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WWE NXT Recap By Aaron Dammit

Two weeks away till the next poll. Someone gets cut. Striker and rookies are in the ring. And we get our pointless segment of the week again. We review that last week Skip won and got a feature on This week we get likability and salesmanship with the seal the deal challenge.

Each person gets 60 seconds to sell as much merchandise as possible in 60 seconds. Skip up first and does not seem to be selling any. Fifteen seconds in he sells one. Thirty seconds in and it is two progrmas.

It seems he got 4 programs sold. Worth note the person that sells the most mechandise gets a match next week with a pro of their choice. Now for the first match

Christian and Heath Slater vs. Jericho and Wade Barrett (a pro/rookie tag team match)

Commerical break.

We see Slater beat Jericho last week. A travesty. Slater and Jericho start out. Slap and Barrett is in. Christian in the ring. Working over Barrett. Distraction by Barrett and Christian is down. Jericho emotional. Good ring work with Jericho and Christian for a bit. Fast paced action. Door rang here. The end saw Jericho try the Walls of Jericho again. Roll up by Heath Slater. Jericho kicks out and Code Breaks Slater for the win. OK match all things considered really.

Daniel Bryan out for the challenge. He gives all the programs away even though it looked like he had a lot of people wanting to give him money. He ends with nothing. Oh well.

Commerical break and Extreme Rules rewind.

Michael Tarver (pro Carlito) vs. Darren Young (pro Punk)

Sales pointless thing now. Justin Gabriel. I think he should do well here. I hope. I wonder if he does get to pick his opponent, for real. Gabriel gets 22 programs sold. Nice.

Now we get the pros opinion of Tarver. We get "another one" that has been stuck with a less than stellar pro. CM Punks opinion = gold. I will say Tarver has much more upside than his opponent here Darren Young. Darren needs some lessons from Colt Cabana to bring out his party side. He does not have that so here we go with the match.

Tarver looks lost psycho when he his held back by the ref. Tarver looks good in the ring. Gallows and Serina by the ringside. Some back and forth action. Both offenses are looking good but Tarver's looks rougher. End sees Gallows taking out Tarver's legs when he tries to get back in the ring. Tarver goes back in the ring into Young's lame finisher.

Now Otunga is out for the sell off. He doesn't look like he beat Gabriel. Thank God. I hope this crud stops once people start getting eliminated.

Commercial Break. Raw rebound.

YES. Gabriel's opinion package. Not enough praise for his in ring work. I don't think Gabriel has had enough chance to talk to say he doesn't have a personality and Matt Hardy is not the right person to help him out with that. Overall positive though.

Crap. Slater selling stuff now. Otunga apparently got more money than Gabriel. Slater failed. Now Young selling and he calls out Punk basically. Not good. Young didn't do it. Tarver out now to sell stuff. Tarver predictably not selling any merchandise. Finally Wade Barrett. The only hope left to not see an Otunga match is Wade Barrett. Now Wade Barrett pockets the money and walks out. Argggh an Otunga match of his choosing. NOOOOOO. I would almost choose Young over Otunga in the ring now.

Commercial Break

Pros thoughts of Daniel Bryan now, we don't have to wait for it. Interesting. The only person to bad talk Daniel Bryan was the Miz.

Skip Sheffield (pro William Regal) vs. Miz (rookie Daniel Bryan)

Some nice makeup on the Miz or it must of been a real smack. Daniel Brya out with the Miz. Skip out on his own. Should be interesting and we can see if Daniel Bryan has taught the Miz anything. Miz saying he can not compete tonight, and that Daniel Bryan will be taking his place.

So now Bryan vs. Skip.

Starts out with the technician vs the power man. Not much to it. Daniel Bryan got his offense going some with his kicks and his drop kicks. I think that he was supposed to get a leg lock in but Skip didn't know any better. Some kicks, Skip grabs the leg and does some inverse jaw breaker on Daniel Bryan. That was all she wrote. Skip wins 1 2 3. Regal actually makes himself look pleased. And we go off the air with the advertised one week more till a rookie gets cut.

My only closing thought is that if the selling challenge was rigged was it really that damn important that we get to see Otunga vs Truth set up that way. I'd much rather see Gabriel take on the pro of his choice but oh well.

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