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Batista Leaving WWE?

According to PWInsider, there is a strong rumor coming out of Baltimore - where tonight's Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View is being held.

The story is that Batista's contact is about to expire and that he has notified management that he is done with the company.

Batista has been telling people within the company that he wanted to leave since January of this year. Apparently he is angry that a Triple H was handed the lead role in the film "Killing Karma". That same part had been originally given to Batista.

The belief is that WWE re-thought their decisison to cast Batista because his contract would have expired during filming and they weren't convinced he'd re-sign.

There is also talk that Batista's most recent title reign was an attempt to make him happy and want to re-sign. He seems determined to leave and many believe that his Last Man Standing Match tonight on PPV could be his last with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Add to this the fact that 7 names were released by the WWE this weekend, and suddenly the landscape of the roster has changed dramatically just 72 hours prior to draft night.

The 7 names that were released this weekend are: Mickie Jamies, Shelton Benjamin, Mike Knox.

More cuts are expected in the next little while. Rumor has it that Matt Hardy expects to be cut and was surprised he wasn't in the most recent group.

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Anonymous said...

Batista VS RVD at Bound for Glory


Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy

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Holy fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CJF said...

The others released are Katie Lea Burchill, Kung Fu Naki, Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang.