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WWE Cuts Several Big Names

Just weeks before the biggest show / payday of the year, the WWE has parted ways with several favourites.

Maria Kanellis, Gregory "Hurricane" Helms, Paul Burchall and referee Scott Armstrong.

The news came as a complete shock to Maria, the 2009 Diva of the year, who learned about it by reading a dirtsheet website.

Helms was involved in an incident last month with police, and many feel that his cut was related to that incident. Jericho was also involved and has since been handed the World Title.

There was a lot of talk internally about moving Burchall to Raw as a babyface, and he had been trying out a new character on house shows.

Scott Armstrong, a long time worker has been with the WWE since 2006. He was the referee involved in the screwjob angle between CM Punk and The Undertaker late last year.

The timing of these cuts is very unusual for WWE, but many believe there will be more before Wrestlemania.

3 comments: on "WWE Cuts Several Big Names"

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

BigDaddy said...

Charlie Haas was also released this weekend.

PlanBFromOuterSpace said...

It's OK, as Haas HIMSELF probably didn't even know that he still worked for the company. It's also possible that Vince had forgotten about him and Haas was afraid to show his face for fear of getting noticed and canned. He reminds me of Milton in "Office Space", fired years ago but still collecting a check because of some payroll glitch. Someone keeps taking my stapler...