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Fedor Taps!

On November 21st 2009, Tha O Show was hired to host a UFC party with Fabricio Werdum. As part of the hype, I wrote "Come out and meet the guy who will eventually knock Fedor the fuck out!"

Well, I was close! Last night, Fabricio Werdum slapped a triangle choke on Fedor Emelianenko at 4:21 of the first round. After doing very little to escape, the "best heavyweight in the world" defiantly tapped out just 29 seconds later, handing him his first official loss.

It now appears clear that what Notorious T.I.D. and the rest of Tha O Show have been saying for the last two years is fact. Fedor has been living off of reputation for a long time and has looked unimpressive in his last four fights.

Fedor will now have to accept that his decision to go to Strike Force and spurn Dana White's lucrative multi fight contract was the biggest miscalculation of his career. Even more so than arrogantly attempting to ground and pound one of the best Jiu Jitsu artists in the world in his weight class.

The fights everyone had wanted to see: Fedor VS Batista, Fedor VS Lashley or if he did sign with the UFC, Fedor VS Couture or Lesnar are suddenly far less intriguing.

One loss.

That's all it takes to end the career of a man who has looked over rated for years and who has lived off of his unbeaten streak.

Goldberg anyone?

The trickle down effect could be mammoth. Strike Force has been able to promote that the best fighter in the world was theirs and tried earning a foothold in the industry that way. Now, Fedor has submitted to a triangle, without so much as attempt to escape - and to a UFC castoff.

Werdum wasn't able to hang with the UFC's best and went to Strike Force to rebuild his career.

He may have earned himself another look for White, but he may have also put the final nail in the coffin of Emelianenko and Strike Force.

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Mike said...

I was waiting on the crowd to do a WWE-style "YOU TAPPED OUT!" chant lol. I thoroughly enjoyed watching as you said, the Bill Goldberg of MMA get owned.