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Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 170

Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back in Tha O Zone Lair for their monumental 170th episode. It's a big one!

Frank Fronte is back to join in getting you all the O's you can handle. There's some new segments, O-mazing guests and a hype new song to end things off!

Press play, launch in a new window or download the mp3 now!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.!

The return of "Get Out Of The Industry, You Douche!".

"Tha Black Prophet".

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say"

The debut of a new segment where tha boys "Try To Get Frank Laid".

"Tha Round Table" with wrestling royalty, Tiger Jeet Singh Jr.

PLUS, the bangin' new cut from Monolith's Nish Raawks, "Something"!

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18 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 170"

Moonsalt said...

Young workers, wanna get over? use the diamond cutter/rko. The move looks tight, the move can be pulled from anywhere, see DDP during his WCW run, and can realistically be blocked or avoided.

You do the cutter, you get over.

Dante Ross said...

True, Moonsalt. But the Stunner is another story. Look at The Disciple and Disco Inferno. The RKO I like because it floats. And Dan-e-o, falling stomach first alone hurts. Having some dude pull you down will make that shit worse. I'm not done with the show yet. Just had to run-in. And I thought this ass' name was Headshrinker.

hype said...

dan your u gonna say camron isnt a real lyicist?

camron was in children of the corn with big l mcgruff, part arty, bloodshed, mase etc who were affiliated with DITC (DIGGING IN THE CRATES) little did u know DITC..and camron been tight all thoose years of the most lyrical crews in new york in the 90's........tell me camron didnt rip this track and show his lyricism

peep it and comment back on what u think...but u will most likely ignore this comment or u wont approve the comment to beging with..either way...check it..

crass said...

One of the best episodes ever! That chat line segment had me pissing my pants at the office!

Jose the 5'9" said...

The name of the track is called "Horse and Carriage" by Cam'ron.

anna said...

Why a great show! I just found out about you guys a couple weeks ago on Podomatic and I am now a fan forever!

anna said...

and i never violate the terms of that guy's PSO!!!!

Not all women are idiots!!

Anonymous said...

I'll never make fun of Khali again! Tiger was an awesome guest guys.

Anonymous said...

Whose the slutwhore that is sayign the new O Show .com sucks? That bitch has taken too many nut shots in the eye

P.A. said...

"Try to get frank laid" was fuckin great. You def gotta do that again sometime.

AdamFromWelland said...

Frank has GOT to be kayfabing us, there's no way that he can be THAT horrible with women....

Anonymous said...

Tiger Ali Singh was very underused in WWE and he just made me realize it was worse than I thought. What a great guest

Anonymous said...

I hate how WWE called him ALI to make him sound muslim when we all know he is a sikh.

observer said...

to Moonsault. Kazarian used a cutter as a transition spot on Impact this week and he got no reaction at all.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Jeet Singh Jr is a classy guy and he really changed my feelings about Khali.

I also hate Jim Ross now.

Hipnosis said...

.....I noticed Fatty Frank Fronte sounds like WCW's Mark Madden lol

Moonsalt said...

to observer. the cutter is still like any move, it needs some buildup and psychology behind it to mean anything. For example we see DDTs used all the time by all kinds of Joe Blow wrestlers and are nothing more than another simple wrestling moves, but when Jake the Snake use a DDT we expect the dude he used it on to be six feet under.

I just thought it was interesting that the two workers that I would say were the most tied to the cutter headlined their respective companies during their respective times.

Lisa said...

Hey,guys, I have been listening to your show for the last six months or so and this is my first comment. I think you guys are doing a great job. I just wanted to know your guys opinion on the undertaker vegetative state scenario would you have written the undertaker out of the storyline differently? I did like kane's promo but storyline wise, how does an already deadman go into a vegetable state?