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Tha Raw Report: We're TV PG

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't considered one as far as the Nation of O goes, but Bret Hart as the General Manager of "Raw" is a great move. People who I've known for quite some time that either don't watch wrestling, or haven't in quite some time have mentioned it to me. The ratings gain may not instant, but of all those that have mentioned it to me said they'd be watching.

Speaking of Bret Hart his in-ring segment was pretty good, but also a head scratcher. What was the purpose of Vince's appearance? Was it a final farewell from Vince? Was it a start to a future angle? Was it their ultimate blow off? Who knows, could have just been a thing to get attention.

I really know that I wasn't the only one that knew as soon as the "Hit" was mentioned it was Alicia Fox? The incredibly smoking Alicia Fox. Zack Ryder could handle a push, and this wasn't the one I was expecting. It was a pretty nice little touch that Ryder talking to Orton set up the attack from his former boss Edge on Orton.

Speaking of that door slam on Orton it looked great on TV. Orton sold it well, the "producer" backstage running over to call for help was good and Edge even lingered for a second looking. If Orton can get healthy he and Edge could carry the WWE Championship in a summer feud that rivals the Edge/Cena feud from '06.

The main event of "Raw" was supposed to be Edge and Sheamus against Cena and Orton, but the Orton injury, and the Orton injury angle opened the door for a "mystery partner." I fully expected it to be a mystery partner that completely and totally underwhelmed, but I was wrong.

I was really happy to see someone get a shot. Sure Bourne is over and has some wins under his belt, and sure at the beginning of the show he and Edge went at it. Bourne cut the typical, "I want my shot" promo, but unlike the usual, "I want my shot" promo Bourne actually got one, though it's probably for one night only.

It looked though in the show open that Bourne tweaked or hurt his knee, but later in the night that didn't appear to be the case. Bourne has a high flying style, but I really think he could work with anyone and put on a good match. Maybe he couldn't convincingly beat the bigger guys, or at least make it believable. Although cannon ball ass to the face is great.

I really liked the fact that Bourne got the deciding pin in the tag team match, and my hats off to Cena, or the bookers or whoever made that decision, because even if Bourne doesn't go to main event status, it puts another face in the mix for a while.

Wait, convincingly beating bigger guys, and believably beating bigger guys has never stopped wrestling before because Rey Mysterio made a large part of his career off of that. Beating bigger guys and being over with those who aren't tall enough to ride roller coasters themselves. Which begs the question, "Is Dan-e-o a closet Mysterio fan?"

The Uso's promo and then domination of The Hart Dynasty was great. It quickly got over a set of new faces, and positions them for a run with the belts. Calm down Canadian's, it will be alright. They may not win immediately, or they may trade the belts with the Dynasty. I'm just wondering when The Million Dollar Kid Ted DiBiase will start his new second and third generation stable.

Bryan Danielson, forgive me if I don't use his slave name looked damn good on "Raw" tonight, and the guy is over. I'm pretty sure everyone reading this knows how good he really is, and while I don't expect him to be WWE or World Heavyweight Champion anytime soon, a program pairing him with Regal as a team would be incredible. Or keep him feuding with the Miz.

I have said again and again that the Miz has continued to grow on me, and he still is, I think he can be much bigger than he is now. I'm glad they got the tag belts off of him, but I think the US belt could have gone back to him, or had him feud with R-Truth over the belt. He can be a champion now and actual defenses can only help him.

I don't mind R-Truth as the United States Champion, and I think he can have some hellacious title matches during his reign. Although I fully expect him to be in other types of matches, including July's Money in the Bank "Raw" match where the US Championship will be on the back burner.

The E has to put it's champions and championships at the forefront. As long as Vince Russo thinking, (The belt is just a prop!)is present championships will continue to not mean a damn thing. It really devalues them when people think that the company thinks that.

I think Ashton Kutcher will be one of the highest rated "Guest Host" editions of "Raw." Kutcher's Twitter following is huge, Kutcher has a pretty big following outside of Twitter as well. Maybe it won't translate, but I have a feeling that it will.

To anyone who saw the USA/Royal Pains commercial immediately following "Raw" can I get an OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

Happy Memorial Day everybody. And a heartfelt thank you to all those who serve and have served, to those who came home and those who didn't. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

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