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Nickolye's SmackDown! Recap

The show opens with video from last week's SmackDown when Jack Swagger successfully defended his title against Edge and Jericho. He powerbombed Edge afterwards and Jericho finished the job by crushing Edge's left leg between the ringpost and the steel steps. On to the show, starting with the World Heavyweight Champion himself, the All American American!

Before the match starts he has a mic. "Jack Swagger is on a roll. Last week I defeated two future first-ballot WWE Hall of Famers. Edge and 9-time world champion Chris Jericho, a man who calls himself the best in the world at what he does.

I guess that makes me the best now. Then there was this past Raw, a monumental night where I dominated the Undertaker more than anyone else, including Shawn Michaels.

I don't like to brag so I'm gonna let the video package do that for me." We go to said montage featuring the match from this past Monday Night Raw between Swagger and the Undertaker, highlighting Swagger moreso. "And that says it all. I look like a champion. This champion, your champion, hopes to become a permanent member of the SmackDown roster next week.

A show where my presence can be nourished and inspire an entire universe. This Sunday at Extreme Rules I plan to dominate Randy Orton. I plan to be a champion that can transcend generations. I know he'll be ready to inject the champion with his venom, but Randy Orton what you're looking at is not a normal man. What you're looking at is the antidote. I'm not gonna play with the Viper, I'm going straight for the Viper's neck and I'm gonna cut its head off."

* Jack Swagger {World Champ} vs. John Morrison [non-title match]

The match starts with Swagger using his amateur wrestling background to gain the upper hand while Morrison tries to use his quickness and athleticism. Body slam works but Swagger misses the legdrop, and Morrison connects with the running knee strike. Swagger hits a strong belly-to-belly suplex before our first commercial break.

We come back to see Swagger applying a body scissors to Morrison's midsection. Morrison escapes but Swagger sets him up atop the turnbuckle. Morrison hits the forearms to knock Swagger down and hits the missile dropkick for a two-count. Mahistral cradle for 2. Flying Chuck Kick countered with a big boot; two-count for Swagger.

The champ hits elbow drops and a legdrop for 2. He has Morrison in a submission hold as he bleeds from the mouth (much like what happened weeks ago) and the ref starts to put on the gloves to clean him as Swagger slams Morrison to counter the wheelbarrow. Swagger applies the submission hold again.

Morrison stands up and backs Swagger to break the hold. He runs at him and hits the around-the-world DDT! Both men are down and the ref begins to count. Morrison wins the standing battle and flies with a shoulder tackle. Morrison kicks Swagger jumping in for 2. He flips out, rolls up Swagger and gets another two-count. Flying Chuck Kick connects for a near-fall! Morrison kicks Swagger but gets dumped onto the ropes. Swagger hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb, and Morrison grabs the ropes to break the count!

Swagger sets up a powerbomb, Morrison escapes to hit a Pele kick and connect with Starship Pain to pin the champion! WINNER: John Morrison. Looking at the replay Morrison barely grazed Swagger with his finisher so the pinfall victory looks weak. Ring announcer Tony Chimel makes the announcement that Swagger is still World Heavyweight Champion to regain his heat.

Breaktime with a promo for Triple H vs. Sheamus in a Street Fight for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV. We come back with a promo for this Monday Night which is a three-hour special - The WWE Draft! Back to the show and we see a cage hanging above the ring. Backstage we see CM Punk complaining to Teddy Long about Rey Mysterio cutting his hair on Raw.

Long says he hopes Punk wins against Mysterio because he thinks Punk would look ugly bald. He shows off his own bald shine then informs Punk and Gallows that they will be in a tag match against Mysterio and Kane. (So now all of a sudden Kane and Rey are friends? Whatever.) Time for another match, WHAT'S UP! R-Truth is alive! Breaktime.

* R-Truth & Matt Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre {IC Champ}

Truth and Ziggler start the match for their respective teams. They lock up and Truth gets in a side headlock then a takeover for a brief count of 1. Truth has control then tags Hardy in. They double team Ziggler and hardy hangs him onto the ropes. He stares down McIntyre before a commercial break. Ziggler and Hardy are battling still when we come back.

Hardy powerbombs him from out the corner for a 2-count. Ziggler elbows out of Side Effect and Hardy goes flying into the ringpost. McIntyre goes over to Hardy and STOMPS ON HIS HEAD while it was on the steps! Even Matt Striker, who loves McIntyre, shouts "That is disgusting!"

The referee heads out there to check on Hardy and Matt is glaze over. Ziggler lifts his dead weight into the ring, makes the cover and Hardy kicks out. Ziggler starts to continue the assault but the ref stops the match because Hardy is out of it. Ziggler is apparently not happy with that decision. WINNERS (by ref stoppage): McIntyre and Ziggler.

Truth tries to assist Hardy to the back but Hardy oozes tot he floor. Several paramedics come out to bring Hardy to the back. McIntyre heads out to attack Truth, shove him aside and further harm Hardy. He gets in his face and threatens that it's the last time he'll see him.

We see Chris Jericho, along with NXT rookie Wade Barrett, making his way to the ring, and then we see the cage lower onto the ring. Breaktime with a promo for WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV. We come back and the WWE "Smack of the Night" is Jericho crushing Edge's leg last week. Back to this week, Jericho comes out with his protégé.

* Chris Jericho promo

"Let me make this clear so all of you moronic hypocrites understand what I'm saying. This Sunday at Extreme Rules I am going to end the career of Edge. What that means is no more comebacks, no more title reigns, and most of all no more spears. You saw me - go ahead chant spear all you like. You saw how I laid the ground work, the biggest triumph of my career will be this Sunday. Edge, you have no idea the lengths I'll go through to win. I know you're too injured to climb to the top but I can. I might climb to the top and jump onto your ankle and crush it for good and send you home where you belong.

On Monday when the entire roster watches to see what show they're drafted to you'll be drafted to a hospital bed. The greatest part of this entire situation Wade Barrett, all these parasitic sycophants will no longer be chanting spear, spear, spear. They'll be chanting goodbye Edge, goodbye Edge, goodbye Edge."

Hello Edge! Here he comes, but stays at the stage area. "Chris, you bring up a good point, you did injure my ankle last week. A lot of people are asking how I'm gonna compete at Extreme Rules. And they ask how you lost to rookie Heath Slater on NXT this week. I am pretty banged up, but nothing is gonna stop me from getting inside that steel cage at Extreme Rules.

As a matter of fact, there's nothing that's gonna stop me from getting in that cage right now." Edge heads to the ring and steps in the cage. "Chris, you keep saying how you're gonna injure me, but I know how to deal with an injury. I know what it takes to come back from an injury! I've broken my neck for this business. Do you know what it's like? No you don't Chris.

Look into my eyes Chris, do I look like a man who has anything to lose? Maybe this Sunday, maybe we'll find out what it takes for you to scrape yourself back from an injury, I don't think you do. Nothing is gonna stop me from spearing you through this cage. There is nothing that is gonna stop me from spearing you right now."

Edge punches both Jericho and Barrett, but Jericho takes him out at the leg. Jericho tries to apply the Walls of Jericho but Edge fights out. Barrett gets dropped and Edge looks to speak Jericho., but doesn't get to because Jericho slides out the ring. He closes the cage door and taunts Edge, then Barrett crawls tot he door asking Jericho to open it.

Jericho warns him that Edge is behind him and Edge attacks, slamming his face to the cage wall. Edge has the look, he gets in stance, and SPEARS Barrett! Jericho locks the door closed as Edge glares at him from inside the cage. Edge is all smiles as Jericho backs away up the ramp. Still to come, Mysterio and Kane vs. Punk and Gallows. Breaktime with a look at the new MacGruber movie.

We come back with a WWE Rewind highlighting Shad and JTG beefin'. Shad is in a suit and tie providing commentary for the next match. Here comes JTG, perm and all! Out next comes JTG's opponent, one of 7 recently released WWE superstars, Mike Knox.

* JTG vs. Mike Knox

Knox collapses JTG with a huge crossbody! KTG kicks out the cover as Knox is still dominant and Shad talks trash from the announcer's desk. JTG kicks an incoming Knox, hits a somersault shoulder tackle and connects with the Mugshot from out the corner. He hits a splash to the outside and gets in Shad's face. Back in the ring JTG finishes with a jumping neckbreaker for the win. WINNER: JTG.

Post-match, Shad gets in the ring and boots J in the face. He proceeds to go "Roots" on his former partner with a leather strap repeatedly. Shad gets in JTG's face: "At Extreme Rules it's my time, it's my time, my time. MY TIME. MY TIME!" Commercial break. We come back to recap the feud of John Cena and Batista, starting with Batista tapping out at WrestleMania 26 to him challenging Cena for a rematch at Extreme Rules. We come back to the announcers plugging the WWE Extreme Rules PPV:

* WWE Title Last Man Standing Match: John Cena {C} vs. Batista
* Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (If Punk loses he gets his head shaved.)
* Steel Cage Match: Edge vs. Chris Jericho
* Street Fight: Triple H vs. Sheamus
* World Championship Extreme Rules Match: Jack Swagger {C} vs. Randy Orton

Once that's over, we go back to Monday Night Raw where CM Punk tried to get Triple H to join the Straight Edge Society, only to beat him up and attempt to shave his hair until Rey Mysterio made the save. Back on SmackDown we see a barber's chair at the top of the stage.

Coming up next after the commercials we get a Divas tag team match, which so happens to involve the recently released Mickie James. After we see McCool and Layla do their synchronized entrance we're told Phoenix and McCool face off in an "Extreme Makeover" Match for the WWE Women's Championship. Don't ask - I have no idea what that match means either.

* Layla & Michelle McCool {Women's Champ} vs. Mickie James & Beth Phoenix

Vickie Guerrero accompanies Simply Flawless tot he ring, as usual. Layla thinks she can take Phoenix down but Beth is too strong. Beth gives her the giant swing, McCool jumps over her and gets elbowed. Beth press slams Layla and McCool kicks her in the leg. McCool takes over in the match to work on Phoenix's left leg. Layla tags in and tries to work on the leg but to no avail.

Mickie James tags in and runs over Layla, even knocking down McCool off the apron. James hits a neckbreaker and senton splash. McCool breaks up the count with a knee to the noggin and Phoenix takes her out the ring. Layla hits a sit-out neckbreaker and pins Mickie James! WINNERS: Simply Flawless.

Layla tosses Mickie out to the floor then brings in... an ironing board? Layla and McCool set the ironing board up in a corner (while Matt Striker makes numerous jokes) then whip Phoenix into it. McCool boots her in the face then Vickie comes in the ring with lipstick.

They proceed to humiliate Phoenix by smearing her face with the lipstick (just like they smeared cake all over Mickie James' face several months ago). Another stupid "socially and physically unaccepted" storyline with McCool and Layla. Can we stop this please?! Breaktime.

We come back as the Straight Edge Society make their way to the ring, and as usual CM Punk has a microphone. "Rey Mysterio, after tonight I will be done talking. And come Sunday at Extreme Rules I will let my actions speak. On Raw, you let your actions speak that you are nothing but a coward when you grabbed my hair and chopped it off. I hope you find solace in that strand as my hair will remain on my head pure as un-driven snow.

My focus and my vision will be complete and that is exactly why this barber's chair has been brought to ringside. Somebody here tonight is going to be saved. Somebody here tonight will take the pledge. Somebody here tonight will accept me as their savior. Somebody here tonight will join my Straight Edge Society. Somebody here tonight is going to get their head shaved."

* Straight Edge Society vs. Rey Mysterio & Kane

Luke Gallows and Rey Mysterio start the match. Rey kicks Luke in the leg but Punk distracts him so Gallows body slams him. Punk tags in and whips Rey to the corner hard. Punk lays in the knees to the midsection, Mysterio flips out a suplex attempt and tags in Kane. Punk cowers into a corner as we go to our last commercial break. Kane knocks Gallows down with a shoulder tackle when we come back, then applies the side headlock.

Gallows clotheslines Kane and Punk tags in, so Kane tags Punk with an uppercut. Mysterio is in now and he attacks Punk, but Punk soon tosses him into the corner. He hits the high knee strike and the bulldog connects for 2. Punk kicks Rey in the back then puts Mysterio in a bow-and-arrow stretch.

Mysterio literally kicks out but Punk shuts him down and tags in Gallows. Punk gives him one more shit before stepping out and Gallows punches him in the gut. He uppercuts Rey for a 2-count. Rey gets put in a cross-arm submission but he starts his comeback countering Gallows with a DDT.

Kane gets the tag, and Punk is in as well. Kane clotheslines Punk in a corner then gets the sidewalk slam. Big flying clothesline from off the top rope. Gallows breaks up the count but heads to the floor by Rey. Kane stands Rey on his shoulders for him to splash from up high, but Punk still kicks out.

Serena blocks Mysterio from doing the 619, so Gallows attacks Rey. Kane uppercuts Gallows and they fight into the crowd. Punk is all alone with Mysterio, Rey backflips onto Punk's shoulders, tries a rollup but Punk countered the rollup with one of his own for 3. WINNERS: Punk & Gallows.

Punk immediately attacks him afterwards but Mysterio sets him up for the 619 again. Punk slides under the bottom rope to sit on the apron so Mysterio adjusts to hit him with a dropkick, and Punk lands in the barber chair!

Rey grabs the clippers but Serena blocks him from cutting Punk's hair. Punk escapes with Serena as Mysterio stands tall to close out SmackDown. Good night everybody and enjoy Extreme Rules - however you watch it!

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