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Tha Raw Report: Hot Rod

So this week Rodney the Piper was teased as the anonymous General Manager of "Raw." As long as they keep teasing a different person it'll be great. Hopefully they don't drop the teases. That wouldn't make sense to do, but, we've watched the E long enough to know that it's possible.

The Nexus angle is great. I like the way they continue to change things up with the non-Nexus guys. Even after the attempted attack earlier in the night I'm sure many expected Sheamus to attack Cena. He didn't so some walked away surprised which isn't bad.

I will give both John Cena and the Double Double E credit for what they're doing with him right now. They've done several things to get Cena over with the "smart" audience. His reaction live is still mixed, but he's becoming more, something. I don't know if believable is the word to use or not. Maybe.

Cena's promo's directed against the Nexus are much better than his normal "I'm a stand up comedian," junk. He still throws in his humor, but sometimes it's ok. Not if the whole shtick is his "bologna, fudge and mustard," it's screwed.

I think that adding the Diva's match with Alicia Fox and Eve to the MitB PPV is a pretty good idea. They're both better than several of their alternatives, plus Eve can give the division that whole trained by the Gracie's spark. Alicia can work pretty good, and well, look at her.

I'm actually intrigued by the Hart/Uso dynamic. It's all going together nicely and if the E wanted to they could drag this thing out for quite some time. Tamina and Nattie could probably put on some matches that would rival what the top Diva's are doing.

There is a possibility that the Ted DiBiase and John Morrison can be the show stealing feud if they are allowed to run with it. Many have been saying for quite a while that it's time to push the younger guys with real talent. This is a golden opportunity.

So R-Truth's replacement in the Money in the Bank ladder match is Mark Henry. I can deal with that actually. Speaking of the Money in the Bank ladder match the RKO out of the shooting star press was O-tastic. Literally. First stand up pop I've given since Mania.

Looking at the guys in the ladder match it isn't easy to pick a guy who needs it or deserves it more than any of the others. I have resigned myself to the fact that it'll be Edge or Orton with Jericho having an outside chance. Of the other five I'd honestly have to say Miz should win. He'd be a solid heel champion.

If I had to go with a face John Morrison would be my pick. I'm not into the character as much when he's a face, but I think he could make it work. If Morrison were a heel he'd be without a doubt the guy I'd want to see go over. We'll find out in six days though.

What I want to ask though is will anyone be disappointed either way? If a former champ wins or if a fresher face goes over? It's actually a great match because it brings up the question, will the belt make the worker of the worker make the belt? Sorry Vince, I meant to say championship.

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Anonymous said...

it should be split. a former champion wins 1 MiTB and a fresh guy wins the other MiTB. Raw = former champion winer, and Smackdown = Fresh guy.

here are my votes w/ 3 diff reasons:

who should win (makes most since): Miz
who deserves it the most: Miz
who will win: Orton

who should win (makes most since): Kofi or Cody
who deserves it the most: Christian
who will win: Drew McIntyre

Teddy Mark said...

Why does everyone have a hardon for The Miz?

He can't work, and his promos while improving bore me to shit. I'm Awesome? More like I'm Shitalaz!

Here's there chance to do the right thing and officially make Teddy Jr. Ted Sr. should have gotten the gold at Wrestlemania 4 but now they have a chance to give Ted his shot at the title. Is he ready to carry the show? No, but really was Edge or CM Punk ready when they first won the MITB? No. They have a year to make him more legitimate, and if they do it right, Ted vs. Orton can probably be the best WWE feud since Rock/Austin. It looks like the Fed is going to drop the ball on Edge/Orton, so give Teddy the MITB, have Orton beat Sheamus at SummerSlam and build the Teddy/Orton feud.

D.J.B. said...

Miz is doing his job better than most right now. I hated the guy a while back. Legit wanted to see him off of TV. Here lately though his improvement is noticeable. He is a better worker than a few of the guys on the roster and is head and shoulders above where he was. He changed his look when he was getting shit and went to a more traditional style of gear and working.

I'm incredibly high on DiBiase right now, but let him run with his Million Dollar gimmick with Maryse. Why not groom him and put him over at Mania.

Skitlez said...

Exactly DJB. Don't be in a rush to put Ted at the top of the card. Cody either. Both have there own gimmicks and should be given time to get over. Elevate them later, establish the base now.