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J.R. Hinting At A Jump To TNA?

In his latest blog entry, Jim Ross discussed his current WWE contract status. The following is pulled directly from Ross's website.

"I spent a good, productive day in Stamford at WWE HQ. Lots of interesting conversation ensued. Even went by my old department. Saw many old friends. Nothing finalized but a potential plan is in the works. Some fun and important projects were discussed. I am excited to hear what might be next.

My goal has always been to attend WM26 and that matter is in play. I truly love the event and I know that this year's show will be awesome with or without me.

The question I have to ask myself is how much time I'm physically able to invest. Can I still handle traveling 51 weeks a year and giving all I need to to contribute to the level that I expect of myself.

Thank God I'm feeling better but many, major decisions have to be addressed. I can only say that time will tell over the next few weeks and the best decision will be made. This by no means that my love for the business has diminished whatsoever."

He still loves the business, but is questioning the travel schedule ... and Eric Bischoff has already said he will open TNA's wallet to pry Ross away from WWE.

Stay tuned.

4 comments: on "J.R. Hinting At A Jump To TNA?"

Christopher Casúr said...

So Eric Bischoff is willing to pay any amount of money to steal JR from WWE. Why?

That's not a dig at JR, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for TNA to invest a lot of money into a play-by-play guy. Maybe TNA thinks that having JR join them would increase ratings, but anyone who hasn't been living under a rock the last five years can attest to the fact that that's not true.

It makes a lot more sense to save the money you would spend to get JR and invest it elsewhere. TNA needs to set itself apart; they need to do some scouting around the indies and find good commentators who will stand out for their skills, rather than for their WWE stints.

ThaOshowZenthusiast said...

Hopefully TNA would use J.R.'s off-air talents as well as his iconic voice, I respect his mind and have always felt that his stepping down from VP of talent relations has had an extremely overlooked and significant effect on the business.

That being said, Tenay is not a favorite of mine, neither is Taz but I don't think they could go wrong with putting the man with either. Their is always the option of having Tenay be that third man he played all those years in WCW.

Either way it would be interesting to see if Good Ole' J.R. still has it as a play by play man without Vince in his ear.
To answer Casúr's question, TNA has been trying to make the product look on par with the WWE, only problem is that the show is shot in the back lot of Universal Studios. Look back at any high profile pro wrestling show or PPV in the past decade. J.R. was there to call it, so in the minds of 95% of the fans it is a great way to make the show look important, Mike Tenay telling the viewer that Matt Morgan, Robert Roode, James Storm, AJ Styles, The Pope or Abyss is the next big thing but You put J.R. in their that is a HUGE put over to anyone on that roster and an asset in many other areas of the business.

Victor Wildcat said...

Yeah, definitely not a great investment for TNA. If they wanna spend some money and get a new commentator how about telling Mike Tenay to smarten the fuck up, telling Taz to get the fuck out and telling JBL to get the fuck on board?

Much cheaper, much more efficient and much much more entertaining.

Hipnosis said...

Don West Selling JR'S BBQ huh?...A slap to the balls or pat on the back?