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Spain Dones Portugal's Party!

I have been waiting for this day since before the 2010 FIFA World Cup even started. With the European Champions Spain going into the tournament as a favourite, I anticipated that a meeting with Portugal might be imminent.

I mean, who didn't think Spain would win their group with Portugal following the superior Brazil in theirs? Even WITH a shocking opening game loss to Switzerland?

When this prediction, made by many, came to fruition, all of a sudden Pork Chops everywhere - including Big Daddy Donnie on last week's episode of "Tha O Show" - started singing the praises of their unproven team as if they were super heroes.

I asked Don the other day what Portugal's all time record was against Spain. He declined to answer. Here it is: in 33 meetings (including today's game), Portugal has beaten Spain only 5 times! HA!

Unless you're Booker T, 5 times, ain't impressive. And Don's team wasn't at all that impressive today. Spain took possession of the ball nearly 70% of the game giving Portugal's star player Cristiano Ronaldo almost no chances to score. Spain, on the other hand, nearly scored twice in the first minute.

Although an early goal wasn't to be, one goal was all that was needed to send Portugal packing. If only I had the time to re-type all the hate-ocity-filled text messages Don and I have been sending each other over the past several days.

All I have to reiterate though is that Portugal had 2 draws and 1 win during the opening round. The ONLY team they could score against was North Korea, and every Pork Chop I know made sure to remind me that it was 7 goals.

As I mentioned on last week's show...what good are those 7 goals in the next round? Nada. Sure Spain lost their opening match. But guess who's among the final 8 teams vying to be World Cup Champs? VIVA ESPANA!

Honestly though, good game. I'll save the rest of my gloating for this week's episode.

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CJF said...

It was a pretty decent game, agreed, and Spain did deserve to win - probably by more than one goal.

So, soccer-fan Dan... you'll be cheering for Canada next time World Cup qualifying comes around, right?

Raul D'Souza said...

If you dont want us using the N word which im not sure how you get to use since you are so Spanish, then dont call us porkchops. Thats our word for us.

Tiago said...

I want to see your comments after your country of origin(cof cof) Spain plays Argentina or Germany

Bandwagoners Are Jobbers said...

So where was all of this love for Portugal and Spain during the Winter Olympics? Bnadwagoners. What happened to the advice that Tid gave during the NHL playoffs? Team Canada is eliminated, so go sit in a corner and figure out what went wrong, see you in 2014.

BigDaddy said...

You're going to hate on me - being excited about my team's 7-0 win last week (the second highest margin of victory in World Cup history) but you're the guy who trumpeted the Blue Jays as World Series contenders last year in April.

Congrats to Spain. They played well. To say that Portugal was unimpressive today is just ignorant.

Ronaldo was unimpressive. The Portuguese keeper and defence was outstanding, and they had several excellent chances to score.

Jose in Toronto said...

I thought Dan was Jamaican. The only time he mentions anything about being Spanish is the last two weeks and when Spain surprisingly won the Euro.

Anonymous said...

GO SPAIN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Soccer is fuckin gay.

Ruiz said...


Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o predicted it last week and it happened. Portugal was favoured on most betting lines but that one goal just squeeked in, or else it was going to PK

raven said...

impressive game by both teams. spain won, but portugal still played one hell of a game.

cena sucks balls said...


nando said...

Does Daneo realize that Spain and Portugal were ranked #2 and #3 in the world at start of tourney?

Anonymous said...

Spain is gonna lose against Brazil in the semifinals anyway.

Soo much noise for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a big article when Spain is eliminated?


Dan-e-o said...

Thanks for all the responses. Let's do this in order...

CJF: Hell yes, I'd be cheering for Canada if they ever make it to the World Cup again. Knowing full well that they won't win is fine by me. I'm always Canadian first.

Bandwagoners Are Jobbers: I cheered Spanish athletes during the Winter Olympics too. But let me state the obvious: Canadian athletes are more predisposed to winning events at the Winter Games just as soccer is something the Spanish live by. Being of (half) Spanish descent, why wouldn't I cheer for Spain at the World Cup?

Tiago: Thanks for implying that Spain will defeat Paraguay. I'll be happy to share my thoughts as the tournament rolls along.

Raul D'Souza: Didn't know only porkchops were allowed to call each other porkchops. My bad.

BigDaddy: You keep harping on my love for the Blue Jays. I'm well aware they are not as competitive as I'd like them to be. The Spanish soccer team, on the other hand, is clearly superior to the Portugese side. That has been evident from time. Don't take my word for it. The experts agree.

Seems to me, however, your love for your soccer team is as blind as mine for the Blue Jays. You were SO sure you'd beat Spain. The way I saw it, Portugal was outmatched.

Jose In Toronto: Have none of you muhfuggaz ever heard of someone being MIXED? Fans of Tha O Show are well aware that I am HALF Spanish and HALF me equal opportunity to represent each of the two countries how I see fit.

Anonymous: I disagree.

Anonymous: I agree.

Anonymous: Yes I did. Thanks for pointing that out.

Ruiz: Ditto.

Raven: It was a good game and Portugal did play well. But how any porkchop (whoops, sorry) Portugese person assumed the game was in the bag for them before it began (and many did) is beyond me.

Nando: I did realize that. However, that still reaffirms the point I made to Raven.

Cena Sucks Balls: Si!

Anonymous: We shall see. We did beat a team that Brazil could not.

Anonymous: Read the above.

Tiago said...

Dan-e-o: Paraguay is gonna be easy for spain...the semi final is the ultimate proving ground. If you win that, the cup is yours. Seu Paneleiro!

Anonymous said...

To repeat a comment I saw on twitter: Soccer is like "Twilight". People run around at random for two hours, no one scores, and a billion people tell you that you don't understand.

Anonymous said...

See you in the finals against halland