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Tha iMPACT! Playback

We all knew change was coming to TNA but this is ridiculous. Let me start by sounding off. Sure I love the new addition of Anderson but where did Hardy go?

What happened to half the roster? Here’s who we didn’t see this week on iMPACT! :Beer Money, MCMGs, Awesome Kong and Hamada, Any X Division wrestlers, World Elite, Desmond Wolfe, Sting, and a string of other TNA staples that were on regular shows week in and week out before the Hogan-Bischoff era. Folks this a completely different show all together now……

Here’s what we did see on this week's iMPACT!

Brutus Magnus vs. Ken Anderson

Mr. Anderson runs over Brutus Magnus. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. What the hell was he talking about? Anderson did a good job starting off the show.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring followed by Mick Foley. They don’t work out a damn thing except that they dislike each other. Eric sets the match for the main event . Mick Foley vs. Kevin Nash – No DQ

Bischoff has Abyss and Borash’s jobs in the palm of their hands. How can I be scared of this so called “monster” Abyss when he’s constantly acting like a little bitch. Not very scary guys.

World Tag Team Championship Match – Hernandez & Morgan vs. Team 3D

This was probably the best match of the night. The new champs took it to Team 3D who were after their 24th tag title. The Nastys interfere to distract 3D giving Super-Blueprint the win. Morgan and Super Mex make the save after the match as The Nasty Boys attack Team 3D.

I'm surprised it wasn't The Nasty Boys getting a title shot. The way things are going.

Jesse Neal vs. Samoa Joe

Joe defines ruthless aggression. I’m not sure what was up with Joe sporting the knee high socks. It looked rather Fronte.

Joe annilates Neale in a matter of minutes. Muscle Buster and this one was a wrap.

AJ Styles vs. D'angelo “The Pope” Deniro - non title match

I don’t really mind Flair as a manager. We need more managers in wrestling today. Most of the best managers were wrestlers before becoming managers. It’s a great way to keep Ric on tv and we don’t have to see him wrestle so he won’t tarnish his legacy. Reminds me of the classic managers from back in the day like Fred Blassie, Johnny Valiant, Jimmy Hart or the forever classic Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

The Pope brings it to AJ off the start throwing Styles off his game. Good thing Flair’s there for moral support. (sarcasm) I really hate how TNA interrupts a match they just started for a commercial then bring the match back for twenty seconds and tease you, only to go back to a commercial. How long before Flair turns on AJ?

The Pope takes control of the match and misses with the Coronation but catches Styles in a small package and beats the TNA Champ. Flair and Styles double team Pope after the match. Samoa Joe makes the save. Pope and Joe go at it with Flair and Styles till security floods the ring.

Samoa Joe says he is cashing in his Feast or Fired case at Against All Odds. I doubt Joe will be able to beat AJ Styles.

Nash agrees to do Bischoff a favor and take out Foley. Big Kev haggles for Hall and Pac’s TNA contracts but to no avail. Breaking the Band was tonight’s title. Wasn’t it called the Band is Back or something to that affect recently? The Band never really got back together so now we're gonna break it up?

TNA 8 Card Stud Tournament Qualifier – Tomko vs. Kurt Angle

Perhaps Angle’s anger keeps him focused because he was on fire in this match. Tomko did shine at the start of the match but Kurt Angle showed us why he is who he is and hit Tomko with multiple German Suplex’ and Angle Slams. Tomko taps in the end after Kurt puts him in the Angle Lock.

Kurt Angle, Hernandez, Desmond Wolfe and Ken Anderson are the remaining four wrestlers left in the tournament set to culminate at Against All Odds to determine the number one contender for the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

European Tour highlights and a recap on the Nash-Foley feud. Kevin Nash talks with Hogan in the back. Nash pushes for Hall and Pac’s contracts but Hogan shoots him down.

Are these guys putting one over on us? Every time I see Hogan and Nash together I’m reminded of the fiasco when the NWO reunited when these two guys fought a fake match won by a pointed finger from Hogan to Nash’s chest.

TNA Knockouts Championship. Tara vs. Angelina Love

I gotta cheer for Love since she hails from the T-Dot. Shout out to Drake, good look on the Grammy performance last Sunday. Angelina comes out looking hot as ever with the tights and bra. Love gives Tara a pretty good fight all things considered but Tara proves too strong for Love and gets the win.

Why was Tara’s cleavage blurred at the end of the match? Love’s cleavage was intact which I always love to see. The Beautiful People rush the ring and attack Love post match. Tara makes the save reluctantly it seemed.

Let me get in a room with these five ladies, mmmmm, mmmmm. Beautiful People we love you!

Pac and Hall lurk in the shadows, Scott is looking more and more pathetic as time goes on. Ok so if the story is these two don’t have contracts and are bumrushing the show then why not have a match to determine if they can get contracts. If they win the match they get contracts, if they lose then its bye bye.

Angle rushes Hogan’s office yelling screaming and throwing accusations. The Hulkster sets Angle straight and stands up as a reminder of his size. No one trusts Hulk Hogan, damn Hulk you got your Vince McMahon on.

Kevin Nash vs. Mick Foley – No DQ

First of all, Nash: The floods over pal. If this guy is so caked up why can’t he afford new wrestling gear?

Foley comes out with his barbed wire bat and Nash follows with a shopping cart full of weapons. This match was rather short considering the magnitude and that it was a main event. Nash nails Mick with a boot to the head after Foley hesitates using a picture of him and Abyss to smash Kev over the head with. Nash gets a cheesy win.

Hall and Sixx Pac rush the ring from the stands and despite Nash goin to bat for them. The Band members Hall and Pac take out Kevin Nash and Mick Foley. We go off the air with Nash and Foley laid out and Hall and Pac lookin into the camera.

Not bad for guys without contracts. Their getting more airtime than half the roster in TNA.

This is defiantly not your daddy’s TNA. Things have changed, completely. Gone is the 6 sides, gone is the fresh faces except a few, gone are the old storylines, gone is the TNA we used to know and love. Change has come to TNA.

Hogan and Bischoff have made more change in TNA in less time than Obama has done in the United States in a year. And we all know how well that’s going.

Who’s gonna take over TNA NXT? Vinnie Mac?

Tha Results:

Ken Anderson def. Brutus Magnus
Hernandez & Morgan def. Team 3D
Samoa Joe def. Jesse Neal
D'angelo Deniro def. AJ Styles
Kurt Angle def. Tomko
Tara def. Angelina Love
Kevin Nash def. Mick Foley

4 comments: on "Tha iMPACT! Playback"

TimTS said...

I keep giving the new era the benefit of the doubt but I'm not sure how much longer I can do it. I loved TNA for the simple fact it was DIFFERENT than WWE. It's the same now. As a matter of fact, it feels like I'm watching the WWE of the 90's, just substitute AJ for HBK, Joe for Stone Cold (Beginning rise of Austin that is), and, well I think you get the picture. Insert whom you will. It's not all bad, but it's definately not as good so far as the old TNA.

Anonymous said...

I am so not impressed with TNA anymore. And what is up with nameing the episode??? I'm mean last week was named Screw Job, This week was Breaking the Band. I mean nothing like giving away what is going to happen. As soon as they showed the name at the beginning I knew either Nash was going to turn on Hall/PAC or Hall/PAC were going to trun on Nash. THis really is turned into a poorly written soap opera

kathy said...

I tried to watch it but it was just CRAPola

Hipnosis said...

wheres Raven?...Stevie Richards...wheres Daffney?

Wheres Monty Brown?

Wheres Chris Harris?


DAMMIT!! Wheres ECW!?!

where the FUCK is Inspecter Gadget!?

I thought Sarelda was coming back WTF did Hogan do to make those plans screw up!?