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WORLD PREMIERE: Dan-e-o's "Locked"

Dilla Pickles - the official 2 in 1 album/mixtape in tribute to legendary producer/rapper J Dilla - Dan-e-o's first-ever completely FREE digital download project is out now!

Download Dilla Pickles FREE right HERE!

"Locked" is the third music video from Dan-e-os Dilla Pickles album/mixtape. The video serves as the behind the scenes footage from the "Last Minute" short film, directed by Kev Major and edited by XCON of Late Night Shooters.

2 comments: on "WORLD PREMIERE: Dan-e-o's "Locked""

Hipnosis said...

How the hell are you not signed yet? lol

Dante Ross said...

My favorite line from that song has always been "I'd rather fall on my dick." I mean, how else can you say you'd rather not do something than that?!