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Tha Raw Report: Draft-Tacular

Hot off the heels of the NFL Draft the WWE comes at us live from Richmond, Virginia, home of former WWE Diva Mickie James. Who didn't expect this to be bigger than WrestleMania? Everyone? Thought so.

Hopefully everyone got their underwear cleaned up from their Canadagasm when the Hart Dynasty won the Unified Tag titles. The best part of the victory is the fact that Miz will finally start defending the United States belt. I did however love the Mountie and David Arquette references. Horse faced idiot.

I have put over Matt Stryker several times as being a great announcer. I will continue to do so. Nothing too much against Michael Cole, but Matt Stryker should be the voice of "Raw." He's knowledgeable and entertaining, but not close to perfect. Some of his quips are annoying, but you'll have that with anyone calling the show.

To recap the Draft moves though, John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge, and Chris Jericho are all making their way to "Raw." With that being said, KellyX2, Big Show, Christian and Kofi Kingston are heading to the Blue Brand. The Supplemental Draft will be Tuesday at noon on, though I have no idea how many people will move, or switch brands in that draft.

Once again "Raw" loads up and sends "SmackDown" very little in return. Morrison is on the cusp of main eventing. Edge reeks of Awesomeness, and Chris Jericho, well he's Chris Jericho. I know though that nobody was happier than Dan-e-o to see R-Truth make the move to "Raw." All four guys moving to "Raw" are legit main eventers, or are about to be.

"SmackDown" gets Kingston who is well on his way to main eventing as well, but Big Show will never be used properly, and neither will Christian. Christian though should be a top guy no matter what show. It kills me that they just don't know how to use him, or refuse to. I guess Kelly can become the WWE Women's Champion while she's on Friday's.

Going back a little to Extreme Rules, the E will never be great until it drops this PG bullshit. No blood, nothing extreme, no cursing. Whatever. There was nothing really Extreme about Extreme Rules. Batista losing with duct tape around his ankles was humorous. Though we aren't lucky enough to have him depart now. New reports are saying that he'll be done in May. Good.

Sheamus lost out on a shot at Cena for the WWE Championship at Over the Limit because somebody somewhere feels like we need to keep being force fed Cena and Batista. I commented on Sheamus cementing his heel status when he interrupted Triple H's farewell to HBK a few weeks ago, and Extreme Rules he drove it home.

I was actually surprised that more wasn't done on the Draft on "Raw" though. I expected more people to move around. Apparently no draft will ever shake things up like the 2005 Draft that saw everything really change. Carlito, Vladimir, Trent Baretta and guys like that will probably be the movers of the Supplemental Draft. How pitiful is it that Carlito is lumped in with guys like that?

I'm not a big fan of Edge as a face, but having him turn heel by spearing a heel? Wait, can someone explain to me what Orton is? He's a heel by nature, but a face by crowd reaction. His mannerisms are still heel, but at this point he is the ultimate tweener.

The worst part of it, and this is going back to Batista and Cena part 4, is that Orton got the spear from Edge and Batista picks up the win? Why in God's name can these people not book a monster heel? I don't care if one heel loses to another heel, when one tweener can lose to a heel it makes the heel look stronger. Instead Batista looks stronger, Sheamus got eliminated and Orton and Edge are about to go back at it. Maybe it was the only way for the match to go, which in and of itself is the problem.

The Draft should be the way to get new guys and elevate them. It may actually happen this year, and I hope it does. There are other guys though that need elevating and could carry the push. Ted DiBiase looking for a Virgil/Vincent was great, but hopefully it doesn't backfire and he toils in the mid-card. Teddy is built for the spotlight.

Wayne Brady next week? Hell yeah.

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