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TNA Lockdown Results

The word from St. Louis is that Douglas Williams has been stripped of the TNA X-Division Title because he was unable to fly in from Europe due to the travel restrictions. (Funny, I thought even by kayfabe wrestling logic you had a full 30 days to defend a belt before being stripped).

They're having a #1 contender match during the PPV - Sabin vs. Shelley vs. Homicide vs. Kendrick, and the winner of that match will join Shannon Moore and Kazarian in a three-way during Lockdown to crown a brand new champion. @nerdsamurai is also reporting that Sean Waltman no-showed the PPV tonight (what a shock).

* Rob Van Dam v. James Storm (Lethal Lockdown advantage match)

Whoever wins the match earns the 2-on-1 advantage for their respective team to start the Lethal Lockdown match later in the PPV - Team Hogan vs. Team Flair. Rob gets busted open during the match but makes a comeback and hits the Five Star Frogsplash to get the three count. WINNER: ROB VAN DAM. Team Hogan gets the 2-on-1 advantage. Almost every good War Games style cage match ever has featured the heels having the advantage, but considering the stupidity of stripping Douglas Williams I can't anything dumber past TNA at this point. Any other time I'd be pleased as punch to hear RVD won a match on PPV but not in this case. Maybe this makes sense if Hogan is going heel though.

* Sabin vs. Shelley vs. Homicide vs. Kendrick (X-Division Xscape Contender's Match)

As noted earlier the winner gets inserted into a three-way for the now vacated X-Division Title later tonight. Ironically the same guy who got stuck in the cage when they did this on January 4th is the one who gets out and gets the title shot later tonight - WINNER: HOMICIDE.

Scott Hall has just been informed that he has to find a new partner to replace Sean Waltman tonight or he gets to face Team 3D on his own.

* Eric Young v. Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash hits a powerbomb and pins EY clean as a sheet. WINNER: KEVIN NASH. Nash announces he will be Hall's partner against Team 3D - I guess that means THE OUTSIDERS ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN (for the umpteenth time).

* The Beautiful People {C} v. Angelina Love {C} & Tara (All Knockout Titles Up For Grabs)

Madison Rayne pins Tara. WINNER AND NEW KNOCKOUT CHAMPION: MADISON RAYNE. She didn't even have to pin the champ to become the new champ. I thought the title couldn't be devalued any further after it was won in a random lockbox lottery on live TV, but it just got worse. Tara attacks Angelina Love afterward.

* Homicide v. Shannon Moore v. Kazarian (3-Way X-Division Championship Match)

Kaz gets the pin with a reverse piledriver on Homicide. WINNER AND NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION: KAZARIAN.

* Team 3D v. The Outsiders (St. Louis Street Fight Match)

Scott Hall goes through a table and Brother Ray makes the pin. WINNERS: TEAM 3D.

* Ken Anderson v. Kurt Angle

Angle defeats Ken Anderson in the match of the night in which both men did everything in their power to make the crowd in St. Louis care, including Angle doing a moonsault from off the top of the cage. Angle chokes out Anderson with the soldier medals so he can't be stopped from leaving the cage and stomps on Anderson as he leaves. WINNER: KURT ANGLE. Angle announces afterward he'll be taking some time off but he'll win the TNA World Title when he comes back.

* AJ Styles {C} v. D'Angelo Dinero (TNA World Title Match)

Styles pins Da Black Pope after sticking a pen in his eye and hitting a Styles Clash while he's blinded. WINNER AND STILL WORLD CHAMPION: AJ STYLES.

* Team Hogan v. Team Flair (Lethal Lockdown Match)

Abyss pins Desmond Wolfe with a Black Hole Slam to end the match. WINNERS: TEAM HOGAN. Hogan nailed Flair with brass knux. Flair took a bump into tacks with no shirt on. People went off the cage. Overbooked clusterfuck insanity.

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