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UFC 109: Relentless Recap

* Melvin Guillard v. Ronys Torres

Torres is making his UFC debut, and he promises it will be a victorious one. Guillard is put over as having made great strides in 2009. Tale of the tape - 26 to 24, 5'9" to 5'7", 155 to 156 and 71" reach from Guillard to Torres.

Guillard starts out throwing kicks but 15 seconds in Torres has the double leg and pushes Guillard right into the fence. Torres gets side control but Guillard is doing his best to wall walk and pop back up and does so 1:08 into R1. Torres chases him with punches and gets another takedown. Guillard gets out again and is throwing left jabs and high kicks. Torres responds with a flying knee that's just a little off target.

Guillard responds with a spinning backfist. It's almost as though they're showing off their techniques for the crowd. Torres gets him back into half guard with a minute to go in the round. It doesn't look like the venue has filled up much during the prelims - still a lot of empty seats and the crowd is rather quiet. Guillard gets out and hits a good left with 15 seconds to go. R1 is over!

Torres cornermen spill a huge bag of ice into the Octagon between rounds and it takes them two minutes to clean it up. Rogan is surprisingly pissed about it and yelling at the towel guys to point out where the ice is. Once they start Melvin ends up riding on TOP of Ronys' shoulders, riding so high he's nearly out of the Octagon altogether. Things settle down after the first minute. 1:45 in and Guillard tags Torres with a knee when he shoots.

Rogan: "I can still see a piece of ice out there!" Guillard is definitely getting the better of the exchanges in this round, tagging Torrest with a knee any chance he gets. Torres gets a waistlock from behind, Guillard rolls through and gets into guard, but Torres gets ahold of the arm and starts working for a kimura. Through sheer strength Guillard manages to pull it back in and get back to half guard. Torres bodylocks him with the legs but Guillard stands back up with less than 10 seconds and tries to jump over him with a punch to no avail. Off to R3! Greg Jackson makes him take deep breaths in the corner. Goldberg: "Yoda speaks!"

Guillard is all over Torres again in R3, coming in and out with combos. He shoots for a takedown at 1:30 and Guillard stuffs it, shoots at 1:45 and gets it. Torres has a side headlock for a while but once again Guillard gets back out with 3:15 gone in R3. Melvin jumps on top of him in the last 10 seconds and lays in the ground and pound but the horn sounds and he has to get off. Guillard was showboating a little in the last minute but Torres seems to think he's the winner on the virtue of his takedowns. It's going to the judges. ALL THREE JUDGES SCORE 29-28 FOR MELVIN 'THE YOUNG ASSASSIN' GUILLARD. He apologizes for not getting a spectacular knockout, says all his other fights don't count, he's starting 1-0 tonight and wants to earn a title shot by 2011. We go to Mac Danzig and Justin Buchholz warming up backstage. Bioshock 2 promo follows.

* Mac Danzig vs. Justin Buchholz

Buchholz comes out with a fancy windmill kick, but Danzig starts trying to measure out his kick and punch combos early. Buchholz continues to try to throw head and body kicks mostly with occasional strikes. Danizg moves in and starts scrappin', Buchholz has to pull back and continues to defend with kicks. Danzig closes the space again with leading lefts, Buchholz re-establishes some space with more kicks. Buchholz suddenly tees off and starts throwing combinations, knocks Danzig to the mat and lays in bombs as he puts Danzig on the fences, finishing up a combo with a knee to the head as Danzig escapes. Danzig slows it dow for a moment, but then starts moving in with more strike combos, keeping Buchholz on his toes.

Buchholz is able to get Danzig on the fences again, throws strikes, Danzig escapes and turns Buchholz around to put in his own combos, but Buchholz is able to slip out of the way to bring the action back to the middle of the ring. Danzig clinches Buchholz on the cage in the last thirty seconds, Buchholz tries to throw an elbow, Danzig blocks it, takes Buchholz down to the ground, he scrambles back to his feet quickly and gets back to the middle to finish off the round.

Danzig takes the early control of R2, keeping Buchholz on the edge of the cage, grabbing a single leg for a takedown, doesn't get it but clinches Buchholz on the cage, Buchholz grapples for the escape. They mix it up in the middle of the Octagon, first trading strikes, then trading kicks. Joe Rogan thinks Daniz is starting to look a little worn down. Danzig goes for a big double leg takedown, ends up pushing Buchholz to the cage but gets under the butt and finishes off the takedown, ending up in side control.

Danzig is laying in strikes to the side of the head, Buchholz has Danzig's left leg tied up, grabs the right arm and is attempting a kimora. Danzig is able to pull both the arm and the leg out and regain side control. He's trying for a top mount, Buchholz is bucking his hips to block it, but Danzig is able to overcome. Buchholz rolls to try to escape, but ends up giving up his back, tries for a choke, Buchholz rolls again, Danzig looks for an arm triangle but loses it, Buchholz ends up on top. Danzig responds by trying to go for rubber guard, not able to pull it off so he starts rainging down elbows to the top of the head from the bottom, then some wacky double punches to both sides of the head. Danzig rolls Buchholz over with a sweep and starts throwing down bombs, but he hits an illegal elbow "12/6" strike and Herb Dean stops the action, gives Danzig a warning right at the end of R2.

Danzig resumes his domination for the first minute of the last round, but Buchholz isn't going to put up with it and starts straking back, closing in the personal space, and putting Danzig on the cage with a clinch. Danzig underhooks and turns it around, starts throwing knees, but is starting to look gassed. Danzig tries for a throw, Buchholz is able to block it and sweeps Danzig instead, going into Danzig's full guard.

Danzig responds with those double punches to the head, scoots back to the cage, and is able to sit up and get some leverage to throw punches to the side of Buchholz' head. Buchholz tries to pull Danzig off of the cage to get a better position, but after nearly a minute of struggle Herb Dean stands them up. Danzig swings away with uppercuts, puts Buchholz on the cage, a little wobbly, but Buchholz tees off and regains his ground. Danzig witha nice right knee connecting to the head, followed by punches, puts Buchholz on the cage, clinch, knees to the head, followed up with a takedown right into side control. Danzig puts his knee in Buchholz's stomach, Buchholz tries to roll, Danzig takes the back and throws down bombs to the side of the head. Buchholz rolls again to try to escape, Danzig gets full top mount now and lays in a beatdown of punches. Buchholz rolls again, gives up the back, Danzig goes for the Rear Naked Choke to finish, Buchholz is fighting, escapes it, and Danzig finishes the fight with dominating strikes to the ribs.

All three judges score the fight 29-28 for the winner, MAC DANZIG!

Other preliminary match results which may not be seen on television tonight:

Joey Beltran d. Rolles Gracie @ 1:31 of Round One by TKO (strikes);
Chris Tuchscherer d. Tim Hague by Split Decision;
Phil Davis d. Brian Stann by Unanimous Decision;
Robert Emerson d. Phillipe Nover by Unanimous Decision;


Killa Kev is taking over the recapping duties, as UFC 109: Relentless takes to the air at the sold out Mandelay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan give us the run-down for our main event of the evening, Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman. This is a matchup that was supposed to happen a decade ago, and Roegan thinks that this match is now even better because both men are at their peak condition of their lives. The discussion moves to the undercard, Nake Marquardt vs. Chael Sonnen, and then a brief explaination of the rules of the Octagon, and a note that there ar eno championship fights on the card tonight.

Matt "the Terror" Serra (16-6-0, 170 lbs.) vs. Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg (19-7-0, 170 lbs.)

We're starting out tonight with a Welterweight bout between two very experienced and well-respected men. Josh Rosenthal is the referee in charge. Round One has both men throwing strikes, but Serra takes a few to the head early as he's ducking down to deliver strikes, but doesn't appear to be hurt. Trigg is tenative, but is keeping Serra circling around the outside. Serra keeps moving in and throwing strikes, Trigg cautiously responding. Serra catches him with a right at 2:45 left, Trigg goes down and Rosenthal moves in to end it. Trigg pops back up and says that he was okay and is arguing, but we run the replay, Serra throws the overhand right, trigg's legs givee out, Serra moves in and throws fives rights to the jaw to finish it off, followed up with his trademark handspring cartwheel across the ring.

WINNER: Matt Serra d. Frank Trigg @ 2:23 of Round One by Knockout. Joe Rogan in the ring to interview Serra, asks him if he's happy with the win. Serra says he's happy that he didn't get cut up, his daughter's first birthday is next week. Serra takes us through the replay, he says that his power comes from him being so stocky, he had been working on using his left punch more, but found the opportunity to use the right. Serra says he has respect for Trigg, respects his jiu-jitsu, but he realizes that guys wear themselves out trying to take him to the ground, Serra says he's confident in his stand-up game and didn't feel comfortable enough taking it down to the mat.

Demian Maia (11-1-0, 185 lbs.) vs. Dan Miller (11-2-0, 1 NC, 186 lbs.)

Bruce Buffer announce that this bout in the Middleweight division is sponsored by the United States Marine Corps. SEMPER FI! Steve Mazzagatti is the referee in charge. Round One is underway, Miller decides to circle the outside of the cage as both men feel each other out. Both men clash with strikes and counter strikes and break off just inside the first minute. Maia goes for a double-leg takedown, ends up pushing Miller into the side of the cage, can't finish the takedown attempt. Maia throws a few knees, tries for a sweep, Miller has Maia with an overhook to block it. Maia throws a knee that connects to the head, 3:00 left in the round. Miller is able to spin maia around and escape, taking action back to the middle. Maia throws a kick to the head, Miller ducks it and connect with a right, then follows up with an inside kick.

Maia has taken a counter-strike position. Maia with a nice kick and again goes for a double-leg takedown, 2:15 left and finishes it, but Miller scrambles to his feet. Maia starts throwing knees and inadvertently strikes Miller in the groin, Miller doubles over, Maia starts swinging away, referee doesn't stop the action right away, Miller has to escape first before he gets a breal. Miller quickly recovers and we go back to stand-up in the middle of the ring. 90 seconds left, both men being very cautious with the strikes and kicks, 60 seconds left, Maia pushes Miller up against the cage, Miller wraps him up and tey struggle for a sweep, Maia trips Miller for a takedown, Miller pops right back up, 25 seconds left. Last 10 seconds we see a few strikes traded to end the round. During the break Joe Rogan mentions he wants to hear what's going on in Dan Miller's corner, because he doesn't understand Portuguese being spoken in Maia's corner. Gee, Rogan, I'd like to hear it, too, will you SHUT THE FUCK UP AND QUIT TALKING OVER THE AUDIO? KTHX!

Round Two opens with Miller's corner telling him to keep the pressur eon Maia, throw some kicks and find some inside strikes. Miller advances, Maia counter punches his way out. Maia blasts Miller with a big overhand left at 3:15, but Miller isn't shaken. This round is a lot slower, very few strikes or kicks thrown by both men, and fans start booing as we go into the last minute of the round, Joe Rogan thinks Maia has a slight edge here, finding better openings. Maia starts opening up with his strikes a little more, chasing Miller around the cage. Last 15 seconds Miller starts swinging for the fences a little, Maia with effective jabs to keep Miller at his distance, Miller finishes up with some kicks and the crowd is booing. Miller's corner tells him, "You're doing a fucking great job!", Rogan calls his corner man a potty mouth. Miller's corner tells him to keep throwing the body kicks. Chuck Liddell is shown in the crowd, and they pop for it.

Round Three starts with tenative strikes first thirty seconds, maia rushes Miller into the cage and puts a few knees into the midsecction, Miller strikes his way out of it. Miller clips Maia with an overhand right, puts him on the mat, moves in for strikes, Maia grabs a single leg, transitions to a double underhook and then takes Miller down near cageside. Miller pulls guard, Maia pushes him up against the cage, stands up and starts softening up Miller's head with punches. Miller pulls his body tight to defend, Maia tries to pull his legs out, re-positions to grab the waist, Miller gets to his feet and throws knees to esscape, 3:00 left. Maia goes for another takedown attempt, Miller stuffs it and throws a punch, but maia isn't giving up and grabs the legs again, pulls them out from underneath Miller and scores another takedown.

Maia spins Miller around so he can't get his body on the cage. Miller is in full guard, Maia starts working to try to get side control, throwing occasional jabs to the head. Miller starts kicking wildly, 2:00 left, maia pushes Miller back up against the cage to take away his leverage, throws more punches to the face. 90 seconds left, Maia continues to punch Miller in the face, Miller is trying to grapevine the left leg from the guard. Sixty seconds left, Miller underhooks Maia from the bottom, Maia pulls uot, throws mor epunches, referee warns them to get busy, 40 seconds left, Maia is struggling for side control, Miller brabs an arm and tries foran arm triangle, but Maia pulls out and drops a fits to his head, 10 seconds left, both men start trading blows from the ground and we finish it up pinned up against the cage. I'm predicting 29-28 Maia.

THE DECISION: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, DEMIAN MAIA! Joe Rogan says that this was a tough, evenly matched fight, Maia showed improved striking. Maia says that in order to win titles, he has to improve his standup. Maia said that he chose to fight a stand-up game for the first two rounds in order to make it tougher. Maia apoligizes to the fans for not finishing the fight in the early rounds, but he loves the fans and loves fighting in Las Vegas.

Brian Stann (8-2-0, 205 lbs.) vs. Phil Davis (4-0-0, 205 lbs.)

This is a preliminary fight from earlier in the evening. Stann is a former Marine, Davis is a former All-American wrestler. The first minute of the round sees some light sparring, Davis charges Stann and tries for a takedown, gets stuffed and underhooked, Davis pushes Stann on the side of the cage, throws knees, tries for a leg sweep and gets blocked, Stann turns it around and escape. Both men throw leg kicks that clash, throw right hooks that catch each other, 3:00 left. Stann changes up his angles in throwing strikes now, and Davis has to scramble to avoid them. Both men now take their time throwing strikes, then alternating with kicks.

Davis is trying to use his arm length for striking distance, Stann avoids them. Davis charges Stann with a double-leg takedown, gets him on the cage and finishes the takedown. Davis moves into half guard, Stann tries to escape, gives up his back a little, Davis is trying to turn him around, gets the full back mount, hooks in the legs, flattens Stan out and throws punches. Stann rolls over and Davis has full mount, throws more punches to the face. 45 seconds left, Stann rolls over again to give up the back, rolls again and Davis is back in full mount, Stann is covering up and blocking punches. Stann again tries to roll, 20 seconds left, Davis flattens him back up and throws bombs to the face, Stann rolling again, Davis again in full mount, eats the punches to the end of the round.

Round Two sees Davis coming out with strikes and front kicks, but Stann is not giving ground here. Stann throws a wild overhand right, Davis ducks it and pulls out a double-leg takedown, just under 4:00 left. Davis gets to half-guard, has a headlock in and is advancing to full mount, frees the leg and gets mount. Davis grapevines Stann's leg and is now trying to pour on the strikes to the head, Stann scrambles, escapes and pull this back to half guard. Davis has the right arm and is trying for kimora, Stann is able to block it, but Davis is able to use that to get full mount again, 2:25 left. Stann rolls over, gives up his back, Davis tees off with punches to the head, Stann rolls back over and gives Davis top mount. 2:-- Stann rolls back over, Davis with punches and hammerfists, Stann covering up to protect but continues to move, alternating between giving up his back and giving Davis top mount.

All the time Davis is advancing with punches. Joe Rogan notes that Stann is not taking advantage of the caps in Davis' body position to use it to try to escape. 1:05 Stann tries to walk the cage for an escape, Davis moves with him, cradles him and starts throwing some nasty knees that catch the side of the arm and the ribs, Stann is hemmed up and can't escape, Davis is throwing any punches and knees that he wants to now. Davis moves to a north-south position with a front facelock, throws knees to the head and we end the round.

Round Three sees Davis tightening up his striking after his corner told him he was in complete control. Davis is doing a good job of throwing strike combos and then moving out of the way. Davis slips on the mat, Stann tries to take advantage of it, but Davis grabs both of the legs, pops up, charges Stann to the side of the cage and slams him to the mat, Stann is able to pull half guard, finds Davis' left arm and tries for a kimora, and Joe Rogan points out that from his position, Davis will get his back... and he does, 2:45 left in the match. Davis steps over him, throws punches, puts Stann back down on the mat in half guard and smothers him. Davis gets side control at 3:00, throws strikes to the head, and then transitions into top mount, flattens Stann out on his back and smothers him.

Davis grabs an arm and tries for an Americana, but not able to finish it. Davis goes back to pressing Sttann to the mat, throwing punches and elbows. Stann tries for a hip escape at 2:00, Davis rolls with it and takes Stann's back, hooks the legs in, rolls him over and is attempting a Rear Naked Choke. Rogan notes that Stann could explode with a hip escape here, but isn't doing it. 90 seconds left, Davis rolls Stann back over and stretches him out, then moves to side control to throw more punches. 60 seconds left, Stann is trying to find an escape, Davis puts a knee in his chest and throws strikes t the head, regains top mount, Stann rolls over, gives up the back again, Davis again hooks the legs, flips Stann over and tries for the choke, can't get it, tries for cross-face punches, 20 seconds left. Stann rolls back over, Davis with top mount, grabs an arm, snaps off an armbar but doesn't have enough time to finish it off as time expires!

WINNER: Phil Davis d. Brian Stann by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-26, 30-26

Mike "Quick" Swick" (14-3-0, 170 lbs.) vs. Paulo Thiago (12-1-0, 170 lbs.)

I know it's been said before, but I'm still wowed every time I'm reminded... Paulo Thiago takes on drug dealers for a living! That man is a Brazillian national hero, folks. Herb Dean is our referee as we start Round One, Swick circling the outside while Thiago defends the middle, making Swick back up several times before exploding with a head kick that connects with the shoulder. Swick tries to get in a few strike combos, Thiago is able to block most of it. 90 seconds gone, Thiago throws a leg kick that nearly slips Swick up, but he recovers. Swick responds with a good right that causes Thiago to flinch a bith. Both men throw some quick punches as we move into the 2:00 mark.

Swick is taking his time to move in and throw combos and kicks. Thiago again with another leg kick after some faked punches, sending Swick scrambling backwards. Three minutes gone, two minutes remaining, Swick starts backing up Thiago to the cage with punch attempts, looks for a set-up, but then backs off and lets Thiago come back to the center of the ring. Swick starts pouring on some kick and strike combos, Thiago isn't shaken. Thiago takes his time to respond with several punch combos, Swick blocks them, 1:20 left. Swick now circling the ring again as Thiago holds the center, both men taking their time to pick their shots. Swick charges Thiago with 32 seconds left, wraps up the body and scores a takedown, Thiago pulling full guard on the way down. Swick works from the top to throw some easy punches and not really working as we close out the round.

Swick tries to pick up the pace to start Round Two. Joe Rogan says that Swick is trying to set up Thiago to lead so that he can counter punch. Not much happening here sofar. Thiago catches Swick with a counter left hook at 3:22, Thiago moves in and tries to finish with a Darce Choke and finishes this fight out! We run the replay, Swick is swinging, we see Thiago throw a left that tags him, follows up with a right overhand, then a left hook that sends Swick to the mat, followed up with the choke.

WINNER: Paulo Thiago d. Mike Swick @ 1:54 of Round Two by Submission (Darce Choke). Rogan congratulates Thiago on the victory, and asks him if he was looking for the the left hook early in the fight. Thiago (via translator) says that Mike Swick is a good fighter and has the conditioning to submit him, but wanted to fight a stand-up game. Rogan comments on the choke that ended the fight, Thiago said he was dizzy from the rush, but is a strong enough technician to finish Swick off with the choke. Thiago's translator then takes a moment to promote Thiago and says he should be included in the next UFC video game.

We run a promo for World Extreme Cagefighting's first-ever pay-per-view, featuring WEC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo defending against Uriah Faber, the former champion. We then show Aldo and Faber sitting next to each other in the crowd.

Nate "the Great" Marquardt (32-8-2, 186 lbs.) vs. Chael Sonnen (25-10-1, 185 lbs.)

This is our co-main event of the evening in the Middleweight division, Josh Rosenthal is the referee in charge. Both men give a cold stare-down but tap gloves respectively. Marquardt opens up with a kick, Sonnen tries to catch it and throw him down, Marquardt escapes. Sonnen pours on the punches, backs Marquardt back up to the cage and tries for another takedown, Marquardt escapes. Sonnen keeps Marquardt on the cage, backs off a little, charges and scores a double-leg takedown, but Marquardt pulls him right into a guillotine, 4:00 left. Sonnen is able to pull his head out and Marquardt pulls him into full guard.

Rogan notes that Sonnen has no problem punishing his opponents from inside full guard. Sonnen is throwing some serious punches here, trying to work for side control, moves into the half guard of Marquardt, but has him pressed up against hte cage, 3:00 left in the round. Marquardt is finally able to kick off Sonnen, stands up, Sonnen attacks with a flying knee and finishes with another takedown, 2:30 left. Sonnen is inside Marquardt's full guard and is still throwing some punishing punches. 90 seconds left, Sonnen is now throwing elbows and punches to the face, Marquardt isn't able to do much to block them, is trying to pop his hips for an escape. 60 seconds left, still pouring on the elbows and punches, Marquardt is trying to defend a little more but can't keep him pulled down. Looks like Marquardt is bleeding from the nose. Marquardt kicks Sonnen off in the last 10 seconds, and Sonnen just simply backs off and lets time expires.

Round Two, Sonnen immediately charges Marquardt with a double leg takedown, Marquardt pulls him into full guard, and is looking for a triangle, but Sonnen won't give him the room, Sonnen right back to throwing elbows and punches in the first 30 seonds. Marquardt grabs the right arm and tries for a kimora as he's backed up against the cage, Sonnen is trying to pull it out, moves into half guard and throws some left elbows into Marquardt's ribs to try to find a break, does so at 3:45 left.

Sonnen now moves Marquardt away from the cage, trying t o move into side control, but Marquardt gets him back inside his full guard. Sonnen continuing to throw punches, Marquardt is struggling to escape, wraps an arm around Sonnen's head, 2:55 left, but Sonnen pulls out, back in side the full guard, and resumes throwing down punches. The blood appears to be from Sonnen's nose and is now dripping on Marquardt. Sonnen stands up and starts throwing down bombs, but Sonnen is dripping blood badly, cut open over the ey from an elbow. 2:00 left, Marquardt rolls to his knees, Sonnen is trying to take the back, Marquardt throws an elbow into his face, Sonnen throwing cross-face punches from the back.

Sonnen is working for a punch anywhere he can get it, 90 seconds left. Sonnen continues to deliever punches, tries to find an arm, marquardt escapes 40 seconds left, Sonnen is immediately on him to take him back down again, wrestles him to the ground, gets to half guard, 20 seconds left, Sonnen is grinding his forearm into Marquardts' face, 10 seconds left it's all Sonnen smashing his fist into Marquardt's face. Sonnen's got a nasty cut over his right eye, they're trying to clean it up, we replay and see how Marquardt throws a nasty elbow from the bottom that sliced Sonnen open. Sonnen's corner tells him that this is the best he's ever fought.

Round Three starts with both men staring hard, Marquardt tries for a takedown, can't complete, but goes for a spin kick to the body. Sonnen steps back and takes Marquardt down again, is in full guard, and resumes throwing elbows and punches to the head, and punches to the body. Marquardt is responding with his own body punches and head strikes, but he's getting smothered by Sonnen. Marquardt is able to roll over and get to his feet with 3:30 left, Sonnen wraps him up from behind, throws knees to the abck of the legs, and Marquardt falls to a knee. Marquardt tries to grab an arm for a triangle, Sonnen rolls through it, gets half guard and resumes this beatdown. Both men start trading punches, but Marquardt just doesn't have enough leverage from the bottom to be very effective.

Marquardt is able to muster the energy to get to his feet at 2:00, Sonnen goes for a takedown again, Marquardt catches Sonnen with a knee to the head on the way down, locks in a DEEEP guillotine choke, Sonnen is turning purple!!! But Sonnen escapes, 90 seconds left! Sonnen pushes Marquardt against the cage and smothers him. Marquardt pops back to his feet again, 1:00, Sonnen with a body lock from behind, Marquardt is able to flip him over and get control in a north-south position! Marquardt throws a few knees, but Sonnen has the head locked as well, feet up against the cage. Both men are rolling around, Marquardt gets to his feet 15 seconds left, Marquardt throws down some vicious bombs, busts Sonnen open again, Marquardt finishes it strong with strikes from the top as time expires!

Wow, exciting finish, but this was all Sonnen for the most part and I expect a unanimous decision here. Bruce Buffer with the decision... 30-27 from all three judges by Unanimous Decision... CHAEL SONNEN! Rogan with the interview, asks about the last minute. Sonnen said that he was hurt early on in the first round and he just had to hang on, and was afraid the fight would be stopped because the bleeding. Sonnen said that Marquardt had the guillotine choke locked in tight and was begging for time to expire if he couldn't find the escape.

Sonnen says that he can beat any man he's put up against and wants to be the "King of the Mountain." Rogan then talks with Marquardt about his observations. Marquardt says he executed his gameplan the wrong way, he let Sonnen take control of the takedowns and that blew it. He wanted to do more standup and footwork, but instead got outpunched. Marquardt says that he feels he is still in the hunt for the Middleweight title and he'll be back.

Former UFC Middleweight champion "Sugar" Rashad Evans is shown in the crowd, he gets booed. Tonight's UFC text polling for the main event shows that 81% of fans think that Randy Couture will pull out the win tonight. We then throw a promo for Aliens vs Predator, in stores on February 18.

Randy "the Natural" Couture (17-10-0, 205 lbs.) vs. Mark "the Hammer" Coleman (16-9-0, 205 lbs.)

Couture is a five-time UFC champion in the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions, has 88% ground striking accuracy. Coleman, the first-ever UFC Heavyweight Champion and a PRIDE Grand Prix winner, is no slouch either, he lands 76% of strikes on the ground, 88% takedown defense. Couture has just one more win, is just a year older and one inch taller than Coleman, that is the only things that seperate them, and that's not much at all, really. Burce Buffer with the introductions of the night, and Steve Mazzagatti is the referee in charge of the action for this main event bout.Mazzagatti gives his final instructions, our fighters tap gloves and we're ready to go!

Round One opens up with Coleman throwing some stiff jabs on Couture early, but Couture fires back with a few god rights of his own. Fans start cheering for Couture as Coleman throws a big right hook that forces Couture to back up just a little, 90 seconds gone. Coleman is picking his jabs and moving out of the way, but you can see Couture trying to time them. Couture rock Coleman with a left followed by a knee, 3:00 left. Colman recovers, Couture with another punch and knee combo, puts Coleman on the cage and they grapple, 2:45 left, Couture throws body shots and uppercuts on the inside, 2:30 left. Couture with a big elbow over the top to the head, follows up with a right hook to the head, more inside uppercuts from the clinch. Coleman is trying to work for a double underhook, 2:00 left.

Couture continuing with the uppercuts, moves Coleman around the ring, keeping him on the cage, 90 seconds left in the round. Coleman landing big uppercuts, again and again, 1:00 left, Coleman is hanging in there though. Couture now throwing knees to the midsection, then back to uppercuts, Coleman is just hanging on here for the last minute as Couture continues to dominate on the fence. Coleman's corner tells him that if he gets caught up against the cage again, double-up on the punches. Coleman is bleeding out of the corner of his right eye. Couture's corner is giving him instructions to double-up on his jabs and uppercuts as well.

Couture comes out jabbing to start Round Two, Coleman is moving backwards, Roegan says he doesn't like it because it's gonna set himself up, and Couture does just that, finds an angle to catch him with bombs, puts Coleman on the fence, and then takes him down 40 seconds in, Couture with full mount throwing bombs. Coleman rolls over, Couture takes his back and throws corss-face punches. Referee warns him to get out of it, Couture locks on a rear naked choke! Coleman passes out 1:09 into the round!

WINNER: Randy Couture d. Mark Coleman @ 1:09 of Round Two by Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

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