miz is out with briefcase in hand, and he takes a mic. "Congratulations, Sheamus, on getting rid of your Nexus problem, but now you have another problem: You have your Miz problem. You don't control the fate of the WWE Title any more, I do, and you know why? Because I have this. Money in the Bank! I can cash this in any time I want for a WWE Championship match.

So every time you're in this ring, I'm watching. Let me put this in perspective: Say you do manage to beat Randy Orton, and as you're getting your hand raised, he hits you with an RKO, I'm there to cash it in. Or say you're doing a backstage interview, talkin' like a tough guy, fella! (Not a bad impersonation) BAM! I hit you in the back of the head with a briefcase, drag you out here, get a referee and beat you on the spot. Or maybe, whoever's champion, I wait. I wait for the moment that my entire career has been leading to: To main event Wrestlemania! Or maybe I forget all that and cash it in tonight. Either way, you can call me your celebrity stalker, because every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you. Because I'm the Miz... and I'm--"

"You're nothing! I'm Sheamus and I'm the WWE Champion!"

Sheamus heads to the outside and boop!

Cole: "I've received a message from the GM. If Miz wants to cash in his briefcase, he'd better grab a seat at ringside and watch this next match. As Sheamus will go one on one with this man."

Match Three: Sheamus vs. Evan Bourne (non-title)

Bourne takes his time getting to the ring, apparently unaware as Sheamus is that they were to compete. Sheamus goes for a bicycle kick, dodged, Bourne with kicks until Sheamus falls out of the ring and freaks out as the show goes to commercial.

The show comes back on to Bourne in control in the corner as Sheamus bails out. Sheamus rolls Bourne back in the ring and Bourne launches kicks. Whip, reversed, Bourne toe-kicks him in the face, Sheamus clotheslines him for two. Sheamus blasts Bourne's head in the corner and knees him twice, then a stomp. Climbs out of the ring and pulls Bourne arm and leg across the ring post. Drops an elbow. Smiles, stomps, drags Bourne up and clubs him in the chest before locking in what appears to be a chickenwing submission.

Bourne powers up, Sheamus nails him, Bourne returns the favour, Sheamus with a huge body slam off the ropes for two. Stomp, goes back to his hold. Bourne makes it to his feet and breaks the hold with a kick, followed up by another. Sheamus tosses him in the corner and slaps him. Bourne returns the favour with a boot, then another, then a flying heel kick, dropkick, crucifix pin for two. Sheamus up, swings, duck, Bourne with a superkick! Goes up top and Sheamus bails out of the ring, only for Bourne to dive anyway. Miz is on his feet now as the ref begins to count. Sheamus shoves Bourne into what appears to be a stationary camera and climbs back in the ring. Sheamus boots him in the gut as he attempts to re-enter the ring and then hits the bicycle kick for three.

Winner: Sheamus

Miz blasts him in the head with the briefcase, then again. Contemplating cashing in, sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale, which he hits onto the briefcase. MIZ IS CASHING IN!

Match Four: WWE Title: Sheamus vs. Miz

Miz is jockying for position, the referee refuses to start the match unless Sheamus is conscious, R-Truth darts out and attacks Miz, who blasts him with the briefcase and runs.

Match Result: Match never officially started

They hype the main event of Henry vs. Barrett as the show goes to commercial.

Backstage, Matthews is interviewing Miz, who flips out that R-Truth cost him the WWE Title.

They run an interesting retrospective on the Highway to Hell, Summerslam 1998. Sheamus is then shown icing his head as the Bella Twins and someone unidentifiable share a laugh about something seemingly unrelated. Sheamus flips out on them anyway, and Randy Orton approaches him and says that whoever is champion come Summerslam will be wearing a target, and he's not going to hit that bullseye with an arrow or a spear or a bullet, he's going to hit it with an RKO.

Match Four/Five: Vladmir Kozlov and Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder and William Regal

Ryder and Marella start off, Ryder with a hammerlock, Marella reverses, whip, reversed, Marella springboards off the ropes and is tripped. Kozlov in, Regal in, Kozlov with a fireman's carry slam, Marella in, nails Regal in the shoulder, Regal decapitates him, then again with a clothesline. Ryder in, splash for two. Ryder with a camel clutch, then a headlock, Marella to his feet is taken down. Ryder goes for a dropkick, dodged, Kozlov in, shoves Ryder, smashes him off the turnbuckle, kick, slam, two-count, Regal darts in, then bails, Kozlov hits a spinebuster, tags in Marella, Marella hits a running diving headbutt for three.

Winners: Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov

Nexus are in the back, prepping for the Barrett vs. Henry match next. Barrett bids his teammates adieu as he heads to the ring.

Main Event: Wade Barrett vs. Mark Henry

Barrett enters first, followed by Henry. Barrett leaves to the apron as Henry approaches, before swinging, blocked, Henry with a headbutt. Barrett leaves the ring. Climbs back in, lockup, Barrett with a knee, then a sledge, headbutt, fist to the gut, another, another as Henry semi-hulks up and nails him, smashes him in the corner, whip to the opposing, clothesline for two. Another headbutt, Barrett responds with one of his own, knees, kicks to Henry's knee, Henry rebounds with a scoopslam for two. Henry drags him to the corner and begins to climb. Nexus are out anyway, Barrett nails him in the corner and hits his trademark slam for three.

Winner: Wade Barrett

I guess being banned from ringside doesn't mean the stage. Nexus descend upon the ring as Barrett continues to attack Henry. All members of Nexus are in the ring as Barrett takes a mic and calls for Cena. Cena is in the back and making his way to the ring as the show goes to commercial.

Back on, still no sign of Cena beyond what there was before. Michael Tarver takes a mic and promises to hear Cena out if he'll acknowledge that Nexus runs the show and apologizes for attacking Darren Young and the rest of the Nexus. Cena's music finally hits and he walks out with no trace of enthusiasm. "Thank you guys. Wade, thank you for meeting me out here.

Ladies and gentlemen, since the Nexus has arrived I've had two WWE championship matches, the first, Nexus caused me to lose my title, the second they prevented me from getting it back. Apparently I'm not part of your bigger picture, so I don't even know why. Sheamus made a truce with you guys, something I should've done a long time ago. I'm sorry guys. I'm putting myself out there and asking for the same thing."

Barrett: "Our answer is no. I'm not looking for a truce or even peace here. I want something much much bigger. I want you... (Cena chants) don't listen to them, listen to me. I want you to join us. I want you to become a part of the Nexus. Think about it Cena, everything you've achieved so far on your own you could achieve ten times that. Face facts: The Nexus is the present and the future of the WWE and together John we're going to be unstoppable. This isn't much of a choice, because you're either Nexus or against us. It's up to you John. You wanna join us and make history together?"

Cena contemplates it. "No. I can't do it."

"How very, very unfortunate. Now you have two choices. You could leave this ring with your tail firmly between your legs and show the world what a coward you are or secondly, you can stand in that ring and we will give you the most vicious beating that the Nexus has ever administered."

Cena again considers his options before leaving the ring. "Wait... I just wanna say one more thing. It's something you've heard me say time and time again. Whether I do it myself, or I do it with help, I will take each and every one of you down. You see tonight's little peace offering was a test. You said no. Guess what: I got some help. I've quietly been forming a team. A team that will take down the Nexus at Summerslam. You said you wanted me to join the Nexus and make history. Tonight, I want you to meet my team and realize the Nexus is history!"

You think you know me. Edge is out, looking bizarre but unified with Cena. Morrison is revealed as the next member. R-Truth is next. Khali as well. Chris Jericho is revealed as the sixth member. Cena signals one more. It's Bret Hart! Huh? Cena's team hit the ring and the entire Nexus retreat en masse.

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Anonymous said...

thats the best raw so far,& the hitmans back just to piss off big daddy donnie

kathy said...

What an enjoyable Raw this week. no drawn out speeches, lots of good matches especially nice after a ppv.