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Tha Raw Report: Tha Final Curtain Call

This is going, way, way back, but Dan-e-o wrote a column called "History Lessons on Raw" and it revolved around Shawn Michaels. Tonight, we got clips of Shawn Michaels career. I disagree with Michael Cole, he said the defining moments. Shawn Michaels is bigger than a defining moment, or any defining moment. Though I understand the sentiment.

Watching the highlights of Michaels alone was awesome. I realize that I didn't want Michaels to end the streak and I haven't always said great things about him, but make no mistake Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest of all time.

When H came out and did his speech at the top of the ramp, for the second time in a long time I was interested and cared about what Triple H was doing. That's nothing really against Triple H, it's just that boredom had sat in, but not here. The Sheamus attack drew the heat it needed, and in all actuality, probably did more to elevate Sheamus and get him heat than his in ring exploits.

Bret Hart's in-ring segment probably made a lot of people happy, even Donnie. I say that not because of Bret, but because of the mention of Owen, and the Hart Dynasty getting some shine. They may end up getting that title run after all. The Miz is working, and just about everyone is in now. Either good or bad, he's getting real heat, not X-Pac heat.

I wanted to make tonight's "Raw" report all about Shawn, but I honestly think the WWE did a pretty good job of pushing other things on Shawn's night. The Ted DiBiase thing is interesting, and you have to wonder where they're going to go with it, and you have to hope that they don't drop the ball, because Ted has potential.

I'm not talking about Jack Thwagger, I'm talking about Randy Orton as a face. Teaming with Cena, not being overly heel. Orton is a heel, he can never take that completely out of himself. Waiting for the hot tag there was the opportunity for the drop off the apron and leave the babyface hanging. He didn't though. He took the tag and took out the heels.

One thing about Thwagger though. There has been talk since Money in the Bank was conceived of not challenging for a World title or losing. If ever there is a time for the MitB winner to not win the championship it's now. I realize though that Thwagger has a lot of fans around here so that won't be popular.

Back to the man the night was all about. Shawn Michaels. The rib is that workers never retire unless they have to. Ric didn't, Foley still hasn't, the list goes on and on, with The Rock being the exception that proves the rule. You can throw out name after name that did retire I guess, but they probably worked several indy shows afterward, or are still working.

For Shawn to thank everyone he thanked it sort of surprised me, but then again it didn't. I half expected him to thank Bret, but it was still odd hearing it. That alone will spark debate inside the mark/smark/average circles. Was there ever a screwjob? Did both guys really change? Was the hatchet buried or was that just them playing nice since they're both older and leaving?

Answer, who cares? Accept it at face value, no need to out think the room and complicate things. When Taker did the tip the hat gimmick it was great. Some will say he had to share the spotlight, but me, I see it as the lockerroom leader tipping his hat to the in-ring leader, an ultimate show of respect.

Hunter and Shawn closing the show was fitting. DX from spring and summer 06 wasn't the old DX, the HBK, HHH, Chyna, and Rick Rude DX, but nothing will ever touch that. It was what it was, and it was and will always be over with fans. Shawn is a part of wrestling and DX is a part of Shawn, so H coming out didn't seem to me like H had to have the spotlight either. It was the 2nd and final curtain call.

Thank you Shawn.

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Victor Wildcat said...

Can I just comment how absolutely amazing the Swagger almost cash in was? It worked so well since every other time the briefcase was cashed in, it was out of nowhere like that and I think the tease was perfect. I think they can wait a few months, tease it again, wait a few months and have him keep trying until either he goes over for the belt or is forced to compete in a legit match where he loses. Either way gets him over as long as he doesn't try to cash it in and get destroyed by a tired, post-match champ, then you might as well future endeavor him and send him to main event Impact.