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UFC 114 Recap

Efrain Escudero (156 lbs.) vs. Dan "the Upgrade" Lauzon (155 lbs.)

I missed most of the first round trying to find a Spike TV feed, but from what I understand Lauzon came out hard, Escudero resisted him and it settled down into a good evenly-fought round.

Round two Escodero is bobbing and weaving, avoiding all the jab attempts by Lauzon. Escudero with a low leg kick, a few jabs, another low leg kick. Lauzon throws a Superman punch that Escudero avoids, moves in and throws knees, throws bombs, clinches, big knees, jumping knee, Lauzon is covering up, Escudero throws more punches then backs off so he doesn't gas out. Lauzon covered up and survived well.

Lauzon throws a big swing, shoots for the single leg takedown, Escudero stuffs it and gets backed up to the fence. 3:30 left in the round. Escudero tries for a Guilotine, Lauzon pulls his head out, presses Escudero against the cage, Lauzon hits a knee to the body and exits back. Escudero closes in, throws a knee, back off, they tap gloves to show sportsmanship, 2:40 left in the round. Escudero with a roundhouse kick misses, Lauzon trade with a low leg kick. Escudero backs up Lauzon to the cage with jabs and punches, but backs off a little, Lauzon gets a little room. Both men faking leg attacks, 2:00 left. Both men tradingt jabs, feelign each other out, Escudero throws a big right, Lauzon blocks it but is looking slower, 1:45 left. Lauzon is looking to get around Escudero, Escudero keeps cutting him off, a flying knee, another knee tohte ehad, Lauzon is covering up, 1:25 left, Escudero throwing more kicks and knees, pushes Lauzon against the fence, exits with a right jab, 1:00 left. Escudero backs up and lures Lauzon out, and he heats a kick from Escudero. Escudero walks in and jabs Lauzon right int he side of the head, Lauzon falls on his back, Escudero throws a few legs kicks, backs off and forces Lauzon to stand, 30 seconds left. Escudero throwing more kicks to keep Lauzon at bey. Lauzon timidly throwing jabs, tries for a leg kick, gets caught, Escudero finishes witha flurry of punches, a single leg takedown into the cage, and another flurry of punches.

Third and final round, Lauzon corner tells him that he wants Lauzon to shove his mouthpiece down his throat, and he's got five minutes to make a name for himself forever. Light sparring back and forth until Escudero loses his mouthpiece and has to re-adjust it. Back to the action, 4:15 left in the round. Escudero with a right leg kick to Lauzon's left knee which throws him off balance, but Lauzon comes back with strikes and a high head kick, 3:40 left. Lauzin goes in with a flurry of punches, Escudero avoids most of it, counters back and puts Lauzon on the chase, 3:20 left. Lauzon backs off, gets backed up to the cage, Escudero tees off, puts Lauzon on the cage, throws body punches and looks for control along with knees to the legs. 2:45 left, Escudero choses back to back off the middle of the cage, clinches on Lauzon, knee, knee, junping knee, Lauzon pulls away, Escudero is looking fresh, Lauzon is very tired. Lauzon slow with the left jabs, Escudero sees them a mile away, avoids, and throws some quick punches to counter. Lauzon acts like he's punching a shadow, Escudero with good kicks, but Lauzon counters with a high kick, Escudero blocks it, 90 seconds left. Escudero tries for a side kick, Lauzon avoids, counters with a kick that's easily blocked. 1:00 left, Escudero is now bouncing in place, almost dancing, and the crowd boos the showboating, but Escudero has this wrapped up. Lauzon throws more big, slow singing lefts and rights, Escudero ducks, evades and counters with good, sharp punches in return, and snaps off good leg kicks, 30 seconds, Lauzon trying to avoid, Escudero throws a low kick that catches Lauzon flush on the groid at 17 seconds left, calling a stop to the action. Josh Rosenthol says that this is the second time Escudero threw a low kick, and he's going to deduct a point. HUH? He didn't get a warning before this... Escudero goes NUTS and he can't believe it! He's mad! We get back to action and Escudero is swinging for the fences, he's PISSED and wants a KO rather than let this go to the judges with a point deduction! Lauzon ain't gonna take it though, he SCREAMS and throws bombs right back, fifteen seconds of nothing but fists until the bell! This one goes to the judges...

Bruce Buffer with the official decision: all three judges score this contest 29-27 for the winner by Unanimous Decision... EFRAIN ESCUDERO!

While I was off taking a restroom break, they showed Luis Arthur Cane vs. Cyrille Diabate. It was only a two minute fight, Cane got rocked early and never really recovered. Great upset victory for Diabate's UFC debut.

Amir Sadollah (4-1-0, 171 lbs.) vs. Dong Hyun "Stun Gun" Kim (12-10-1, 1NC, 171 lbs.)

Despite Kim's mediocre record, he is 3-0 since coming to the UFC and is recognized as a tough veteran. Sadollah has two straight victories in his recent fight. Steve Mazzagatti is our referee in charge as we start Round One. Kim starts out with a low kick, Sadollah doesn't budge and returns a kick and a couple of punches. Kim shoots at 4:30, Sadollah gets a head around the neck as Kim tries to get side control. Kim has to settle for half guard as Sadollah blocks the side control attempt, and wraps up Kim's leg to slow him down, 3:45 left. Kim is trying to work for a arm triangle, Sadollah is blocking carefully, trying for a Guillotine chocke. Kim plants his feet and tries to mount, Sadolla bucks his hips to block it, and looks to be attempting Rubber Guard, 3:00 left. Kim tries to throw a left bomb, Sadollah traps the arm and stops him, Kim has to fight for control. Kim tries to stand up and gets side control again, can only get half guard, Sadollah puts him back in full guard, 2:#0 left. Kim is able to throw a few punches and elbows, but Sadollah is controlling this all from the ground. Kim tries to throw a right, Sadollah grabs the wrist and takes him out of it. Kim is trying to posture up, trying for side control again, Sadollah keeps moving the legs and keeping him in half guard. Kim tries to flip around for a sweep, Sadollah rolls with him, 1:45 left. Kim tries to push Sadollah into the cage, Sadollah with an underhook, Kim tries to block it by throwing punches, postures again, Sadollah pulls him back into half guard with his leg positioning. Kim trying to throw punches, Sadollah evades them from the ground, Kim has to use punches to the body. Sadollah tries to escape, 50 seconds left, Kim quickly takes the back and now looks to be dominant, throws punches to the side of the head, is trying to hook the legs, he's got them hooked, 25 seconds left, but Sadollah is posturing on his feet, Kim gets him pushed to the ground, Sadollah stands back up, Kim is trying to block it, and we struggle here until the round ends. I'm gonna give it 10-9 to Sadollah myself, but Goldberg and Rogen thinks this is Kim's round.

Round Two sees Kim fake a punch, Sadollah counters with a roundhouse kick, Kim counters with a low kick, Sadollah with a high head kick and a thrust kick. Kim shoots at 4:32 and gets a takedown, Sadollah keeps him in full guard, Kim tries to pass for side control, almost gets it, Sadollah blocks it, but Kim steps over again and has side control. Sadollah fights to get half guard back, Kim is able to block it, 3:50 left. Kim is focusing on Sadollah's right arm, looks like a Crucifix to isolate the left arm, but Sadollah snakes otu, throws a knee, 3:20 left. Kimg has ahold of the left leg trying for the takedown again, can't score it, pushes Sadollah on the cage and tries for a leg sweep, Sadollah blocking it, 3:00 left. Kim with a solid knee to the face, an that sets up a near-sweep, Sadollah stumbles but regains his balance. Kim with knees to the ribs, goes to the back with a wraps around the waist, pulls Sadollah out and throws him to the ground, falls into Sadollah's full guard, 2:20 left. Kim raises his hips up, Sadollah follows to block him. Kim throws a few punches to the head, Sadollah wraps up the left arm and tries to throw a few elbows from the bottom. Kim grabs the right leg, gets half guard and is trying for side control, 1:40 left. Sadollah puts an arm around the head, Kim is trying to throw punches, but nothing is effective, he's just keeping Sadollah grounded in a match of mat dominance. Kim is trying to pull his leg free and go for a full mount, 1:00 left. Sadollah is blocking it, Kim is trying to stretch him out, has Sadollah's arm wrapped around his own nec, and now Kim can start to tee off to the face a little. Kim is still fighting for side control, Sadollah loses it for a second but is able to regain side control. Sadollah does eventually pull his arm free as well, but it takes him the full minutes, Kim goes full mount with 10 seconds left, then takes the back to finish the round out with punches to the side of the head. This was all Kim's round.

Third and Final Round, Sadollah tries for quick strikes, Kim EASILY takes Sadollah down 20 seconds into the round, Sadollah could be finished here just based on this alone. Kim scoots Sadollah halfway across the ring and puts him up against the fence, bends him in half, grabs a leg and has Sadollah between a rock and a hard place. 3:30 left, Kim is trying to leap up to get position, Sadollah gets an arm around the head and uses that to get his back against the cage, his feet under him to try to get position, but Kim uses it to gain full mount and pushes him against hte cage, 2:55 left. Kim's not punching, just out wrestling here. Sadollah uses his feet on the cage to spin himself around, kicks off Kim and throws kicks to the head, 2:20 left. Kim fights his way back to half guard, postures up, Sadollah tries to throw his legs around Kim's head for a triangle, Kim blocks it, Sadollah pulls him back into half guard. Kim pops up and tries for side control, Sadollah blocks, 1:40 left. Sadollah tries to scramble his way up, Kim slides around to take the back, Sadollah blocks, gets to his feet, and pushes Kim off! Sadollah pushes forward with punches, Kim goes for a takedown STUFFED! Sadollah moves in, clinches, pulls out and throws a flyign knee, Kim catches it and takes him down though, 1:00 left. Sadollah is able to fight to his feet, but he looks winded as Kim takes his back, has a waist lock. Sadollah spins Kim around, breaks free, throws a head kick, 35 seconds left. Sadollah moves in, uppercut misses, Kim jabs back, Sadollah tees off now, hits Kim flush on the chin, Kim backs off, Sadollah in the clinch, hits a knee, body knee, Kim clinches and puts him on the fence to close this out. Solid last effort by Sadollah, but it wasn't enough.


UFC 114 "Rampage vs. Evans" PPV @ 10 PM ET

"The Nightmare" Diego Sanchez (21-3-0, 171 lbs.) vs. John "the Hitman" Hathaway (13-0-0, 171 lbs.)

"The Hitman" may not be known to many UFC fans, but the 21 year-old Briton is undefeated and is making his fourth appearance in the UFC, for the first time on US soil. Diego Sanchez has a fiercely loyal fan base here, though, and they make their presence known before his music even starts. Goldberg and Rogen note that Sanchez has a relentless pace in the ring, but Hathaway is particularly cool under pressure and has yet to be truly bested by anybody. Bruce Buffer says, "WEEEE AAARREEEE LIIIIIVE!" and he presents our first match. Referee in charge is DA MAN~! Herb Dean.

Round One, Sanchez rushes to the middle, Hathaway cooly walks in, Sanchez throws a left, Hathaway blocks, Sanchez shoots, Hathaway stuffs it and Sanchez has to settle for pushing him up against the cage, where they struggle for the next 40 seconds, Hathaway having Sanchez' left wrist and holding him in. Hathaway has the underhook, turns it around, throws a big elbow. Sanchez tries for the takedown, 3:50 left, but Hathaway stuffs it, turns Sanchez around, Sanchez escapes and regains is composure. Hathaway throws a few jabs, Sanchez scrambles out of the way, throws a few lefts of his own, 3:10 left. Hathaway is not afraid to throw a long right hand, gets blocked by Sanchez. Sanchez throws a few strikes, Hathaway blocks, throws a leg kick. Hathaway rocks Sanchez with a knee at 2:40 left, Sanchez goes down, Hathaway goes into full guard and throws bombs as best he can, Sanchez looks like he's recovered but Hathaway throwing elbows, body punches, stands up and avoids the upkick, 2:05 left, Hathaway looking to pass guard, Sanchez blocking, pulls Hathaway into his body and wraps him up, 1:45 left. Hathaway trying to spin around, Sanchez stays with him. Hathaway leans back and uses his arm reach to throw in punches, Hathaway postures up, drops some bombs, Sanchez pulls him back into full guard, 1:10 left. Hathaway sits up throws big left hands, goes for hammerfists, 50 seconds left, Sanchez pulls him back in. Hathaway slips out, elbows to the ribs, corner directing traffic effectively here as Hathaway lands most of his blows, 27 seconds left, Sanchez pulls him back in, Hathaway slips out, more big lefts and elbows, Sanchez tries for a triangle, Hathaway evades it easily. Sanchez closes out the round grying to grab wrists. This was a 10-9 round for Hathaway, we replay the big knee, it was NASTY looking, but to Sanchez' credit he took it and rolled on.

Round Two, Hathaway comes out kicking, low leg kick, high head kick, followed with a right strike, goes for a knee strike Sanchez finally blocks something. 4:30 left int he round, Sanchez is tight and conservative. Hathway with a kick, Sanchez responds with a head kick, gets blocked, Sanchez with an overhand right that catches Hathaway but not much power. 4:00 left, Hathaway with a knee to the face, followed by a jab, Sanchez with a jab to counter. Hathaway with a flying knee, Sanchez blocks and counters with a straight left, fakes a right jab, comes in with a few swings that catch the body flush, 3:15 left, Hathaway goes for a kick, Sanchez grabs the leg and gets a takedown that sends Hathaway all the way to the cage. Sanchez still has the leg, Hathaway on his knees, 2:40 left. Hathaway gets to his feet, Sanchez pushing him hard into the cage, trying for foot stomps, Hathaway with a wide base, trying to control Sanchez' left wrist again. Sanchez trying for the takedown again, 2:10 left in the round. Sanchez pulls Hathaway out and breaks free, Hathaway with a strong left jab that wakes Sanchez up a little. Sanchez with a low leg kick, a second one, 1:35 left. Hathaway takes his time and throws a left, a right strike, both catching Sanchez. 1:15 left, Sanchez throws a few punch combinations, Hathaway holds his ground and counters back, goes for a takedown of his own, Sanchez escapes it easily, 45 seconds left. Sanchez misses with a few punches, Hathaway uses punches to counter, keeps him back, and connects with a straight right again. Sanchez drops his hands a little to taunt him, Hathaway throws a head kick, 20 seconds left, Hathaway hits another straight right, Sanchez tries to tee off, Hathaway holds his ground again and counters with punches, we're at the end of the round. Sanchez is bleeding from his nose.

Third and Final Round, Hathaway firmly establishes himself in the middle of the ring. Sanchez' corner told him to circle to the right and throw jabs, but Sanchez keeps moving to his left instead and right into Hathaway's rights. One minute gone with no real action here other than a few punches. Hathaway throws several punches, and Sanchez chooses to back up to avoid them. Sanchez finally throws a few punches at 3:30 left, Hathaway blocks them, holds his ground, counter punches and Sanchez backs off. 3:00 left, Sanchez tries for a takedown, gets stuffed immediately, Hathaway counters with a knee, Sanchez pulls out and gets caught with a left hand to the face. Sanchez moves in and connects with a big right, Hathaway eats it, counter punches his way out of it until Sanchez backs off. Hathaway throws some combiantions, Sanchez shoots again, 2:09, Hathaway stuffs it, turns Sanchez around and puts him on the fence. Sanchez throws a solid right and uses that to escape, Hathaway re-affirms himself int he middle. Hathaway throws the right again, although hhe's bleeding from his nose as well now, 1:20 left. Sanchez moves in with a right, Hathaway evades, throws some lefts, sets up with a right kick and the right jab again. Sanchez moves in and tries to tee off, 55 seconds left, Hathaway with left and right combos, Sanchez gain backs off. 45 seconds, Sanchez coms in again, Hathaway counters with a takedown, Sanchez scrambles out of it, 30 seconds remains. Hathaway moves in, hits the big right, followed by a left, double left, Sanchez counters with a high head kick, 10 seconds, Sanchez moves in for some combos, Hathaway literally throws him aside and Sanchez finishes off the round with a few scrappy punches, but nothing connects. This should be a 30-27 decision for Hathaway.

WINNER BY UNANIMOUS DECISION 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 JOHN HATHAWAY. Hathaway is very humble, thanking the UFC, Sanchez and the fans for allowing him the opportunity to get a big win.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (18-3-0, 205 lbs.) vs. Jason "The Hitman" Brillz (18-2-1, 205 lbs.)

Jason Brillz has been fighting for nearly a decade now and has built a solid career and reputation, and is now fighting the biggest fight of his career on just four weeks notice. "Lil Nog" is riding a six-fight win streak over the last three years. Referee Yves Lavigne will be presiding in this clash.

Round One opens, both men circling the ring, Brillz tries to back Nogueira up a little, throws a leg kick and backs right up, keeping out of Nogueira's punching range, and most of the first minute is uneventful. Brillz tries for another kick, nothing happens, Nogueira counters with a big knee to the body and a few kicks. Brillz shoots, Nogueira stuffs it and Brillz backs right off, 3:35 left. Nogueira with another kick, Brillz snatches up that legs and scores a takedown into Nogueira's full guard, 3:20 left. Nogueira is moving his legs up as he grabs Brillz' wrist to pull him down, Brillz is fighting to free his arm, eventually does and gets half guard. Nogueira tries for the sweep, Brillz rolls with him, has a headlock, into a Guillotine, and Nogueira has to fight to get half guard back. 2:20 left, Brillz is fighting for side control, Nogueira trying to scoot out from under him, Brillz throws hammerfists to the face, 2:00 left. Nogueira is able to escape, ges his feet, takes Brillz' back and forces him to the fround, 1:45 left, Nogueira throwing fists to the side of the head. Brillz escapes and hits Nogueira with a big right to the side of the head. 1:25, both men back to the middle of the ring, circling, Brillz strieks first with a kick, tries for the clinch, Nogueira escapes, throws punch combos, Brillz times the punches and goes for the single-leg takedown, Nogueira blocks it but gets shoved back up to the cage, 40 seconds left. Brillz tries for knees, Nogueira throws him around and escapes, 30 seconds left. Nogueira throws a right jab, barely grazes Brillz. Brillz looks for a shoot but abaondons it, backs off, moves back in with uppercuts, 10 seconds left, Nog backs him up to the cage and hits a straight left just before the end of the round. I could give 10-9 to Brillz here.

Round Two opens up very slow, Brillz is scooting in but it's 25 seconds before anything happens, Brillz throws a kick, Nogueira counters with a headlock, goes for the Guillotine Choke, pulls Brillz down but it's too high, Brillz pulls out and Brillz has half guard. Nogueira tries to sweep, Brillz blocks it and Brillz has his own Guillotine in, throws the legs over and it's on! It takes Nogueira 30 seconds but he pulls out, Brillz repositions and gets it again, 3:20 left! Brillz may be spending too much energy on this, and lets it got at 3:10. Brillz has half guard, looking for side control, throws an elbow into the face, grinds it in, 2:30 and he AGAIN gets the Guillotine on, but Nogueira flips him over and hits side control, Brillz lets it goes, tries to escape and Nogueira has control of his body, tries for an Anaconda, Brillz escapes, 2:00 left. BOth men stand up, Brillz goes for the sing leg takedown, can't make it happen, but he makes Nogueira pay with a knee to the face, puts Nogueira on the cage, knees to the body, and lets Nogueira after another knee to the face. 1:20 left, Nogueira throws a few strieks, Brillz ducks it, evades, lands a big right of his own, looks for a left, ducks Nogueira's left, shoots the single, Nogueira is able to step out of it though, 1:00 left. Brills throws some big lefts and rights in the pocket, Nogueira counters, Brillz ducks it, but Nogueira hits a big knee to the head, Brillz tries to counter witha shot, avoids, then slaps the SHIT out of Nogueira with some big punches, rocks Nogueira pretty good Nogueira backs off! 10 seconds left, Brillz is backing Nogueira up to the cage, Nogueira is wobbling all over the place as the round ends. This was 10-9 for Brillz again, Brillz is feeling confident here!

Can a second "Hitman" score a successful hit in a row? Round THree starts, both men cautious, 4:15 left, Brillz shoots, Nogueira counters with a GUilltonine Choke, Brillz is pulled down, and he escapes and has half guard, Noguiera sweeps, Brillz spints out of the way, Nogueira has half guard and pushes Brillz up against the cage, 3:35. Brillz gets to his feet, sets, shoots the leg, puts Nogueira into the cage, Nogueira trying to reach around, Brillz drops to his knee for an ankle lock. Nogueira uses the position to start punching Brillz in the face, but gets warned for holding the shorts, Brillz escapes, 3:00 left. Nogueira closes Brillz to the cage, throws some punches, Brillz strikes back and won't give found, backs up, shoots the single leg takedown again, Nogueira sprawls and has an over/under. Brillz looking to turn the corner, Nogueira is working for the setup of the D'Arce Choke if he can finish it, 2:00 left as we continue grinding it out. Nogueira gives it up, Brillz gets to hsi feet, catches him with a big knee, Brills gives a knee to the face right back! 1:@5, Brills shoots again, bouncing around, gets the takedown, but Nog back up and trakes Brillz' back, rolls him over, Brillz tumbles with it and has the leg, but Nogueira is able to work Brillz into a Crucifix and flips him over, throws punches to the face, Brillz escapes, 45 seconds left, into half guard! Fans are electric here as Brillz is giving everythign he's got into this, 30 seconds, Nogueira sweeps and flips Brillz over, has side control, 20 seconds, Brillz escapes, Nogueira stays on him and puts his back on the mat, half guard, and Nogueira tries to grind out the punches and finishes the round on top, even if you give this round to Nogueira, Brillz won this fight clearly.

Bruce Buffer with the official decision: "Ladies and gentlemen after three round we go to the judges' scorecard for the decision... 29-28 Brillz... 29-28 Nogueira... and 29-28 for your winner by split decision... ANTONIO ROGERIO NOGUEIRA! WHAT??? WHAT??? Nogueira wins by split decision??? WOW, WTF! Brillz said that it was a great fight, but he left it to the judges and that was his fault. NO! Brillz won that fight all three rounds IMO, he got ROBBED!

Todd Duffee (6-0-0, 253 lbs.) vs. Mike Russow (12-1-1, 253 lbs.)

I finally get my feed back and learn the results of the last fight, BOY I'm pissed! DUffee is swinging for the fences from the start, puts Russow on the mat with a big uppercut, goes to finish it, but Russow survives, Duffee doesn't let up with the rights, 1:00 gone. Russow moves in, ges caught with a jab, Duffee is having his way here. Russow tries a takedown at 3:38, immediately gets stuffed, Russow breaks it off. Russow moves in for a weak punch, Duffee throws big lefts and rights and chases Russow around the ring. Russow tries to shoot, 3:05, Duffee stuffs it again. Duffee is taking his time, waiting and teeign off as much as he can, doing it again, 2:45 left, big uppercuts this time, several in a row, then backs off to regroup. 2:25 left, Russow is trying to counter but it doesn't look like he has any speed. Goldberg notes that Russow can take these shots, but he ain't gonna do this forever. Duffee throws another big right to the face, 2:00 left. Russow tries to shoot again, Duffee just backs away from it, he's got legs as thick as canned hams here, 90 seconds left in teh round. DUffee continues to push the fight with strike combination after strike combination, with Russow doing almost nothing. Duffee with a big right to the face, 35 seconds, Russow eats it again, eats an uppercut after that, but no response from Russow. Duffee throws a high kick, 12 seconds left, connects with the elbow. Rusow is bleeding from somewhere on his head as we close the round.

Round Two starts out with nothing for the first 20 seconds, Russow tries to strike, Duffee hits him with a big punch flush to the face, Russow again eats it. Duffee continues working his strike combos, Russow tries another slow take down, gets stuffed. 3:40 left, Russow moves in for a punch combo and eats a right to th eside of the face. Russow moves back in again, tries to strike, Duffee gets hit with a right but he tees off with several successful punches, Russow tries another takedown, gets stuffed, 3:10 left. Russow grazes Duffee with a right and backs off before Duffee can respond this time. 2:50, Russow with a left hook that connects, escapes Duffee's right, and Duffee switches up his stance. 2:25 left, Duffee moves in for some strikes, Russow eats it, tries for a takedown, Duffee pulls out. Duffee back in, 2:09, escapes before Duffee can do any damage. 1:40, not much action happening up to this point, fans are starting to boo the slowed down action. Duffee tries to pick up the pace with jabs and uppercuts, but Russow is now avoiding them. Russow tries for an overhand right, 1:10 left, overshoots it, Duffee with an uppercut, Russow eats it. Goldberg notes that Russow is only taking one shot at a time, he's not following up with anything. Rogen notes that DUffee has slowed down considerably in this round. Then again, does he have to? Russow hasn't done much of anything here. Then again, if Russow is eating all these punches, maybe Duffee did punch himself out. Still, the round ends and I'm giving it 10-9 to Duffee. As he walks away, Duffee does look like he feels defeated, and his corner reassures him that he's got control, Russow can't do anything, and to come out firing to finish this last round. Russow's corner is also reassuring him that he's doing fine and can finish this fight.

Final round, Duffee starts out throwing jabs, but he's not teeing off, just single punches. Russow rushes him at 4:10, Russow is trying to tee off but Duffee is able to escape. 3:55, tries for a single-leg takedown, Duffee shakes it off, Russow backs off. Duffee is taking some deep breaths here, I think he's just about gassed. Russow is trying to move in and throw big punches, but Duffee is scaring him off. Duffee tries to tee off, 3:00 left, but Goldberg & Rogen both notice that the right punch that was dominant is now very timid and Duffee is taking a southpaw stance, they're wondering if the right hand isn't injured or outright broken. Duffee is working with light punches... Russow steps in GIANT RIGHT AND DUFFEE GOES DOWN! Russow follows up with another right, dives in to finish it off and the referee moves right in to end it! HOLY SHIT!

WINNER BY KNOCKOUT AT 2:35 OF ROUND THREE, MIKE RUSSOW! Russow wasn't very impressive looking, but he ate those shots and DAMN he saved it up! Joe Roegan says it's the craziest thing he's ever seen. Russow says he didn't expect that, this was an awful fight for him, he was completely off his gameplan. Russow said he didn't feel like he was close to being taken out, his coach told him to keep in there, but he's still not happy. Roegan says it's the greatest one-punch knock-out he's ever seen in UFC. Russow says he has to go back to the gym and get a lot better than what he showed tonight. Maybe so, but a win is a win, buddy! Congrats!

Melvin "the Young Assassin" Guillard (23-8-2, 155 lbs.) vs. Waylon Lowe (8-2-0, 155 lbs.)

Lowe tries to take out Guillard with a takedown, Guillard leaps in the air several times to try to shake it off, but Lowe scores the takedown, GUillard pops back up and gets backed up to the cage, Lowe isn't letting go. GUillard throws a big knee , and a second, while Lowe is holding his knee, but Lowe keeps holding, 3:00 left. Lowe still fighting for the single-leg takedown, GUillard underhooks pushes his way out, Lowe gives it up and GUillard pulls him into the clinch, hits a big knee to the head, Lowe drops down for the single-leg takedown again, Guillard goes for hammerfists to the side of the head, Lowe lets it go, tries again, Lowe finally pulls out of it and exists with a few lefts. 2:10 left, Guillard rushes forward with a flurry of punches then runs around Lowe. Guillar leads with a left hook, low kick to the right leg of Lowe, 1:50 left. Guillard throws a big right and then stumbles through it, Lowe sidesteps. Lowe gives chase now, single leg takedown, gets stuffed at 1:33, GUillard with another leaping knee into the chest, Lowe slumps and crumples on the mat, Guillard jumps on him to finish it and the ref cuts him off. On replay, it almost looked like it was right under the throat!

Melvin Guillard d. Waylon Lowe @ 3:28 of Round 1 by TKO

Michael "the Count" Bisping (18-3-0, 186 lbs.) vs. Dan Miller (11-3-0, 1 NC, 185 lbs.)

This is the co-main event of the evening, and it's not looking very good for Bisping... while the cutman was putting the vaseline on his face, Bisping gets poked in the eye! And as Mike Goldberg points out, because of the controversy in GSP vs. BJ Penn w/ GSP's cornermen possibly putting vaseline on GSP, a fighter's corner can no longer use it. Bisping is rubbing his eye for several minutes. Referee in charge is Steve Mazzagatti, and as the men meet in the middle for final instructions, Bisping gets right up in Miller's face, pushing him around. Referee and UFC officials have to seperate them.

Round one starts with Milelr throwing some straight jabs, and at 4:34 left kicks Bisping in the groin. Action stops for a few seconds, Bisping shakes it off, and we're back to fighting. Both men are throwing good punch combinations here, landing punches on both sides. 3:10 Miller's corner is telling him to move right, and Bisping cuts that plan off by kicking MIller in the right side of his head. Miller decides to stay in the pocket and work from the inside, eventually finding a few spots and a leg kick. Fairly evenly fought bout sofar, neither man looking more dominant than the other. Miller with an inside leg kick, 1:25 left, ducks some strikes from Bispoing and counters with jab combinations. Bisping connect with a right, 1:05 left, both men are all over the cage here, 49 seconds Bisping with a solid right to Miller's left eye. Miller stays in the pocket and keeps slugging it, takes an eyepoke, 15 seconds left. Commentators are surprised Miller hasn't tried to take this to the ground, but he appears comfortable with the standup. Bisping finishes off the round with a solid series of punches. Bisping tells his corner that he expects Miller to set him up for the takedown, and Miller tells his corner that's exactly what he's going to do.

Round Two sees both men continuing to trade jabs, some occasional kicks. Miller's right eye is looking a little red here. 3:45 left, Miller looking to set up for a take down perhaps, Bisping knocks him back a bit with a right hand though. MIller moves in for the jabs again, Bisping tees off and cancels it out. Bisping keeps trying to connect with a right, follows up with an inside leg kick that almost becomes a low blow. Miller keeps trying to throw that right hand, Bisping is doing a good job to avoid it, Bisping with a kick to the right side of MIller's head that connect, Miller kicks back. Miller tries for a takedown 2:25, bad set-up though and Bisping stuffs it. Bisping throws a big powerful right that gets blocked, Miller counters with an inside leg kick, 2:00 left. Miller keeps touching his right eye and carries his right hand high to keep it protected, Bisping is starting to settle in to throwing his punches. Miller throws a leg kick at 1:15, Bisping clutches it and throws a punch, Miller pulls back. Miller keeps trying to throw punches, but he's starting to lean into it now and looks wobbly, and keeps touching his own right eye, wiping it away. Miller throws another legkick at :22, gets caught again, Bisping tags him again. Bisping throws a nice right, followed with a high kick to the right of the head, Miller gets the last punch of the fight in with a right, but this was a solid 10-9 round for Bisping.

Last round as fighters tap gloves and then hug, back away and we go to work. Miller with an inside leg kick, keeping Bisping circling, moving forward, Bisping tags him with a right and a left, Miller fires back with his own right that may rock Bisping a little. Bisping recomposes and throws a nice right that backs up MIller. Miller is pushing forward, 4:10 left, throwing punches, Bisping blocks most of them. Bisping with a left kick to the head, 3:55. MIller looking to soften up Bisping with low leg kicks, but Bisping is firing back with punches. Bisping with the big right again, Miller counters with his own right. 3:05 Miller with a good right to the body, 2:45 left, Miller finally shoots for the takedown and scores it on Bisping. Bisping backs himself up to the cage to get himself back to his feet and escapes, 2:10 left. MIller with another body shot with the right hand, Bisping counters with a left jab and a right. Miller kicks, Bisping nearly catches it, 1:45. Miller continues to throw the kicks, Bisping continues to counter with solid punch combinations. 1:10 left, Miller shootss again, Bisping stuff it and gets backed up to the cage, 1:00 left, Miller fighting for it, gives it up, Bisping reverses, hits a big right on the braek, Miller counters with a right as we move back to the middle of the ring. 30 seconds left, both men trading punches, not much connecting. last 15 seconds they ratchwet it up, Miller connects with a right, Bisping with a head kick and a right, and we keep trading blows until the end. Fans may be booing this one, but it was a solid boxing match for the most part.

WINNER BY UNANIMOUS DECISION - 30-27, 30-27, 29-28... MICHAEL BISPING! Bisping thanks Miller for giving him a good fight and eating his big right hands and staying right in the fight. He's disappointed he couldn't finish the fight and he underestemated Miller's ability. Bisping thanks the fans, his fight team, his sponsors, plugs his website and Twitter account.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (30-7-0, 205 lbs.) vs. "Sugar" Rashad Evans (19-1-1, 206 lbs.)

One of the biggest personal grudges in UFC history that has been brewing for over a year. The winner of this fight will get a shot at Mauricio "Shogun" Rua for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. The odds makers have pretty much put this at 50-50 odds for both men. This is about as big as "Big Fight Feel" get. Glenn Trowbridge, Sal D'Amato and Marcos Rosales are our ringside judges for the main event, your referee in charge of the action is Herb Dean.

Round One, Evans catches Rampage with a big right right off the bad, rusehs him into the side of the cage! Evans works the body and the legs with punches while Jackson is trying to recover! Fans were booing Evans before but now they're cheering! Jackson has an underhook on Evans' right arm, Evans tries to pull out, moves back in and throws knees and some punches. Jackson is trying to shove Evans back, but it isn't working, 3:30 left int eh round. Evans digs down deep for a double-leg takedown, Jackson sprawls and blocks it. Referee warning both men to start working, 3:00 left. Evans tries for the takedown again, again blocked, Evans trying for a leg seep, again blocked, and Herb dean finally puts them back in the middle of the cage, 2:47 left. Evans reaching otu his arms with teasers, Jackson keeping it tight. 2:20 Evans EXPLODES again with a double-leg takedown, scores it easy and puts Jackson on the cage, workign to pin down Jackson's right arm, Jackson pulsl half guard, Evans on top and talking shit, Jackson gets to his knees, to his feet, big punch to the face from Evans, 1:30 left. Evans works with knees to the body, keeping Jackson on the fence, leaning into him hard. Evans tries to throw him, Jackson blocks it, double underhooks Evans' arms. 55 seconds left, Evans working the body with punches and knees, Jackson grabs the wrist, tries to escape, Evans cuts him off, big body shot right hand, 30 seconds left. Herb Dean stops the action again, back to the middle. Evans now takes a low stance, reaching out the arm, Jackson is standing up straight, Ev ans moves in, right, hand, shoots, gets stuffed, Jackson throws a big left that connects with Evans's jaw to close out the round.

Round Two, Evans back to the low stance, but Jackson is looking to throw some more punches. Fans are now starting to cheer for Jackson a little louder. Evans tees off first, Jackson wraps him up and throws a knee, Evans pushes him back into the cage, Jackson throwing some punches to the ribs, Evans throws knees to the body, fans are starting to turn on Evans now. Jackson has a headlock, sprawls to stop a takedown attempt, 3:50. Evans is working knees to the leg, Herb Dean warns him to watch the low blow. Jackson is trying to find abreak, Evans breaks, Jackson throws a big right ont he exit that misses. 3:20 left, Evans is again staying low, explodes with the double leg takedown, Jackson blocks it but again is up on the cage, 2:50 left. Evans with hammerfist blows to Jackson's knees, Jacson trying to stop it with an underhook on the right arm, Evans throwing more hammerpunches to the body and knees, 2:30. Evans with knees, getting warned to work, Herb Dean AGAIN breaks it. This is crazy. Evans is working! 2:05 left int he round, Evans again low stance, leadign with the left, Jackson charges with punches, Evans side steps it easily, 1:47 left. Jackson again tries to tee off, Evans doddges it even faster. 1:30 left, Evans moves in,throws a few body punches, hops out before Jackson can even counter. Jackson keeps trying to close the distance but he's just not as fast. Evans moves in, uppercut, drives Jackson to the cage, 48 seconds left, Evans back to hammerfists to the knees, Jackson trying to underhook to block them and is fighting for some space, Evans pushing him against the cage. Jackson throws some inside knees, not much damage done, Evans dips down for the double leg takedown, turns it, Jackson stops it but Evans takes the back, pushes him back in the cage, spins Jackson around, hits a few punches, Jackson trying to throw him aside but can't go anywhere as the round ends. Jackson looks exhausted here. Jackson's corner tells him to go for the knockout this round, don't let him dance around, and don't let him back him up to the fence. Evans' corner tells him to keep Jackson dancing around and look for the shot. Evans corner says his cardio is good enough to go another three rounds.

Third and Final round... Jackson goes ont he offensive, putting Evans back up on the fence, swings hard, Evans ducks, goes for the takedown, gets stuffed, Rampage tries for the big right and misses, 4:22 left. Jackson swtiches his stance, left hand leading. Jackson's corner is telling him to go for it, Evans goes for a right, Jackson ducks it. Evans goes for the takedown, Rampage catches him with the right, Evans is down! Evans is rocked! 3:42, Jackson is trying for the kill but can't get it yet! Evans is scooting up the cage, Jackson shuts him down, 3:27 left. Evans is clearly rocked, I'm not sure he's back in it yet. Jackson is laying on him, but not doing anything else. Evans sits himself up, Evans is scooting out, gets to his feet, 3:00 left. Jackson has a single leg, Evans has a Guillotine, both men pull apart. Evans is wobbly, 2:45 left. Evans is still wobbly, Jackson is not moving in, though. Evans moves in and fires first, connects, Jackson blocks and Evans moves back. Jackson backs Evans back to the cage, Evans bounces out to his right, Jackson's let him recover. Jackson's corner is trying ot tellh im to go, EVANS SHOOTS! 1:45, Evans scores the double leg takedown, puts him on the cage and has him pressed to the cage on the mat. Evans throws the punches to the head, unrelenting, Jackson is trying ot block, trying to grab a wrist, 1:15 left it's SHUGAH TIME! Evans continuing with punches to the face and side of the head, Jackson is now trapped in the cornrer, trying ot get to his knees, 55 seconds left in this fight. Jackson is on his knees, turtled up, Evans has his back, Jackson gets to his feet, turns around, Evans with the double leg takedown attempt SCORES! 33 seconds left, Evans with half guard, Jackson is crowedd up on the cage, Jackson to his back, Evans has his back, landing punches to the face the side of the head, the ribs, 15 seconds to go. Jackson gets back up to his feet, Evans going for another takedown, Jackson pulsl him up, throws a knee, throws a big right but it's blocked, Evans pulls back out AND THE ROUND ENDS, IT IS ALL OVER!!!

Bruce Buffer with the announcement... 30-27 29-28 30-27 for the winner by Unanimous Decision... "SUGAR" RASHAD EVANS!"

Evans' thoughts on the fight: his gameplan was not to have a gameplan at all, just push Jackson around all night. Asked about his speed, Evans said he noticed Jackson slow down and used it to his advantage, Jackson didn't see him coming. Evans admit he got caught with the big punch from Jackson, it took awhile to recover, but he fought back through it. Now that it's over, he's relieved it's over, but if Jackson wants to do it again, he's up for it. Jackson said he's disappointed with his loss, he tried his best, Evans is a tough fighter, faster than he anticipated. Jackson said Evans is a man, and there was no losers in this fight, nobody else could have come in and did what they did. They both gave it 100%. Asked about the punch on Evans, Jackson said he was surprised Evans recovered, and Jackson put all his effort in that one shot and it didn't pay off. Jackson says he does want a rematch in the future.

SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT: Ryan Jensen's Guillotine Choke on Jesse Forbes in the preliminaries.

TURNING POINT OF THE NIGHT: Mike Russow's one-punch KO of Todd Duffee.

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