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Tha O Show: Episode 153

Tha O Show Radio
O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with the 153rd episode of "Tha O Show"! This is the one you've been waiting for O-sters!

Returning to "Tha O Show" after a long hiatus, Asylum of The Flatliners is back to join Don, Dan and Frank Fronte in Tha O Zone Lair!

So press the play button or download the mp3 now!! It's O time!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Black Prophet".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

"Road Stories" with Roxxie Cotton.

And "Tha Round Table" with Don, Dan, Frank and, Asylum!


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21 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 153"

Anonymous said...

Asylum is such a dick.

Anonymous said...

So Asylum was on the show and nobody got chopped or tea bagged?

Anonymous said...


jenn said...

Great shows guys. But dating advice for Frank is awful. I can never tell if he IS that pathetic or if he's just putting on an act... either way, its cringe worthy.

Asylum said...

Whatever Buddy

agree with bdd said...

Michael Jackson wasn't all that. And he was a child molestor.

kathy said...

i haven't even finished listening to the show, and i don't know if franks' just getting too comfy or isn't getting beat up enough...but he is talking FAR TOO MUCH. he needs to sit down, look at pics of boys and get new sponsors...and just shut his mouth !

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no O for the Leafs trading their entire roster for 2 guys

Anonymous said...

asylum without burns = (price is right horn sound effect)

L. Nemoy said...

I thought Will Shitner was garbage

gtfo said...


all were in the Rumble at the same time and Dan suddenly claims it was OBVIOUS that Edge was going to win?

Anonymous said...

Earl screws Hogan

Adam said...

Frank Fronte is the Steve Lombardi of dating knowledge...

Dan-e-o said...

Name another artist who the world shut down for to watch the premiere of a MUSIC VIDEO in prime time.

Name another artist who released more than a dozen multi-platinum albums BEFORE creating the best selling album of time.

Name another artist who sold out a 30,000 seat arena 50 times in the same city.

The list of Michael Jackson’s accomplishments could go on and on forever and it still wouldn’t properly communicate the man’s sheer genius in the fields of singing, dancing, live performing, music video, recording and so on.

His worldwide impact is undeniable proof of his mastery in all of the above talents. The number of haters he has also speaks volumes about his prowess as the greatest entertainer of all time.

The only thing that was never proven about Michael Jackson is the allegation that he molested anyone.

In a world wrought with sheer garbage on the radio, Michael’s music remains timeless. In a world that often showcases a lack of compassion towards others who are “different”, Michael’s humanitarian efforts are sorely missed.

Those who keep hating on him only continue to prove my point.

Robbie Nekoda said...

Michael Jackson was the fucking man, and the Bad album was the soundtrack of much of my childhood.

Edge winning was obvious to me 'cause he was a surprise yet showed up at 29 instead of 30 - three people in a row winning at 30 was something they wanted to avoid I reckon.

Batista's hat is still gay.

kathy said...

please please please don't ever let a girl tell a road story again..enough said i hope.

i was also really surprised there was no leaf talk...i watched the game tuesday night and it was pretty pretty pretty pretty good, not cuz they won, but they looked excited and the energy level..and the fights :)

i'm glad bdd mentioned it, i was gonna leave a note about it but nobodys been covering smackdown for a few weeks...but DX was super funny, especially when CM losers were on the ramp.

Dan-e-o said...

I was totally prepared to "O" for the Leafs trade especially after they blanked the Devils and had ALL three of their new players be listed as stars of the game.

However, knowing Donnie, he would have shit all over it and I wasn't in the mood for more of his traitorism towards Toronto sports teams.

John said...

I'm the Irishman who left that ridiculously long winded message. I was totally not on form, and was trying to think of a short way to fit in all the shit I wanted to say... which just made it take longer.

Dear jaysus it sounded so much worse than I thought!

J Cash the stockbroker said...

this was an awesome show guys, an theres more than one black guy that listens to the show i would be offened but hey theres more raceisody in this world than enough, asylum was fucking hilarious, well placed price is right wrong answer thing makes this show all the more funny, if roxie cotton come back for another road story tell her she needs to slow down, could hardly understand what she was saying half the time, and that reminds me are yall still doing the future endeavors poll? like i said at the top great show (and i know i suck at spelling so nobody better get on me about that, my degree was in accounting anyway)

Anonymous said...

lol all hail traitorism! It's like...evil tourism!

I was not an O-Show listener back when Frank was on the show, and you know, if I HAD heard the show with him on it, I don't know if I'd still listen.

I have nothing personal against Frank Fronte, and when he was announced to be a third member of the show, I thought "Well, if they are having him on the show, he must be good."

I was wrong.

The first episode he said about a dozen words. I thought "Hmmm, is he participating? Well, he's probably just getting back into the groove."

As the weeks went on, he did speak more, and every time he speaks, I want to destroy my computer with violence. His voice is obnoxious. His manner of speaking is obnoxious, and it sounds like he is talking 25 feet away from a microphone.

Again, I have nothing against the guy personally, but he really bogs the show down for me.

Someone please execute him from my O Show so that I might enjoy it again.

Anonymous said...

If nobody wanted to watch a bunch of guys they've never heard of showing their talent and trying to get over American Idol and all these other talent search shows wouldn't be some of the highest rated things on TV... Witch leads me to think they should move The Miz to NXT so we can all laugh at him like William Hung...

All hail the Prophet, fuck Fronte and that is all.