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Mike Poulin's TNA iMPACT! Recap

Sting comes out and says that it seems like everything's gone Hollywood or maybe it's gone Black and White. Sting says that at Slammiversary RVD is in the wrong place at the wrong time and we see another Sting Video package same from last week, Bischoff comes out and says that Sting isn't the man he used to be and books Sting in a match with Samoa Joe.

Match 1

Sting vs Samoa Joe went about 20 seconds before Matt Morgan ran out and both he and Sting attacked Joe and then RVD ran out and made the save and in tonight's main event it will be RVD vs Morgan vs Joe vs Sting in a Four Way for the title.

Match 2

Roxxi pinned Rosie Lottalove with a small package when she was distracted by Madison Rayne. After the match, Rosie dropped Madison with the tree slam and promised to take out the Beautiful People.

Match 3

Jay Lethal beat AJ Styles and Kazarian in a 3 way dance with a roll up on AJ.

Ric Flair gets the microphone and tells AJ Styles to go home and look at himself in the mirror and figure out if he wants to be Flair's protege because right now he's confused.

Kurt Angle comes out as AJ is leaving and we go to commercial. Angle comes out to the ring and says that unfortunately for Kazarian at Slammiversary he is the first victim for Angle on his way through the top 10 rankings. Flair takes the microphone and basically does a put over of Angle saying he's the best amateur wrestler but says that he is god. We have this segment and ends up in a brawl between Angle and Kazarian after Angle shoves Flair off the ramp.

Christy Hemme is in the ring and brings out MR ANDERSON. ANDERSON says that he could come out here and make his big announcement but he's distracted by something obviously looking down at Christy's breasts but he says that the fans are hoping that Christy has a wardrobe malfunction. ANDERSON announces that at Slammiversary it will be him and his partner JEFF HARDY facing Beer Money. Hardy comes out and tells us we're all invited. Beer Money comes out. Roode calls ANDERSON and Hardy BFF's and says they no nothing about Tag Team Wrestling and says The Hardy Boyz suck. I'd beg to differ with that point. Anyway segment ends in a big brawl between all four men.

Match 4

Jeff Hardy Pinned James Storm in 9 minutes with a swanton bomb. Looked to be a really good match from what I saw of it.

Match 5

Robert Roode beat MR ANDERSON in about 5 minutes by using the ropes for leverage.

Match 6

Abyss and Rob Terry beat Desmond Wolfe and Orlando Jordan.

Match 7

Rob Van Dam beat Matt Morgan, Sting and Samoa Joe in 6 minutes in a non-title Fatal Four-Way match.

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