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Tha Raw Report

Don Johnson? Really. Nash Bridges? Well that's what it has to be, there was no Tubbs for his Crocket, so without that it's just Nash. Even then he needs Cheech. So I guess they gave him Napoleon Heder. The guest host thing is getting national attention which is a plus, but other than one segment a show it's to the point of epic fail.

The Undertaker/HBK Royal Rumble thing should have never been mentioned. Now it does one of three things. It either makes you expect Michaels to win the Rumble, almost like a damn spoiler that you didn't get online. Or it is a let down to those that wanted Michaels to win the Rumble. Or it could possibly set up for Michaels to win anyway and pick Orton or Sheamus to fight.

The Lane Kiffin drama from earlier this month would have been great heat. Speaking of heat, Jon "Napoleon Dynamite" Heder hailed from "The Great Ball of Fire" and wrestled as the Flame tonight. When you think you've reached a new low on wrestling, they surprise the shit out of you and go one lower.

USA Network has some serious work to do folks. Every single show they have is great. If not ratings wise at least critically. "Raw" is basically just the Monday night slot filler now. It used to be different but not anymore. Having James Roday and Dule Hill, ah screw it, Shawn and Gus host next week may actually improve the ratings a bit, but not for long.

Kofi Kingston and John Cena taking on Legacy? I've read somewhere that Cena has some bulging disks in his back. If so I commend him for attempting to get in the ring, but with the injury he could have done us and himself a favor and not gotten into the ring. The seeds are planted for Legacy's collapse, but I'm wondering how they'll market DiBiase as a face? The Marine 2 can't be the lone tool. Can it?

The Miz and the Big Show forming as a unit really needs to be a one time thing. Can Big Show no longer stand alone? Does Miz really need that on him right now while his character is developing? Does the WWE really need another tag team that it has no fucking clue how to use? The answer to that and all other favors Donnie seeks from females can be answered in a simple NOOOO.

If the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon thing is going to continue, I say please go ahead and continue it. Speaking of past superstars Jerry Lawler informed me, if not everyone watching that last week out of nowhere Randy Savage defeated Kofi Kingston with an RKO. Savage lost weight, worked on his voice, cut his hair and got younger. Holy hell.

I'm going to take a second and do something that seems somewhat out of character for me. I'm going to mention that if you so choose you can donate to what's happened in Haiti. There are several ways to do so. No matter what your religion if any, your race or any other irrelevant shit, they are human beings.

The "Main event" of "Raw" this week was D-Generation X complete with mascot against Miz, Big Show and the Flame. All in all it is what you would expect. It's what came after that deserves mentioning. If any of the guys that were involved at the end win the Royal Rumble then it's a complete loss. In the words of someone late, and great, "Enough is enough and it's time for a change!"

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Anonymous said...

Here's to every one complaining about TNA. I hope you enjoyed the shittest RAW in what? A few weeks. Lame guest hosts who knew nothing about wrestling, the same lame match ups or worse ones that involve the guest hosts and hey throw in a midget. As good and bad as TNA is lately. With all the change at least it doesn's suck as bas as this crap.

Anonymous said...

This was far from the worst raw in weeks.

Do you guys remember the little peoples court episode which implied a civilization of midgets live under the ring, and two future hall-of-famers debased themselves to venture into it for an hour long merchandising rights lawsuit in fucking narnia!