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Report: Heyman Nearing Deal With TNA

According to PWInsider, Paul Heyman is close to signing a deal with TNA to make him the most powerful man in the company.

After months and months of courting the former ECW founder and booker, it seems like the two sides are closer than ever before:

"I have absolutely had sources tell me in the last 24 hours that Heyman will be coming in full force and overseeing a complete makeover of the company roster and TNA's front office. However, all sides are still claiming that nothing has been put to paper. I do believe they are MUCH closer to a deal than they are letting on."

Months ago, TNA sent out feelers to Heyman, hoping he would come aboard as the new head of creative in the company. Dixie Carter had also hoped Heyman would appear at last month’s Slammiversary and Sunday’s Victory Road, and had teased a huge surprise on her Twitter page; however, a deal could not be reached. TNA wanted Heyman to lead the “ECW Invasion” angle, too, which started with Tommy Dreamer’s debut at Slammiversary, and took a huge step forward at last night's "iMPACT!" tapings.

Heyman, though, has been adamant that he will not join the company only to be head booker and an on-air personality. In a video interview conducted last Saturday after UFC 116, Heyman said that in order to join TNA, he would need to be offered a deal similar to the one Dana White has with UFC: “I’m not interested in being a cog in the wheel. If I’m going to put my emotional investment into it, I want to get something financially and emotionally out of it.”

What he wants is complete control of the company, a front office overhaul, and a new plan for marketing and branding. Heyman also wants to own shares in an eventual TNA IPO (initial public offering).

Apparently, Dixie is close to giving in to all, or most of his demands. The company is desperate to turn things around. Only last week did “iMPACT!” ratings garner the numbers they did prior to the failed Monday Night Wars experiment. TNA has spent big money to bring in big name talents, only to see no increase in PPV buys, or revenue overall.

I think it can be safely said that the Hogan-Bischoff regime has failed in TNA. Perhaps if given time they could turn things around (I highly doubt it, though). TNA, however, apparently does not have that time to give.

Furthermore, as a possible indication that a deal is close, neither Hogan nor Bischoff were present during Victory Road or Monday night’s TV tapings. They are not scheduled to appear at tonight’s tapings either.

The PWInsider report says, "The word on Hogan not being there was that he was still recovering from the back surgery he underwent last week. Bischoff claimed publicly he had taken the time off, although the word making the rounds in some circles backstage last night was that he purposely 'stayed home to make a point to Dixie Carter' in regard to potential plans to bring Paul Heyman in. There are some who believe Hogan may be using the back surgery to distance himself from TNA if and when Heyman comes in as well."

Aside from ousting Hogan and Bischoff from power, Heyman would make many other changes to the company. In last week’s interview, Heyman said, "If I could take the company and turn it around, boost PPV revenue, work with Spike TV and make it work then it would be worth the emotional investment for me."

"Someone has to have one vision so the television show means something and the marketing of the brand means something. TNA doesn’t have a clue how to make a star. Even if they did know how to do good television, they don’t know how to market the fact that they’re doing good television. And if they were marketing what they’re doing know, everybody would say, 'Oh, God, this sucks, why are you marketing this?'"

"TNA has to create a situation where they can take their company and re-define who they are. If that’s a situation that can happen and I can put the right team together ... it merits a lot of consideration. If it means anything less than that, I’m not taking the time away from my children."

It seems like Heyman is negotiating himself the perfect deal. But the bigger issue is: is this a good move for TNA? Heyman has been hailed as a creative genius; indeed, in ECW, Heyman created an exciting alternative wrestling product that sold out buildings across the U.S. and garnered respectable TV ratings and PPV buyrates. However, those same people who revere him for his creativity, often also criticize him for being a poor businessman. ECW, after all, did go out of business, owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to some of its workers when it shut down. Should he be given complete control of a wrestling company again?

At the very least, I believe Heyman would do a better job of branding TNA than Jarrett, Dixie, Bischoff or Hogan has done. He will focus on the in-ring product, and on creating new stars -- that’s good news for the younger workers in (and perhaps out of) the company.

I hope the deal gets done. It’s obvious the Hogan-Bischoff regime doesn’t have any long-term vision for the company, or at least a good one. As best as I can tell, their plan was to bring in as many big names as possible and hope for the best.

A front office shake-up may be necessary too. They need new ideas, and perhaps Heyman is the visionary to propel them.

Go for it, TNA. Give him what he wants.

And come on, Heyman, accept the deal. You revolutionized the wrestling business once. I challenge you to do it again.

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Listener since Episode 1 said...

If this is true, TNA must really either be on the brink of folding or they really are grasping at straws in trying to find their footing in the wrestling industry.

But TNA looking at Paul Heyman as a real option has proven that the Hulk Hogan/Eric Bishoff era has failed more then Portugal did against Spain.

Sry, Donnie had to throw that jab in, Oh and Viva Espana!

Bubba The Love Sponge said...

Another example of how Dixie is completely worked by the idiots on facebook and twitter

Brock Lesnar said...

I think its a great move in my opinion

Dante Ross said...

How much lipstick can one put on a pig? I catch TNA's webmatches and thats fine with me. Lots of flipping ass dudes like when it first started and shitty chick matches but its only 3 minutes and I can handle that. Heyman cant save a company.

GRIME said...


Clearly, Dixie is worked by a lot more than the "idiots on facebook and twitter", Bubba. Hogan, Bitchoff and yourself actually convinced the poor lady that it would be a good idea for your fat, talentless ass to be "an on-air character".

My God, Bubba... There are "speak and spell" programs on computers that could have delivered your lines less robotically than you did during your short-lived TNA run. And Hogan and Biscoff actually convinced her you would be good for the role and people would want to see it?

Heyman, at least, is actually IN TOUCH with what people want in 2010. I am personally excited to see what Paul could do with all of the talented young guys that have been having to take a back seat to "legends" such as The Nasty Boys and Scott Hall, etc for 8 years.

I think Paul will do a better job with TNA than anyne has...
My God, it would almost be impossible to do worse.




Anonymous said...


This dude looks just like Fraser Crane!