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Why I Like NXT

In recent weeks everyone has been talking about the NXT guys. People have been comparing them to factions of days past. Who is Wade Barrett like? Who is David Otunga in the group? Who is the enforcer? Honestly, I really don’t care. I like that I have not seen anything like this in wrestling.

Yes, there was the whole New Blood nonsense in WCW years ago but this isn’t anything like that. This isn’t about NXT attacking just the legends in WWE. They are equal opportunity ass whippers and I love it. During the first season of NXT these guys were just a bunch of FCW dudes that some of us kind of knew. I wasn’t too impressed with any of them honestly. When Barrett won I wasn’t too shocked especially after Danielson aka Chokey McTie was voted out. What I wasn’t prepared for was the biblical ass whipping they unleashed on WWE.

When they came out and beat up anyone that was in eyesight I was intrigued. I missed it Monday night but read and heard about it. I ended up watching it online like it was a street fight. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. It was something that I missed about watching wrestling before the internet, before I bought dirt sheets, or stayed in contact with many wrestling fans. Shock.

If I sit back and think of the last few times I was genuinely shocked watching something happen in wrestling off the top of my head I think of The 123 Kid beating Razor Ramon, Golddust debuting (and finding out he was Dustin Rhodes), and when Sting turned on WCW (it was an impersonator). This entire NXT thing is one time where I don’t want to know what happens next. I’m not thinking about who will rise to the top. I really don’t. I like sitting back and watching these guys find a target and just fuck them up. As soon as I see the Barrett Slam followed by Gabriel’s 450 Splash I feel better because something and someone I didn’t think was gonna get fucked up just got fucked up.

When they got Vince McMahon the entire time I kept thinking “Okay, he just got clotheslined. Someone is gonna come out and save him. Wow. Alright. Damn. That was a hard ass Barrett Slam. I wonder who is gonna save Vince. This is an old man. Gabriel is not climbing the top rope. He’s not gonna do it. He’s not…SHIT!!! Wow!” It felt so good to be a wrestling fan at that moment. I don’t know where they’re going with NXT and I don’t care. Right now I love what’s going on with NXT.

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