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Tha iMPACT! Playback

I missed the darn title this week. That was a good thing. We start things off in the iMPACT! Zone with AJ Styles and Dic Flair makin their way to the ring. Apparently Styles and Flair took out The Pope. The Pope is supposed to me “injured” Now AJ is quoting Ric, so when’s he gonna dye his hair blonde? Is there a wager on that in Vegas?

Flair calls Abyss “The Abyss” and says “The Abyss is mentally challenged at best” . Some classic Ric Flair freaking out, losing his mind turning red and shit. Abyss threatens Flair and Flair calls himself a god. A god? Please Ric spare us the BS. AJ and Flair tell Abyss to take off the Hall of Fame ring. Out comes the Hulkster to join the fun.

Things come to a boil and the four men set up to fight but Flair and Styles bail. Okay, why does Flair want Hogan’s ring ? What because Abyss is wearing it and doesn’t deserve to rock it. I can buy that to some extend but hey Flair you’ve got your own ring and contrary to what you may believe they are both rings from the same Hall of Fame. So again, here we have TNA hyping up a WWE thing. Fail.

The Nasty Boys vs. Team 3D – No DQ Tables Match

The Nasty Boys attack 3D mid ramp before the bell. Saggs and Devon start it off. Team 3D takes it to Nastyville and call for the tables. Jimmy Hart distracts 3D but Jesse Neal comes out to balance things out and Team 3D puts Saggs through a table to get the win. Yawn….

Mick Foley bumrushes Bischoff’s office all mad and Eric does what he does best his spin doctor thing and turns Mick into being happy. Jedi mind tricks here. Eric convinces Foley to go put the suit on that he got last week. Love Eric or Hate him, he plays his position well.

ODB vs. Daffney

The Skank returns and dominates Daf from the top but the psycho Goth chic goes nuts. Tara says she underestimated Daffny. We all did Tara. Daffny gets ODB in positon around the ring pole and beats on her legs with a mop sick and a metal box. Stevie comes out again to take control. The Skank wins by DQ. At least this farce was over fast.

Damn Hernandez is a big dude but Morgan towers over him. That gives you some idea of how huge the Blueprint really is. Beer Money hit the impact! Zone, and pronounce their greatness. Give these guys a shot at Super-Blueprint and let em put up or shut up. Out comes Super Mex who does just that and says he is going to Hogan to ask for a title shot for Beer Money. A talker Hernandez is not.

Nash and Young are with JB in the back. I would assume it s safe to say that Bubba is done in TNA. I hope Bubba is not really behind the crank calls to Awesome Kong that’s been reported recently.

EY? Fail there Kev. So, Nash and Young want Hall and Pac in a street fight. Not bad for two guys with no contracts. Hall and Pac that is.

Double J goes with the theme of the night of bum rushing Eric Bischoff’s office and screams and rants. Spin Doctor Eric does his thing…Bischoff for president. Eric you shoulda been a politician. This guy could sell you your own car for double the price you paid for it and you would walk away thinking you got a deal.

Eazy E makes his way to the ring and calls out Double J. Eric trades the barbed wired bat he gave Jarrett for a spatchala and sends Jeff to catering to flip burgers.
How long can Jarrett take the abuse before he snaps on Eazy E?

Super Mex are at odds in the back. It will a great feud when these guys lose the belts and go at it.

Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick

Hey Taz, Kaz has no ring rust because he was Suicide. R.I.P. to Suicide. Kaz dominates Kendrick. Can you say jobber? Kaz makes an iMPACT! and takes the win after a Flux Compacitor off the top rope. Kaz gets the X Division title shot at Destination X against Doug Williams who stole the title from Rob Terry who happens to some how have the Global Championship.

Look for Kaz to take the X Division strap back to the X Division locker room so to speak. Kaz looks good out there since his return and the crowd seems to be behind him.

That’s just what the X Division needs right now a champ the people care about and that they can get behind to promote the division.

By the way where’s Jeff Hardy? That would do it right there.

Jeff Hardy – X Division Champion. Although Hardy is a lil better suited to face AJ Styles for the TNA title. Either way where’s Jeff?

Abyss: The Monster of the Ring? It’s good to see Abyss acting more like a monster. If it took a pep talk from the Hulkster then I guess I’m fine with that. I’m pretty sure a pep talk from Hulk could get me pretty fired up too.

Why is The British Invasion punking off Big Rob? I don’t really care I’m just wondering why they would throw out the biggest guy in the group.

Anderson does another semi decent promo, I’m not mad at Ken at all, he’s got the ball and runnin’. I smell a Global Championship victory comin up……

Global Championship Match – Big Rob Terry vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson makes his way to the ring and gets blindsided by Angle with a chair. Kurt takes the medal back and the monster Rob Terry carries Anderson into the ring, the match starts. Big Rob delivers one move and its over. Anderson deserves a rematch and a chance to mash up Rob Terry for real after getting robbed like that.
Anderson should have the Global title anyway. It makes sense. Big Rob’s just a big lug.Why he even has the belt boggles the mind.

Kevin Nash & Eric Young vs. Sixx Pac & Scott Hall

Ok I understand Young getting punked off, like he did, but having Big Kev getting taken out with one shot to the knee is weak at best. Come on fellaz. Weakalazz…Pac and Hall get the best of Young and Nash in what looked like a hardcore match. If you even wanna give it that much props. Hall and Pac spray paint 4 Life on EY’s back.
It was horrible and Hall looks like they wrote the Wrestler about him.

Foley returns in a suit, I half expected a slick hairstyle and a pony tail. Bischoff sends Mick off to Edicate School. Gotta have some humor when you got Foley around.
He’s not believable to me as a tough guy anymore but he can work well in the comedy department. Almost as funny as Jarrett flippin burgers. Did you notice how Eric Bishoff took a shot at WWE for using celebrity guest hosts?

Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe

Styles and Flair are after Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring for some stupid reason. Wolfe and Abyss have a decent match considering. Abyss proves to be the monster he is by taking out Wolfe with a Black Hole Slam. After the match Flair and Styles attack Abyss followed by Wolfe with a chair.

They corner Abyss and hand cuff him to the rope in an effort to take the ring. Out comes the Hulkster to make the save, but Hogan gets out numbered by Flair, Styles and Wolfe.

Hogan catches a beat down and even gets busted open. Suddenly Abyss breaks the chain on the cuffs and chases the champ and co. up the ramp. Great heel work by Flair and Styles. Wolfe is a true villain in his own right already, ya done know.

After the commercial, Hogan gets the mic and calls out Styles and Flair and it’s….
AJ Styles & Ric Flair vs. Abyss & Hogan in a match for March 8th Monday night premier!

I’m not mad at this at all, they need to up the stakes for the Monday move and if Hulk’s gotta get in the ring to draw ratings and pull Flair out of retirement to do it then a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Even Vince McMahon’s getting in the ring with Bret Hart to draw hype for WrestleMania.

Not a bad move there Hulkster. Look for Abyss & Hogan to take it.

iMPACT! was good this week. Just good. Not great. It better be great every week come March 8th.

Live or not. Do you hear me Hulkster? It needs to be great to win a war or a battle or any thing. March 8th will be the true test of TNA’s product. Will WWE fans or fair-weather fans tune in on Monday nights to watch TNA over WWE?

Sure the TNA fanbase will all move to Monday nights and that will influx the ratings but can TNA really bring the smackith downith to the mighty WWE? Only time will tell if this is truly the beginning of something historic or whether it burns out and fizzles fast.

One more week and it’s on. Monday March 8th, 2010 TNA iMPACT! moves to Monday nights!
Just in time for WrestleMania.

Tha Results:

Team 3D def. The Nasty Boys
ODB def. Daffney by DQ
Big Rob Terry def. Mr. Anderson
Scott Hall & Sixx Pac def. Kevin Nash & Eric Young
Abyss def. Desmond Wolfe

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Anonymous said...

I hope TNA crushes WWE, Vinny Mac needs a chin check for real. The competiion will be good for wrestling. We need to support this move to Mondays!