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Miz-ter Money!

First off, this isn't a WWE Money in the Bank recap piece. This is me shamelessly putting over The Miz. Eating crow from when I covered ECW and "SmackDown" back in the day and blasted him every opportunity I got. I hated this guy worse than I hate wisdom teeth. Now though, he's one of the top five heels in the Double-Double E.

I've made it perfectly clear that both of the Pay-Per-View's ladder matches should have put over newer talent, or guys that never had a run. Both matches put over guys that haven't had runs with the big belt (Kane's 1 day in June '98 didn't count)but I'm not here to talk about Kane. I'm talking about the guy who could seriously carry the company and get them more publicity.

The "Raw" ladder match had some great spots, and either great selling or legit close calls. Talking with people over the course of the build to this PPV I put over the Miz more than I've put over just about anyone. He's a guy who had a suspect start, and didn't have a great amount of, well anything in the beginning.

He shilled merchandise, he hosted Diva talent competitions and WWE Diva Search's and couldn't manage to stutter out He wrestled in Cena like jean shorts, his official WWE t-shirt was a chick magnet shirt and he wore a fedora/bandanna combo. His interviews were barely passable, and he was resented by a lot of people, backstage and by smarks and he knew it.

He didn't get much respect when he and John Morrison were one of the better tag teams the WWE had to offer, but there were a select (looking at you Downtown Jeff Brown) who believed he had it. He and Morrison had their own .com show "The Dirt Sheet," which may or may not have been a shot at dirt shits who took a shit all over him. He and Morrison co-wrote those segments by the way.

It was entertaining, and so were they in the ring. The dude just didn't get respect. Finally he and Morrison split up, and both he and Morrison have achieved some success. Miz is a great heel and so is Morrison, but Morrison has sort of fizzled as a face.

The Miz still had the "tough enough" stigma after he and Morrison split. He was fired or banned or whatever that gimmick was, but the next week beat Eugene in a "contract on a pole" match as the Calgary Kid. Since then, he's been on fire. He started wearing respectable wrestling attire, new music and a new finisher.

Sure the Skull Crushing Finale is the stroke, but I'll let that slide. He won the United States title in early October, and at last years Bragging Rights he was the only "Raw" guy to win an inter-promotional match which was a slight nod to him from the back.

His promo with MVP and their match at the Royal Rumble were when I really decided that I was fully behind the guy. Where is MVP by the way? I questioned the E throwing him into the Miz-Show tag team with the belts while he had the US title, making it almost secondary, but he did have two (three belts) championships on him for a while.

His being a Pro for the 1st season of NXT with Bryan Danielson was a great heat grabber from smarks. He played the part beautifully, and never let up from his character. Maybe he isn't a character, maybe he's just who he is, or maybe he gives a damn about kayfabe.

Last week Teddy Mark posed the question "why does everyone have a hardon for the Miz?" I don't know that everyone does, and I don't have a hardon for anybody. I just think the guy has upped his game so much it isn't funny. As far as improving from where he was, nobody has done a better job.

I told a The Irish Hammer immediately after the match that I was even happier Miz won when he showed genuine emotion. Maybe it was work, but likely it was shoot. The Miz gives a shit, and I appreciate that. Maybe nobody else does, but I do. Had Edge, Orton or Jericho (guys I absolutely love) with a combined 21 reigns as world champion won it would have been gloating in character.

The Miz grabbed the case and showed emotion, be it legitimate or worked (though heels probably shouldn't tear up)he put over the match, the briefcase and the championship. Then in his post-match promo he made me stand up and O. Sure he did it in heel character, but you have to believe that some of what he was saying came from the heart.

It's July. As far as I know these Money in the Bank briefcases are good for a year as well. He shouldn't cash it in yet. He shouldn't cash it in after a match. He should cash it in as a heel the night after the Rumble and build to a match at WrestleMania where he goes over and gets a legitimate, lengthy run as the WWE Champion.

Have him go over Cena at WrestleMania. That's right, put the belt back on Cena for that. Cena isn't going anywhere, but for Miz to beat Cena it will finally cement him in the minds of those that still don't buy in. Remember their Jericho/Goldberg type feud early in his "Raw" tenure? Develop that into something more, make it personal, and make Mania the payoff. It'll work.

Because he's the Miz. And he's AWESOME!

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Anonymous said...

Miz needs to die.


Evitman said...

Yeah, I am going to have to shit on the Cena/Miz WM match. Not this year, as it is more likely Miz is going to cash this in soon. I mean he is the Miz, does anybody really think it is going to be a slow build up from now all the way to the Royal Rumble? Fuck, he uses it before then and if they want to do it right, they let him call out someone instead of having him jump someone after a match.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is happy about Miz winning MITB does NOT LIKE WRESTLING.

Miztake said...

I just think Miz lost a lot in his image that made him stood out from the rest of the WWE roster. He now looks like every other wrestler with those simple trunks, boots and ugly shirt. He used to follow more the fashion trends with his olders attires, hat, etc.

Anonymous said...

Kane winning big last night is cool from a surprise factor, but FUCK the Kane VS Taker feud AGAIN is now looming and looks worse than ever.

Anonymous said...

If DJB likes the Miz then fuck DJB. Just cuz he gives better blowjobs than DiBiase or Morrison, he doesn't deserve that spot.

balmoraldrive said...

Don't listen to these guys, DJB. You make a really good set of points about The Miz.

I watched the PPV and although I was hoping for Evan Bourne to win, I liked that they gave Miz the briefcase to run with.

Like it or not, The Miz has improved more than either DiBiase or Morrison in the last year. Although they both have more in ring talent, neither have been able to be as compelling in their respective roles (ironically because their feuds have been mostly in the ring and too even for a full on put over).

Maybe this is because despite the changes he's made, he has still been the same obnoxious douche throughout. He's consistently brandishing the same persona and acting out the heel role to a tee (humiliations, excuses, bragging and beat downs) in a way that's hard to ignore.

Teddy Mark said...

Someone needs to lose the first "ultimate opportunity" MITB case. I swear to all that is holy if Miz wins I'll riot.

I already change the channel when he cuts a promo. Why is it so many have a hard-on for him? Decent promo cutter (Saying he's the best right now in the Fed or top 5 is like saying no matter how much you polish a turd it's still a turd) this generation of "Superstars" can't cut a promo to save their lives. Cena is being handcuffed since he's Superman; say what you want when he was the badass heel rapper he could cut a decent promo. Orton and Edge can't be the Rock/Stone Cold during this PG era because again they're handcuffed in what they can say on the mic. Jericho has lost his touch and even though the whole monotone "No Country for Old Men" esque promo he cut when he turned on HBK, it's gotten stale. MVP is on Smackdown, Morrison right now is boring and has the mic skills of a rookie (and for the love of God please someone take him aside and teach him that he needs to make bodily contact on that finisher to make it believable). Sheamus is very meh, and He Who Shall Not be Named isn't great either. All in all, the top dog on the mic right now is Our Saviour CM Punk with Regal in my opinion a very close second with Santino an even closer third.

And ANYONE who says the Miz can wrestle seriously needs to attend wrestling school. His headlocks don't even look like it would ground anyone, let alone a bigger "superstar" than himself. He probably doesn't know the differece between a plancha and a tope, let alone the difference between a vertical suplex and a brainbuster. As BDD said in a previous episode, he doesn't look like a wrestler. Hell FRONTE is bigger than Miz (Fuck You Frank Fronte).

Miz has a lot od X-Pac heat. The fans don't hate him because he's a good heel, the fans just HATE him. I'd like to see what reactions Miz would get if he tried to turn face. You think people shat on Edge's recent face turn; all I'll say is no matter what Miz does, the fans STILL won't like him.

The Miz being able to CARRY the company? He can't wrestle, his promos aren't edge of your seat must see TV, and many people on this site and the fans hate his guts. I will say The Rock had a lot of that fan resentment early in his career, but my God could he cut a promo, and he could go in the ring.

If everyone hated on Bret and HBK carrying the gold during the post steriods era and saw ratings drop; Jesus Murphy WWE would go out of business with Mi9z as champion.

Thank God for Smackdown.............

Teddy needs to break away from Maryse and go on his own. He needs to get more promo time to show his skills. He got the git of gab as well as the in-ring skills from his old man. He needs time to develop himself into a main eventer. Teddy and Randy are the franchise guys of the E; Miz is merely a bit player. He should be at best this generation's Marty Jannetty; at least Jannetty could work.

Please tell me why Mr. Shitalaz can carry the company?

D.J.B. said...

The Miz as I mentioned can carry the E just like Cena has, if not better. Every wrestler in history to a person has had a large number of detractors. People hate Hogan, Hunter, Austin, Michaels, Bret Hart, and some people even like Jeff Jarrett. It doesn't matter how great they are, or how hard they are pushed, everyone isn't going to like or approve of everyone. Miz is working his ass off, and that can't be denied. He is at every single appearance he can be at, he's on the tours, he's taking the WWE name to Hollywood in a different way than Cena is. Miz has name recognition outside the WWE and doesn't have to be in movies for other people to know who he is now or later. Vince loves that, remember the love he gave JBL when JBL got publicity as a financial guy? Sure Triple H not wanting to work Tuesday's had something to do with that title run, but the character and continued push itself resulted in his emergence as a figure outside of wrestling. WWE isn't just a wrestling company, it really is a multimedia company. I think people lose sight of that. Sure I love to watch wrestling, but I also understand that what's good for WWE and wrestling isn't always wrestling. Did everyone like the "Rock & Wrestling Connection?" Nope.

Evitman, the reason I say Cena/Miz at Mania is because Miz is the next Cena. Not the obnoxious Superman, but the face of the company, the guy to carry the ball. I don't think the match will be a great match by any stretch, but I think it would be a changing of the guard/passing of the torch (insert desired cliche here) more or less. Do I think it's going to happen? Absolutely not, it's just an idea of a way for Vince to ultimately get what he wants.

Miztake, you bring up an interesting point. The thing is, Cena did this earlier in his career with his M&N throwbacks, the reebok pumps, and people loved that. His greatest success though has come since he put on his "Authentic WWE Wear" t-shirts, his standard jean shorts and standard tennis shoes. Bischoff said Austin couldn't draw in black tights and black boots. No top draw in wrestling has been a fashionable guy, except Blassie of course.

Balmoral I appreciate the support. I agree, I think Evan Bourne would have been a great pick to win (anyone but Edge, Jericho or Orton as I'd said before) but I don't think WWE itself is ready for Evan. They should be, they let Mysterio bastardize the World Heavyweight Championship. I also couldn't agree more with you on Ted and Morrison. I've said Ted should be groomed and if the MitB happens at Mania let him take it there, but that match even happening is in jeopardy apparently. Morrison simply needs to be a heel.

The Miz is a great heel. Orton was a great heel in a different way. Triple H was a great heel in a different way. JBL was a good heel in a different way. Miz isn't one of a kind or anything, but he's doing a great job at what he does right now.

Evitman said...

D.J.B., you start off a comment with the Miz can carry the WWE like Cena can, and end it with him being a great heel. WTF are you drinking?

The names you gave, Hogan, Hunter, Austin, Michaels, Bret Hart, each one could be a heel or a face.

Miz is a douche, that is he character, a douche. He does it well, but unless he gets gang raped by Nexus and Fronte in the shower, nobody is going to take him as a face.

But you are right, he is the next Cena, he has the safest move set out of all the workers. Will he transcend to a accepted face of the company, well that depends on who runs the company in the next ten year.

The one thing I think nobody talks about is the MITB winners never hold the belt for long. The longest is Swagger, and his was 2 1/2 months.

So, if Miz is successful in winning a strap, and seriously get the U.S. strap of him before he does, the real question is how long will they allow him to carry the ball.

Ryo Jackson said...

Yes, Miz is a great heel. In an X-Pac kind of way...

When I see his face on TV, I change the channel.

D.J.B. said...

Evitman, Miz can carry the company like Cena can, on the posters, with the media appearances, I'm not saying he can be that kind of babyface, but Cena still gets 50/50 reactions. It doesn't matter who he wrestles 99% of the time it's "Let's Go Cena," vs. "Lets go opponent" coming from the crowd.

Just about everyone can be a face. Orton has been a face twice, though both runs were different and this last one just happened, he still got cheered by a segment of the audience.

Christopher Casúr said...

Ah yes, North Carolina's other DJB, "Downtown" Jeff Brown. There's a reference only three people get.

Adam said...

Miz needs to work much better for me to like him. He's a heel that works like a face because he does spots and almost never does any heel tactics.

There's nothing compelling about the Miz that will last past next year, much like Mr. Kennedy. The "I'm Awesome!" will become stale and there'll be nothing else intriguing in the Miz.