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Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 176

Hola O-sters! And Viva Espana! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o bring you the hypeness on the 176th episode of "Tha O Show" as Dan celebrates his predicted victory for Team Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

Joining Donnie and Dan in Tha O Zone Lair as always is "Fatty" Frank Fronte. And returning as a special in-studio guest is International Wrestling Superstar, Hornet!

AND ... the toughest man to ever wear a dress, Big Vito returns to tha show!

Check it out now by pressing play, launching in a new window or downloading the mp3 now!

On this week's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

AND a VERY candid edition of "Tha Round Table" featuring former ECW/WCW/WWE Superstar, Big Vito LoGrasso! This one gets heated as Big Vito and Big Daddy go head to head!

Taking you out this week is the brand new banger, "Bring It Back" from Monolith's Nish Raawks, which can be downloaded here on!

25 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 176"

John said...

Great Show Like Always and for my Money In The Bank Predictions I think either Ted DiBiase or John Morrison might win for the Raw Ladder Match but Im not to sure who is going to win the Smackdown one

sean said...

I've worked as a radio producer for 13 years. I know the feeling you get when you lose a key guest at the 11th hour.

Fear. Panic. Overdrive.

That's when you hit your rolodex and find out who the good people in the business are.

Kudos to Big Vito for coming in last second and delivering a solid segment.

Anonymous said...

Did Vito say he was the most over guy in the WWE for a year?



Did he ever come close to their status? I like Vito and I think he talks a good game but that was some crazyness.

Anonymous said...

Frank should be drunk every week.

red rooster said...

I love Big Vito

Jim J in Philly said...

I like how Hornet stood up to Vito. I wonder if vets would consider that cocky?

When Vito talked about Trent Acid, he admitted he was great but never got his shot. I've watched Hornet many times and he is great so for Vito to crush Hornet for never being a tv star and to praise Trent because he passed seems a little ................ inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Respect to Vito for last minute fill-in and respect to BDD for standing up to Vito when he tried trashing Hornet and boosting Russo.

Too many interviewers wait till the guest hangs up and then talk big. You've got balls man.

sean said...

I have a production question... do you guys prepare questions for your guests? I ask because I'm assuming you had a list of questions for L.A. PARK and then had no time to prepare for Vito, but that interview sounded timely and appropriate ... especially tough since you've had him on several times.

mkf said...

So is the old O Phone dead? I like the new #. Easier to remember.

Bloodclot said...

Yhat ending was wicked. Was it Bitchassmuh? Where was he?
What is a chichiman? Frank Fronte is a Chichiman.


Anonymous said...

Did I seriously just hear Vito just say he was "the most popular athlete in the world" when he did that asinine dress gimmick?

At best he was a midcard comedy act on WWE's B show and his precious gimmick wasn't even original. Can't wait for his delusional rap album (actually yes I can. I can wait forever).

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does anyone else constantly have an issue hearing the guests on this show? Every week there is some fucker speaking off mic and it is so hard to hear.

I love the show but come on, guys, you have got to get on the ball with this. It's week in, week out and it really affects the show.

If it's a technical issue, it should have been addressed by now. If it's a guest issue, then kindly instruct these people to talk into the mic. It sounds like they are on the opposite end of the room and hardly come up on mic.

Starchip Pain to the knee said...

Greeting from Portugal Big Daddy! Your family's from what region of the country? I love the show and i've listen to it for year and half. Danny-e-o you're a great rapper, too bad you're didn't get a bigger break in the business yet.
You guys should have TID in the studio more often, he's Badass! When you're going to have the Black Profet in the studio with you for a show? And i love when you have the canadian female wrestlers in the studio, they sound (and look) hot and sweet. I love the canadian wrestling i can get and believe the Canadian wrestlers are the best in the world and my favourite wrestler was from Canada (he's dead now, you may guess who it is). Congratulations and continue the very good work. I listen to various wrestling podcasts while working, and you're the best and most fun part of my week. Thank you very much!!

johnny o in toronto said...

First time commenter here!

Is there a better interviewer in wrestling than Donnie? He asks tough questions, but people never seem to get pissed at him. Even this week when he and Vito got hot, you could tell Vito has a lot of respect for BDD. Sometimes I am shocked he asks the questions he does. I was shocked he asked Booker T about drugs or his attitude problems in TNA. I'm new to the broadcasting industry and I constantly listen to this show just to hear how the interview's are structured.

I think I get the formula. Donnie warms them up and builds rapport allowing him to ask tough questions. Dan asks the questions a "fan" would ask and Frank drops in one or two from the smark's eye. Frank is the voice of the IWC.

Well done.

I will say, I was glad Bitchasma wasn't there this week. He seems like a cool guy, but what would he have contributed to the interview?

Well done everyone.

BigDaddy said...

Lots of great feedback this week, I'll do my best to answer questions.


Typically we don't prepare questions for the round table. We may have a particular topical issue that we discuss off air and say "we should ask _____ about this"

My biggest pet peeve with people conducting interviews, is when you write out your 10 questions and go. What happens there is, guys are so focused on their next question, they miss the two or three follow ups or areas to dig deeper that the guest has given you.


I think tha old O Phone # is active till the end of July, but we are now pushing our new one 414-44-OSHOW. We just purchased a MagicJack (awesome product) and that's what we'll be using now.


Bitchassmuh was a good guess. You've got the right bloodline anyway. LOL. It was Dan-e-o's jamaican side calling Tha O Phone to congratulate his Spanish side.


... Yup, tech issues happen and so does human error. I'm not going to sling blame or anything ... I'm simply going to say, we endeavor to improve every week. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, believe me.

@Starchip Pain

I have family from all over Portugal. The strongest concentration coming from my dad's hometown of arcos de valdevez.

I agree, having Tid in studio more often would be great, but Tid lives two hours away from Tha O Zone Lair - so when he does come in, he's doing a four hour round trip. Believe me we are appreciative when he does.

@johnny o

I am humbled by your praise. We simply try to provide the most interesting product we can. The biggest compliment I can ever receive from a guest is "wow that was fun. I've never done an interview like that before" or "i've never been asked any of those questions before". Fortunately for us, that's become a common trend from our guests, and I am relieved every time I hear it.

When you see a guy who is out doing the radio show circuit, he typically does the exact same interview on a dozen different shows.

I don't want us asking questions we KNOW the answer to, just to hear the guest say them on our show. We want the most compelling content possible for our listeners.

Keep those comments coming guys.

billy ray said...

I like when you guys put something on at the end of the show after the song. It feels like when you sit through the credits at the movies and there's an extra scene and it makes me happy for sitting through it because the music you play at the end is almost always rap i've never heard of and I don't like rap at all.

bradley said...

Play the game agin were frank trys to get laid on that chatline! I thout u guys were going to do it this week and I guess their wasnt enuf time or somthing.

When I drink too much, I type too much said...

This is regarding the Oron Bourne finish spot:

I see where you are coming from BDD. It did look impressive and was timed well by both guys however here is my problem:

The set up showed me that there was not gonna be a shooting star press now called a SSP. You see when Brock went for his SSP against Kurt, he was way too far. If he hit it, he'd look like a monster Luchador, but he landed on his head and knocked himself out momentarily. Good thing he has no neck or he woulda broke it.

When I was watching Raw, Bourne had Orton way too far. Perhaps it was a mistake on Cole or King's part for pointing it out, but he was not gonna hit a SSP much less a regular splash (RVD could).

I know I sound too picky, but these guys are in the WWE where I kinda expect more. I think this spot could been gold if it looked like it was possible for Bourne to hit the SSP and Orton did his gay roll that he used to do and followed that with the RKO.

Speaking of Orton, he is good, perhaps one of the top 5 guys, but I know BDD says he is a face not a tweener and I agree. My problem with him is that he is trying to be the heel Orton (RKOing Bourne after a tag match and just being his dickish self) but that thing he does on the corner ropes with his arms in the air is TOO faceish. Like Carlito said: What the hell is that (mocking Orton by raising his arms in that gay way).


Starchip Pain to the knee said...

You're straight from the North dude. I'm from the South, Alentejo!
Keep the good work, Portuguese brother! I just want to say and more thing, and sorry if i'm being a pain in the ass. I've been sick since February, diagnosed with depression, always with anxiety and shit... i had to be put to sleep for some weeks. But while i was recuperating i started listening to past shows, and i just have to thank you guys, you made me laugh so hard on my bed my family started to think i was going crazy. And now with the o-chives it's even easier! I never had listened to the very first shows! Thanks very much, from the bottom of my heart, to all the team of the o-show, the best wrestling podcast on the web!!

The Great Sudoku said...

Wasn't Dr. Dre the first rapper to pull the dress gimmick?

Also.... The Green Hornet at one time was played by Bruce Lee. Use the Bitch-Azz-Muh comeback next time Hornet:
"That's right I'm the Green Hornet, I'm Bruce Lee muh-fuh"

BigDaddy said...

@Sudoku No, Bruce Lee played The Green Hornet's bitch sidekick Kato.

@Starchip Glad you are enjoying the show and the ease of the new site.

@Drink Too Much I hate the Orton gay pose in the corner too, but I can deal with that when he's doing so much else so well.

I'm sorry, but your thought that Orton was too far for Orton would be incorrect. I have seen Matt Sydal hit a 450 and an SSP 3/4 of the way across the ring. Mind you that was an 18 foot and 16 foot ring respectively, but Orton was closer to the mid way point.

Usually when an announcer says "He's too far" it's to blow your fuckin mind when the guy DOES hit the spot.

All apologies said...

BDD i hope i don't sound angry, because i know and love that its "locker room radio" but sometimes when you have guests you put over their work or something related. Like when you had Konnan on and you bigged up triplemania or you out of the blue mention some recent puro stuff.

Can you do that more often? I dont listen to other shows and everytime you guys make a recommendation i check it out, it would be way cooler if you go " oh i saw a recent puro match go check it out yall" instead of bringing it up if it relates to a guest but has already passed.

Hope i dont sound angry i just think it would be more cool what you guys watch aside from the usual.

BigDaddy said...

@all apologies

If I come across something cool or different, I try to share it with the Osters. Sometimes though, I won't actually make time to watch something until it pertains to a guest on the show.

I.E. - I didn't watch TripleMania until after the event was over, and even then, I only watched a bit at a time. I finished the PPV the week Konnan was on the show so I'd be able to speak to it if needed.

As crazy as it may sound to some people, even thought we have a 2hr show - that time just FLIES when we're in studio!!

Anonymous said...

After hearing more about Hornets work i want to know does he make a living with wrestling now? Or at least enough where he doesn't need a second job? Because cmll and dragon gate are pretty big in their country.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the match here on Tha O Show of Veto Vs Terry Flunk and he called that his best match? it was brutal.