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Tha NEW Website Is Here With a TON Of New Features!

Yes, O-sters, Tha O Show website has finally been re-launched and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We hope you take the time to explore the new site.

We fully expect some of you to beg for the old blog-style site to return, but alas – those days are gone and change IS good!

Thanks to our friends at MF Web Solutions, the all new site is cleaner, more organized and more user friendly. Take a look at some of the new features we have built for you:

Navigation bar – finally, has a traditional navigation bar at the top of the site – which means we don’t have to list every single link on our sidebar. Less scrolling – much cooler!

Improved searching – The search bar conveniently found at the top right of the site has been much improved. A great way to quickly search

Subscribe to iTunes – Tha O Show Radio Program has been on iTunes for a long time, and finally we have our own feed and we are making it easier than ever for you to subscribe!

Content Slider – On the homepage there is a large slider section that directs you to various features on our site. You can rewind, fast forward or pause the slider as you wish!

Newsfeed – courtesy of our friends at, we are now offering a live, dynamic news feed on our site! In the past, we didn’t carry EVERY news story imaginable – because our writers focus on editorials more than reporting. Now you have the best of both worlds!

O-chives – One of the biggest complaints of the old site was how hard it was to find old episodes of Tha O Show Radio Program! Well, now it’s easier than ever! Episodes appear in an embedded player that you can stream online! If you’re looking to download old episodes, you can visit our podomatic page, As of today, Tha O-Chives are NOT complete, but they will be shortly. Stay tuned!

Vid-e-o section – featured videos will now be shown in this section of the right bar. Sweet!

PayPal Donation Button – Tha O Show relies on sponsorship dollars and merchandise sales in order to stay in business. Now you can help support your bros by making a donation via PayPal, quickly and easily. Any denomination is greatly appreciated!

About Section – The About section has been beefed up and highlights on-air contributors other than tha hosts. The illustrated images are just so sick too!

Soundboard – This feature is still in development and will be beefed up in the near future. Now you can act like you are the technical producer of Tha O Show and play with our SFX keyboard! Sweet!

Free Quotes on Custom Music – Tha O Show founded O Show Music three years ago, and now we make it easier than ever to get a FREE quote on your very own custom track. Just fill out the form and send it off and one of our sales team members will reply within 48 hours.

Consolidated Storefront - Tha old site featured items that you were able to purchase but they were spread out. Now all of our products have been consolidated in one section, making it easier than ever to see what’s for sale!
Links section - Pretty self explanatory, but it’s been built up and will only get bigger!

Link to us – We get asked all the time for graphics to place on outside sites so that people can support us / link to us. Well now, we have a couple of graphics WITH hotlink code ready for you to just cut and paste. More banners / buttons will be added shortly. If you’d like to submit one, send to

Rotating banners and ads – You will notice that the main banners, partner logos and some ad banners will change on every refresh – making the site a little different every single time you check It out!

There are a ton of additional features currently in development. If you have site suggestions, please send them to

12 comments: on "Tha NEW Website Is Here With a TON Of New Features!"

P.A. said...

the site is freakin sweet guys..... Good job.

Anonymous said...

I love the new look guys! It's clean and well layed out and easy to find everything! Awesome job

MKF said...

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this. The new site is a huge improvement. I love it.

Jim J said...

I saw the site transitioning from old to new last night and i popped out loud when I saw the outline of template before it was all filled in. This is a huge improvement and there is SO much more to do now.

BigDaddy said...

We had someone trash the look of the new site - and bash the fact that we locked comments from this post.

We locked comments, because we thought it'd be easier to have this page kept clean...

All of the feedback has been very positive ...

I tried publishing Anonymous guy's comments, but unfortunately it must have deleted somehow .... so if you have actual feedback and not just "your template sucks" we welcome it.

Anonymous said...

this site is so sick now!

jim j said...

I saw the other guy's comment on the Raw report. Sounds to me like a guy who is bitter he didn't get the chance to do the job.

The site is hypealaz and anyone who says otherwise is just loaded with jealosity!

kavon said...

I keep playing with the soundboard. When will more sounds be added??

M.F said...

The full soundboard is coming soon... But we need your help.

On the soundboard page, post comments of sounds you'd like added. Once we get enough feedback, we'll have a full soundboard up.

lariat said...

Much respect to everyone who put the new site together!

White prophet said...

New site is great cuz it's white all over! About time !!!

Jsnwwfv3 said...

i need help finding the brandi richardson debut when dan-e-o cut that great freestyle in brandi